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Ban Requests / Ban
« on: June 18, 2022, 23:12 »
1: mordor

2: analdestruction

3: leaving  ban avoding

4: 16:33       [All]    [Sakra]AbDuRaMaN killed Analdestruction
16:44       [All]    Analdestruction has left the game voluntarily, Analdestruction was autobanned.
Player was autobanned for [6 days and 7 hours] on [16-06-2022 19:11:35] in game [AP ++1].

5: High leaving rate, after every 8 games played


Ban Requests / Re: Ban
« on: June 14, 2022, 18:25 »

Ban Requests / Ban
« on: June 13, 2022, 22:01 »
1: mordor

2: todor  yondaimehokage

3: todor  intentional feeding and command abuse votekick
yondaimehokage  command abuse votekick and spam votekick and minimap signals and chat

4: 07:09    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    necro
07:11    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    let him psh
07:12       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
07:21    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    bravoo
07:25    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !ignore todor
08:47       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
08:50    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
08:50       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
09:49       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has expired.
09:49    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
09:49       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
11:39    Todor    [Allies]    !votekick hok
11:39       [All]    [Todor] voted to kick [YondaimeHokage] [1/6]
12:36       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
12:39       [All]    A votekick against player [YondaimeHokage] has expired.
12:41    Todor    [Allies]    xd
12:45    Todor    [Allies]    !votekick hok
12:45       [All]    [Todor] voted to kick [YondaimeHokage] [1/6]
12:47    ramizdayi    [All]    STOP
12:47    ramizdayi    [All]    IT
12:52    Todor    [All]    must kick
12:53    ramizdayi    [Allies]    -MUTE 5
13:01    ramizdayi    [Allies]    -MUTE 3
13:44       [All]    A votekick against player [YondaimeHokage] has expired.
14:03       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
14:14    Todor    [Allies]    xd
14:30    Todor    [Allies]    xd
14:49       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed YondaimeHokage
15:03       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
15:06    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
15:06       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
15:10    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    -unmute 1
15:11    mordor91    [Allies]    !votecancel
15:11       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has been cancelled.
15:13    mordor91    [Allies]    stop it
15:16    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
15:16       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
15:19    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !owner
15:22    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    -unmute team
15:22    mordor91    [Allies]    !votecancelk
15:24    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick todor
16:15       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has expired.
16:22    Uraharakisuge    [Allies]    feeders
16:23       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed YondaimeHokage
16:28    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    -c
16:30       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
19:06    mordor91    [Allies]    b
19:08    mordor91    [Allies]    necro
19:11    mordor91    [Allies]    b
19:13    mordor91    [Allies]    b
19:20       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
19:23    Todor    [Allies]    ffs
19:31    mordor91    [Allies]    why do you feed pudge?
19:41    mordor91    [Allies]    you had 15 seconds to escape
19:43    Todor    [Allies]    dude he focus me
19:51    mordor91    [Allies]    no you focus feed on him
20:04    Todor    [Allies]    g
20:25       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
20:42    mordor91    [Allies]    !votekick tod
20:42       [All]    [mordor91] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
20:45    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !yes
20:45       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [2/7]
20:49    Uraharakisuge    [Allies]    !yes
20:49       [All]    [Uraharakisuge] voted to kick [Todor] [3/7]
20:51    mordor91    [All]    he is feeding pudge
20:55    YondaimeHokage    [All]    KICK
20:57    mordor91    [All]    on purpose
20:57    YondaimeHokage    [All]    HE FEED"S
21:01    mordor91    [All]    please kick
21:22    mordor91    [All]    can we kick him?
21:27    ^ArchaeologisT^    [Allies]    !yes
21:27       [All]    [^ArchaeologisT^] voted to kick [Todor] [4/7]
21:42       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has expired.
21:46    mordor91    [All]    last 2 kills pudge used both heroes
21:55       [All]    [Mustafa15]Magtheridon killed Todor
21:58    YondaimeHokage    [All]    CMON
22:00    mordor91    [All]    guys
22:02    YondaimeHokage    [All]    WE JOKE HERE OR WHAT
22:05    YondaimeHokage    [All]    JUST KICK THE FEEDER
22:06    mordor91    [All]    this is against the rules
22:10    YondaimeHokage    [All]    WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM
22:11    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !yes
22:12    Uraharakisuge    [All]    !yes
22:12    ramizdayi    [Allies]    !YES
22:14    YondaimeHokage    [Allies]    !votekick Todor
22:14       [All]    [YondaimeHokage] voted to kick [Todor] [1/6]
22:14    mordor91    [All]    you play with 6 players in your team
22:16    mordor91    [Allies]    !rmk
22:16       [All]    [mordor91] voted to rmk [1/8]
22:17    ^ArchaeologisT^    [Allies]    !yes
22:17       [All]    [^ArchaeologisT^] voted to kick [Todor] [2/7]
22:17    Uraharakisuge    [All]    !yes
22:17       [All]    [Uraharakisuge] voted to kick [Todor] [3/7]
22:18    cokoladica    [Allies]    !yes
22:18       [All]    [cokoladica] voted to kick [Todor] [4/7]
22:20    shiver    [Allies]    !yes
22:20       [All]    [shiver] voted to kick [Todor] [5/7]
22:21    ramizdayi    [Allies]    !YES
22:21       [All]    [ramizdayi] voted to kick [Todor] [6/7]
22:27    mordor91    [Allies]    !yes
22:27       [All]    A votekick against player [Todor] has passed.
22:27       [All]    Todor was kicked by vote.

5: I want to play dota and not to watch two who interrupt the game all the time and after starting conflicts one retard do bad things against own team. Last 3 deaths of Todor are very obvious satisfaction in dying, and his efforts to feed pudge are obvious, even some deaths before are suspicious. Both spammed votekick without reason and YondaimeHokage used it before Todor did anything wrong. Once I warned Todor to go back, Pudge was coming and he moved to scourge creeps to be visible target and after that he died fast 2 times just after respawn after what we kicked out him.


Ban Requests / Re: Ban req
« on: June 07, 2022, 22:26 »
I would like to withdraw my request.
Please close it.

Ban Requests / Ban req
« on: June 06, 2022, 17:20 »
1: mordor

2: ThE_MiRaCoL93 





Ban Requests / Ban
« on: June 03, 2022, 00:48 »
1: mordor

2: ^lees_apaches^  ^less_apaches^

3: family related flame  ban avoiding

4: ^less_apaches^
The player's ban will expire in 5 days and 22 hours.
Player was banned for [6 days] by [ExpertNoob] on [02-06-2022 23:02:28] with reason [Family related flame (3rd time)] in game [AP #4].

The player's ban will expire in 6 days and 6 hours.
Player was autobanned for [6 days and 7 hours] on [02-06-2022 23:29:09] in game [AP ++1].;sa=game;gid=6465864

5: Screenshot, lobby. No reason, no communication between us before and after /w message.


Ban Requests / Ban
« on: May 29, 2022, 02:23 »
1: mordor

2: click-attack  suck_bitch  blakchole

3: ban avoiding

The player's ban will expire in 1 days and 21 hours.
Player was banned for [2 days] by [TheJOkerBoy] on [28-05-2022 23:11:13] with reason [Family related flame] in game [ap eu v6 #3].

The player's ban will expire in 4 days and 14 hours.
Player was autobanned for [4 days and 21 hours] on [28-05-2022 19:07:07] in game [Ap rmk #1].;sa=game;gid=6464990
08:59       [All]    [danyelsan]Wakakakak killed suck_bitch
09:00       [All]    suck_bitch has left the game voluntarily, suck_bitch was autobanned.

Now active on;sa=player;sid=1;nick=blakchole;tab=ladder-games;lpage=1;cpage=1

5: For any doubts visit;u=62419 , everything is clearer. Player with long ban history

6: All links in 4
01:41    click-attack    [Allies]    suck bitch sum jas

Ban Requests / Re: Ban
« on: May 27, 2022, 19:13 »

Ban Requests / Ban
« on: May 27, 2022, 19:08 »
1: mordor

2: click-attack

3: plugging  family related flame  votekick abuse  spam  cheating

4: 11:00    click-attack    [Allies]    go
11:17       [All]    [rubest]Rambokasa killed mordor91
11:28    click-attack    [Allies]    !ignore 91
13:10    click-attack    [Allies]    DA TI EBAM PROSTAKO
13:12    click-attack    [Allies]    ODI FARMAJ
13:14    click-attack    [Allies]    PICKA TI MAJCINA
15:34    click-attack    [Allies]    !votekick 3k
15:34       [All]    [click-attack] voted to kick [3KL3R-] [1/6]
15:51       [All]    click-attack has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET) but is using GProxy++ and may reconnect.
15:51    click-attack    [All]    Please wait for me to reconnect (360 seconds remain).
15:59    mordor91    [Allies]    !p
15:59    mordor91    [Allies]    plugger
15:59       [All]    Player [click-attack] reconnected with GProxy++!
16:23       [All]    A votekick against player [3KL3R-] has expired.
16:38    click-attack    [All]    kick tiny
16:40    click-attack    [All]    Pls
16:52    krhlo_mt    [Allies]    !muteall
19:15    click-attack    [Allies]    !ff
19:18    click-attack    [Allies]    -gg
19:52    click-attack    [Allies]    !votekick click
19:52       [All]    [click-attack] voted to kick [click-attack] [1/6]
21:39       [All]    click-attack has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET) but is using GProxy++ and may reconnect.
21:39    click-attack    [All]    Please wait for me to reconnect (9 seconds remain).
21:41       [All]    [rubest]Sejtura killed 3KL3R-
21:48    3KL3R-    [Allies]    !votekick clic
21:48       [All]    [3KL3R-] voted to kick [click-attack] [1/6]
21:48       [All]    Player [click-attack] reconnected with GProxy++!
24:35    click-attack    [Allies]    !votekick 3k
24:35       [All]    [click-attack] voted to kick [3KL3R-] [1/6]
24:46    click-attack    [Allies]    disable help
24:49    click-attack    [Allies]    from that retarded nob
25:07    click-attack    [Allies]    -gg
30:31    click-attack    [Allies]    !VOTEKICK 3KL
30:31       [All]    [click-attack] voted to kick [3KL3R-] [1/6]
30:37    click-attack    [Allies]    KCIK HIM
30:52       [All]    Global chat unmuted.
30:57    krhlo_mt    [All]    stop abusing kick
31:00    eva_sugar._.    [All]    tiny's good
35:15    click-attack    [Allies]    tuskar
35:15    click-attack    [Allies]    wp
35:19    click-attack    [Allies]    now def
35:19    click-attack    [Allies]    top
35:21    click-attack    [Allies]    5ith your mom
36:04    click-attack    [Allies]    /w 3kl3r- da ti ebam majkata u pickata dager zimas u 25 minuta
36:14    click-attack    [Allies]    !votekick 3kl
36:14       [All]    [click-attack] voted to kick [3KL3R-] [1/6]
37:26    click-attack    [Allies]    !votekick click
37:26       [All]    [click-attack] voted to kick [click-attack] [1/6]
38:12    click-attack    [Allies]    ULTY
38:13    click-attack    [Allies]    MAJMUNE

5: Plugging and cheating - click-attack used to plug out his cable in some of crucial moments, in early game when Tiny was near his death and also when click-attack started a votekick against Tiny, also later in team fights pause was used as a tool so all of us in team fight could not escape. So many times spams with votekick without any reason and toxic behavior since early game from this player.


Complaints Board / Re: Pls unban me
« on: May 20, 2022, 18:10 »
All lies, look at this,201627.msg714911.html#msg714911 and this,191632.0.html
After previous lock expiration, ticatica did left 3 games on the_miracol93 with long autoban;sa=game;gid=6462050;sa=game;gid=6460902;sa=game;gid=6459204
1 on -puppey-;sa=game;gid=6459268
and 1 on [__mvp__]player;sa=game;gid=6459232

Nothing personal, 6 days is low punishment, its actual autoban punishment where his duty is to stay away until expiration. And this is 3rd time lock. Its understandable if it happens to someone once in hundreds of games, here in this case is in 10 games or less, every 2-3 days. I had left maybe not more than 5 games in 3 years for different reasons. His huge ego and low performance, skills and responsibility is questionable as middle line player and following behavior must not be tolerated. His toxicity since early beginning gave advantage to Sentinel, upper side was bad and down side more than good. Instead of exposing hero away from tower it was reasonable move to teleport and help upper side to bring some balance to the game instead of doing nothing on the middle line and after that to spread over toxicity to entire team. The game was almost balanced, the only thing that have broken balance in the game was your feeding on Tiny, you have died 11 times in 23 minutes. How noobish you must to be to not  die on purpose and to die once every two minutes, its embarrassing to every player above 1400PSR. And I don't care about cursing and flaming, leaver like you must stay punished entire punishment duration. God bless you if any game your team can win because of you with your attitude and toxicity. And atmosphere inside team was ok, excluding you and your toxic approach, down side had nice start and so its you, not the team and please stop with lies, you are noob who can win with 2-3 friends in team, alone you just ruin the games. You left the game after overfeeding Tiny, his items after 25 minutes seems to be almost the same we can see on stats page.
Enjoy your time in following days, relax and be useful to society before you start it again.

Ban Requests / Ban req
« on: May 16, 2022, 21:42 »
1: mordor


3: votekick abuse 

4: 00:36    RedPanicKaterna    [All]    !rmk
00:36       [All]    [RedPanicKaterna] voted to rmk [1/8]
03:00    insane_control    [Allies]    fuck, randomed..   
03:00    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    best here
03:02    gofrettin    [Allies]    rmk atak
03:08    gofrettin    [Allies]    !rmk
03:08       [All]    [gofrettin] voted to rmk [2/8]
03:10    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    i go top
03:11    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    go rmk
03:11    gofrettin    [All]    shaman random pick
03:12    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    omg
03:13    Allanon.    [All]    !rmk
03:13       [All]    [Allanon.] voted to rmk [3/8]
03:13    mordor91    [Allies]    no carry in team
03:14    insane_control    [Allies]    !rmk
03:14       [All]    [insane_control] voted to rmk [4/8]
03:15    SMaaaRaaaC    [Allies]    !rmk
03:15       [All]    [SMaaaRaaaC] voted to rmk [5/8]
03:19    MAGTHERIDON    [All]    same like our clock
03:21    DemoN_17    [Allies]    go rmk
03:23    DemoN_17    [Allies]    !rmk
03:23       [All]    [DemoN_17] voted to rmk [6/8]
03:24    Allanon.    [All]    and dark_tauren wants to play
03:27    gofrettin    [All]    ok go
03:33    DemoN_17    [Allies]    go rmk
03:35    insane_control    [All]    at least it's clock, it's not the 3rd intel
03:36    RedPanicKaterna    [All]    i crate
03:40    MAGTHERIDON    [All]    i wil lrmk but first u must say that we r better
03:41    MAGTHERIDON    [All]    xd
03:42    Allanon.    [All]    OK
03:49    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    !rmk
03:49       [All]    [MAGTHERIDON] voted to rmk [7/8]
03:54    DemoN_17    [Allies]    g rmk clock
03:54       [All]    [DemoN_17]-- Creeps Spawned --
03:57    SMaaaRaaaC    [Allies]    !rmk
04:02    RedPanicKaterna    [All]    write 1 more rmk pls
04:06    gofrettin    [Allies]    :D
04:06    Allanon.    [All]    !rmk
04:07    DemoN_17    [All]    clock afk
04:07    MAGTHERIDON    [All]    y go rmk and kick this clock
04:14    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    !rmk
04:16    Allanon.    [Allies]    !votekick 91
04:16       [All]    [Allanon.] voted to kick [mordor91] [1/6]
04:16    gofrettin    [All]    !rmk
04:18    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    !Yes
04:18       [All]    [MAGTHERIDON] voted to kick [mordor91] [2/7]
04:19    DemoN_17    [Allies]    !yes
04:19       [All]    [DemoN_17] voted to kick [mordor91] [3/7]
04:19    insane_control    [Allies]    !yes
04:19       [All]    [insane_control] voted to kick [mordor91] [4/7]
04:20    Allanon.    [All]    kick him
04:20    gofrettin    [Allies]    !yes
04:20       [All]    [gofrettin] voted to kick [mordor91] [5/7]
04:21    RedPanicKaterna    [Allies]    !yes
04:21       [All]    [RedPanicKaterna] voted to kick [mordor91] [6/7]
04:25    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    vote
04:32    mordor91    [All]    vote for your ban
04:39    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    vote rtmk
04:40    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    clock
04:43    gofrettin    [All]    TYPE RMK
04:44    Allanon.    [Allies]    vote yes
04:44    MAGTHERIDON    [Allies]    its 6/7
04:45    CaCaCeA    [Allies]    !yes
04:45       [All]    A votekick against player [mordor91] has passed.
04:45       [All]    mordor91 was kicked by vote.
04:45       [All]    This game won't affect your ladder stats, game result will be a draw.
04:45       [All]    Autoban is OFF, you can now leave or continue playing for fun.

5: There was no reason for votekick, game just started and as can be seen I was already down while these retards wanted to play another game because some friend of their wanted to play and because pick was not what they wanted.


Please RETURN 8 PSR and ban these retards.

Ban Requests / Re: ban request
« on: May 15, 2022, 00:56 »
baqo cice

Offtopic / And the winner is?
« on: May 15, 2022, 00:53 »

Everything is just fine and wards        are already placed?  :o

13:16    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    pugna
13:17    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
13:20    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    please
13:22    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    pls
13:23    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
13:35    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    press w
13:49    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    pugnaaaaaaaa
13:51    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    preessssss
13:53    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    wwwwwww
13:55    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    wwwwwwwww
19:05    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    stun   
19:06    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    egon
19:08    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    stun
19:13    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why no stun
19:18    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why
19:21    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why
19:22    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    talk
19:23    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why
19:25    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ?????
19:28    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ???
19:36    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why no stun
19:40    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    egooooooon
19:45    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    egoooonnnn
19:47    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why no stun
19:48    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why
20:06    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    heeeeeyyyyy
20:13    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why no stun
20:18    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    talk
21:36    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    -afk
21:54    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
22:02    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
22:07    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    you ks
22:09    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    all kills
22:10    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    so ward
22:22    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
22:23    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ass
22:25    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
22:40    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    shit
22:44    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    go ward the map
24:45    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    leave it
24:46    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ass
24:50    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    go ward the map
24:53    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    useless
25:11    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    kaldr
25:12    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    egon
25:15    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    he just ks
25:18    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    not warding
25:20    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    useless
25:26    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    why he play with us
25:29    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    what is the idea
25:50    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
25:52    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
27:23    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
27:24    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    shit
27:31    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
27:32    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    thhe map
28:11    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
28:14    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward the map
28:15    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    shit
28:26    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
28:29    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    the map
28:33    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    this is your duty
28:56    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    shğiy
28:58    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    you are
39:09    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    its nonsense
39:37    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    0 ward
39:39    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward it
39:43    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    you are so freee
39:47    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    too much money
39:48    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
40:06    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
40:07    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    the map
41:18    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    no problem
41:20    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    just
41:21    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    this
41:23    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    kaldr
41:25    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    dont ward
41:28    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    we need ward
41:34    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    we dont need his stupid
41:34    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ks
42:07    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    this
42:08    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    shit
42:11    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    i talk
42:13    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    this shit
44:10    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    go ward
44:22    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
44:26    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    no need ulti
46:02    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
46:43    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    come rosh hit
47:30    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    he must do it
47:48    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    b we are 2
47:55    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    kaldr is here to ks
49:05    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward
49:07    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    the mağp
50:36    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    ward there
52:00    skenderbeu_    [Allies]    he steal all my kills

Complaints Board / Complain
« on: May 10, 2022, 22:56 »,201733.0.html

How Lina did nothing against the rules?
Who did say my parents are shit? Lina did.
14:39    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    son of shit ---
14:40    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    useles
Who did fucked origin to SimkeLujka? Lina did.
17:45    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    jebem
17:45    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    ti
17:46    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    seme --- fuck your stupid origin
17:48    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    glupo
17:49    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    retardirano
18:06    SimkeLujka    [Allies]    klinac ne seri da ti ne opalim 2 samara
18:07    SimkeLujka    [Allies]    !ignore the

And are we okay to leave the game when we want just so to play another game on another account? Right after rage quited our game ThE_MiRaCoL93 switched account to say_own_pls and is active daily.;sa=player;sid=1;nick=say_own_pls

Middle player priority is to help sides or if incapable to let someone better this obligation. Upper side had hard time and especially Phoenix who got early 0:6 stats, so saying Phoenix had to teleport to help our incapable mid player is not realistic. Don't let this leaver to get away with this, his leaving rate is once every 2-3 days, once in 10 games. I never do that, why he can do it without punishment?

Ban Requests / Ban req
« on: May 08, 2022, 20:50 »
1: mordor

2: ThE_MiRaCoL93

3: ban avoiding  known leaver  feeder on purpose  votekick abuse  family related flame  toxic player  insults  spam
He took mid, feed and leave and now he play on say_own_pls
Check other accounts the_miracle and dark3r

4: 05:26       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
07:33       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
09:09       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
11:54       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
11:57    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    !sd mor      
11:57    SimkeLujka    [Allies]    die tards
11:58    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    u
11:59    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    fucking
12:00    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    moron
12:01    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    stupid
12:08    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    !ignore mor
12:09    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    stupid
12:10    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    shit
12:14    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    why i fuckning all game
12:17    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    play with idiots
12:55       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
14:12       [All]    [mordor91]qual1ty killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
14:21    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    !sd mor
14:22    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    hahahaha
14:23    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    this
14:23    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    shit
14:26    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [All]    go yes
14:27    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [All]    pls
14:39    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    son of shit ---
14:40    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    useles
16:07       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
17:39       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
17:45    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    jebem
17:45    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    ti
17:46    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    seme --- fuck your stupid origin
17:48    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    glupo
17:49    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    retardirano
18:06    SimkeLujka    [Allies]    klinac ne seri da ti ne opalim 2 samara
18:07    SimkeLujka    [Allies]    !ignore the
19:15       [All]    [mordor91]qual1ty killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
19:33       [All]    [mordor91]mordor91 killed qual1ty
19:37    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    !sd mor
19:39    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    what a noob
19:40    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    stupdi
20:54    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    go
20:54    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    kick
20:55    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    this
20:56    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    moron
21:42       [All]    [mordor91]NewDimension killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
21:43    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    what
21:44    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    a
21:45    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    idiot
21:45    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    leo
21:46    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    use
21:46    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    that
21:47    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    stun
21:48    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    omfg
21:49    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    u
21:50    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    retarded
21:50    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    shit
21:54    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    ahahahhaha
21:55    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    i cant
21:55    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    beleive
21:58    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    !sd era
22:00       [All]    [ThE_MiRaCoL93] voted to kick [Eragon] [1/6]
22:00       [All]    RULE: !votekick command may only be used against game ruiners (intentional feed, obstructing gameplay..). Vote accordingly.
22:00       [All]    Type !yes to vote.
22:01    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    jebgem
22:02    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    ti
22:04    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    imbecila
22:05    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    glupog --- fuck this stupid imbecil
22:12    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    vidi
22:12    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    ga
22:13    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    ovaj
22:14    ThE_MiRaCoL93    [Allies]    jadnik
24:23       [All]    [mordor91]Flame- killed ThE_MiRaCoL93
24:54       [All]    ThE_MiRaCoL93 has left the game voluntarily, ThE_MiRaCoL93 was autobanned.
24:54       [All]    Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

5: Just see how exposed he was all the time, died every 2 minutes, and never tried to play safe. He took mid and damaged badly our team and game and as final result he left the game to play with friend with another account say_own_pls. See how many times this retard left the game on ThE_MiRaCoL93 and how many times he used other accounts to play right after. ThE_MiRaCoL93 average leaving period is once every 2-3 days. Its easy to see his accounts, his friend is no_lifer_xd.
Look at leaver shit;sa=player;sid=1;nick=say_own_pls;tab=ladder-games;lpage=1;cpage=1;sa=player;sid=1;nick=the_miracle;tab=ladder-games;lpage=1;cpage=1;sa=player;sid=1;nick=dark3r;tab=ladder-games;lpage=1;cpage=1


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