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Srry for my english, im doing my best for explaining the thing i want tell u.
How many stats u need to be considered pro?
A big K/D/A? how many?
Lots of games played? How many?
Creep Kill/Denies? How Many?

I want to know, cuz i host some noobs game sometimes and i just wanted to know whos are pros to kick/ban.

Hey i cant start this map, idk why, this wat i do and the thing it said.
.map youtd
like 4 maps appeared, the beta ones and the rc1
.map YouTd_rc1
.gopub >>> YOUTD <<<
Creating Public Game >>> YOUTD <<<
Cant Create Game, Map Config File Invalid.

Maybe the map was badly uploaded, i request to re-upload it. Only moderators and other ppl with power can do it. Delete the map and upload it again plz. I leave teh epicwar link for the upload:

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