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Complaints Board / Re: Pls unban me
« on: May 19, 2022, 16:58 »
Imao sam jedan IP lock, i to sam resio u prethodnom periodu, prihvatio sugestije od KSV.


I was 1 IPlock from ksv, and i accepted sugestions from him

Complaints Board / Pls unban me
« on: May 19, 2022, 16:52 »
It's been about 2 months since my first IP Lock expired. Since then, except for one game with Lina from 10 days ago, it has not happened that I left the game. The game I left was no longer a game, the atmosphere was very bad and there was no more enjoyment playing the game. The whole team had a bad start, not just me. I practically left the finished game and it can be said that I shortened everyone's suffering. It was unbearable to continue. There were also very bad games in the meantime, but I still refrained and was not tempted to leave the game. Apparently I’ve improved in the meantime, but in this game a drop spilled over the glass. In the end, I would just like to say, that  for the same game Morodor placed ban request,  and it was rejected from admin, after an objective review of the situation! After this game, I played 20 more games and everything was fine. Do I have to wait 5 days now to play the damn game. It happened 5 times a week, that I killed someone 2x in 3 minutes in the middle, so that guy left the game in 4 minutes and fucked up 9 people and continued the game as if nothing had happened. I have never written a ban request to anyone in my life. By the way, I've been playing lagabuse since 2015 and for that period I haven't been banned by the admin even 3 times. Please unlock my IP, I'm not that type of person. Shit happens to everyone, it was just one game. Like I said, Im sorry for flaming Morodor. The_miracle and dark3r are not my accaunts, (like he said in ban request). Imao sam jedan IP lock, i to sam resio u prethodnom periodu, prihvatio sugestije od KSV.

Complaints Board / Re: Complain
« on: May 18, 2022, 20:30 »
Hello everyone. First of all, I want to say that I was IP locked by KSV about a month ago. Since then I have only left the game once in which I was quite frustrated, it happened 10 days ago and on the BAN reqeust of this person, one of the admins denied it.

Link is here:,201733.0.html

The people the morodor listed have nothing to do with me, I don't know who is the_miracle and dark3r. That's what he came up with, and you can easily check it out. Like I said, I had one really bad game that I got out of because it was very frustrating to keep it going and I didn't see the point anymore.

He's right, it's that game where I played Lina on The_Miracol93 and before coming out, I cursed him. Afterwards I continued to play on my other accaunt say_own_pls. Can you answer me, why I got IP lock, if your fellow administrator has already been denied this same game once? I think that this is already personal, KSV is following in my footsteps and could not wait for the slightest mistake to lock my address. Because of one leaving 10 days ago where it no longer made sense to continue the game. We all had stats 3-11, 6-11, 2-12, 4-6, - 6-8.

I personally played a few games with KSV after my first IP lock passed, he saw that I could behave normally and he won a few games solely thanks to me. And after I wanted to report a player with the nickname SIRMARK, I wanted to consult with KSV, I asked him several times in wisp chat, to tell me how to set a ban request with pictures, he ignored me and did not give me any answer. He is right, but it shows how personal this is. I cant believe, he gived me IP lock.

When I play a game with players of my category, 1700+ my teammates are always happy with my relationship with them and we function very well. Ask any 1700+ player they will tell you I am an absolutely normal guy. I admit, I find it hard to control myself when players of poorer quality are on my team. I know how to be embarrassing, and I apologize to Morodor for the insults I directed at him.

Complaints Board / Wrong place
« on: April 11, 2022, 11:27 »
SRY, placed some question on wrong place in "normal discusion". Wanted to place here

first of all, I asked a question from someone else from the staff, I am asking someone other than KSV to join the discussion. What kind of lies is KSV talking about?

As I said in previous posts, I have insulted him several times. Nevertheless, my friend no_lifer_xD posted an unban request for me in which I apologize, because I didn't know how to post.,201616.0.html

The truth is, I poured on [__mvp __] a player from the game that you probably didn't look at, you just read the content of the text. I don't want to play a game where someone intentionally ruins my game. I think the problem is that KSV doesn't have much skill in the game, so he is not able to judge what a ruiner is and what a low skiller is. (No offence).

  Below I asked only one specific question "is insulting in a few sentences a sufficient basis for ip lock?" So I didn't lie about anything, I just explained why I insulted him! Will you tolerate what I got another 5 days IP lock for lying that didn't happen? I ask the rest of the staff to get involved in the discussion.

I asked someone else, I said that the answer from KSV means nothing to me, you can't conclude the topic like that, because I am expecting someone else's answer.

Thanks in advance.

Complaints Board / Re: Message for admin staff KSV
« on: April 10, 2022, 23:20 »
Please, I insist that the rest of the staff work in this case and explain to me whether what happened in the game is a sufficient reason to get an IP lock? On the forum I saw that some moderators are very realistic and impartial in favor of the players if their colleague makes a mistake. I will accept this ip lock if some other admin tells me I deserve it. I don't believe KSV and I don't need his answer. I don't want to argue or insult anyone. I'm just demanding an answer from another admin. This is the last game I played on my profile THE_Miracol93, and I played STORM. After deliberately hooking me off the pudge just before I was supposed to kill the hero, I insulted him, after which he mutated me. Once again I insulted him in a wisp chat to which he replied "fuck off kid", "ban". Please just tell me, is that enough reason for IP Ban ?

PS: yes, I have bans on some other accounts that are the result of casting, usually for a good reason, but I think IP lock for insults that were not on a larger scale is excessive.

Thankful in advance for the response.


Complaints Board / Message for admin staff KSV
« on: April 10, 2022, 18:15 »
First of all, I didn't continue to insult you during the game, but after you mutated me, I insulted you in a wisp chat with one sentence, to which you told me to fuck off. After the above, I received a message that my message was "lost connection by admin" and only then did you unmuted me. After that, I just wrote that you were a moron. Certainly, this is a server where people curse each other for no reason and at least get banned. You locked my IP just for insulting me in a few sentences, that's not reason enough. The only truth in all this is that you made the worst possible move in the game when I came to the lane to help you, to which you had to say at least sorry, but no, you arrogantly mutated me to show me that you are the admin and your IP lock for no reason, you have shown how you abuse people. Because of the move you made with the hook, you deserved to be a flame, maybe it should have been in a milder form, but the fact that I cursed you at the time is not a sufficient reason for an IP lock.I played that game to the end and tried to help the team, I didn't ruin the game.

PS:  You have no reason to ban no_Lifer_XD, he had the best intentions, and he made an unban request because I can't handle the lagabuse site. He is a player who never leaves the game, he is extremely correct in every sense. As opposed to you. By threatening, you are only showing that you are abusing your admin position.

Unban Requests / Unban request
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:08 »
Hi. I have a problem when I enter, I get the message "you connection has been lost". From what I read on the forums, it is posible that I got an IP Ban because i Leaved with 4 5 different accaunts. Can any of the administrators help me get back on the battlenet ? I accept my mistake, I was too frustrated. I promise , will not be repeeated. My nickname is tica. Thanks.

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