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Title: TurboLover
Post by: TurboLover666 on July 03, 2022, 18:14
i will say again i think i dont deserve to have Locked Ip Adress and btw 2months ago i was baned By Iernesto94 for reason Maphack well that is wrong i dont use maphack and i dont know how it looks that is the only truth yes in some games maybe i have insult ppl and haves a bad attitude but i wont do it at all i am really sad and so so sorry but just pls unlock mu Ip Adress so i can play again pls!
Title: Re: TurboLover
Post by: ksv on July 04, 2022, 10:48
@TurboLover666 haha you still insist that your ban is a wrong decision, so the ban stays on.

Ernesto locked you becouse;sa=game;gid=6431743.

Your behaviour just doesnt get better .... that is a reason for your lock. If you can say sorry and comit do do better I will reconsider your lock.