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General Discussions / Re: Personalized playdota signatures
« on: July 10, 2010, 19:06 »
good job! Now i have a signature ^^

I think that you need to compare k/d/a with win/lose, cause when player has high k/d ratio and also high win/lose ratio it only means that when he is wining he doesnt push and only hunt players on map, which is really gay thing to do. And players with low deaths per game and lots of lost games means that he is not feeders which is also important.

P.S. Just say that you are not good player and ask from time to time what to do if you're not sure, be open for some constructive criticism and you will be better than majority of pro players. xD
Well ty for ur help, let me guess... High K/D means pro killer, High A means pro supporter, Creep D means pro Creeper and High Wins means Pro Overall.
Tell me if im wrong, i dont play dota in since 2009 and i started to play again. well stats resetted, watever, i need to see whos noob and whos pro (cuz of the stats hunters, there isnt any faster way to ban hunters than posting the ban request?)

....yes thats true...and like i said in last reply stats is there only to give u a summary of some player's games/way of it cant be fully trusted...   8)

Srry for my english, im doing my best for explaining the thing i want tell u.
How many stats u need to be considered pro?
A big K/D/A? how many?
Lots of games played? How many?
Creep Kill/Denies? How Many?

I want to know, cuz i host some noobs game sometimes and i just wanted to know whos are pros to kick/ban.

Hey i cant start this map, idk why, this wat i do and the thing it said.
.map youtd
like 4 maps appeared, the beta ones and the rc1
.map YouTd_rc1
.gopub >>> YOUTD <<<
Creating Public Game >>> YOUTD <<<
Cant Create Game, Map Config File Invalid.

Maybe the map was badly uploaded, i request to re-upload it. Only moderators and other ppl with power can do it. Delete the map and upload it again plz. I leave teh epicwar link for the upload:

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