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Unban Requests / Re: Unban request: rSync
« on: August 20, 2017, 01:28 »
made mistake in request subject, username is rSync

Unban Requests / Unban request: rStync
« on: August 20, 2017, 01:27 »
1: NickName?

2: Who banned you?

3: Why did you got banned?
Game was like 1-2 mins started and my PC rebooted due to windows 10 damn update.

4: Reason that forced you to break the rule?
Windows 10 update

5: Explain to us a general vision about the situation!
Please unban, had no reason to break rule

6: Link of the game?
Game still in progress

1: Your NickName?
2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?
3: What rule did he/they break?
Game ruin

4: When was the Rule Broken?
last 10-15 min of game

5: Explain to us a general vision about the situation.
Zeus "e4e" was purchasing several divines and suiciding in their base so they can take and get win
6: Link of the game? (if applies),;sa=game;gid=5927186

Please perma ban this kind of player.

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