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Title: game is closing in the game lobby.
Post by: w3chief on January 07, 2022, 15:45
Sometimes the game closes completely when entering the lobby. I couldn't figure out why. I turn off virus programs. I have this problem only when entering the game lobby. This does not happen while in game.
My computer is new. No programs or plugins. Only warcraf3 is installed.

[07-01-2022 17:39:03][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Creating new WC3 socket connection
[07-01-2022 17:39:03][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Initiating the two way connection
[07-01-2022 17:39:03][GPROXY][LOG_INFO]  Connection marked as WC3
[07-01-2022 17:39:03][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Remote socket connected with []
[07-01-2022 17:39:09][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Username used for login is 31.
[07-01-2022 17:39:09][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] logon bnet successful
[07-01-2022 17:39:17][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local player connected
[07-01-2022 17:39:17][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local player requested game name [SD +1501]
[07-01-2022 17:39:17][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Connected to remote server
[07-01-2022 17:39:17][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Join request accepted by remote server
[07-01-2022 17:39:17][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Detected reliable game, starting GPS handshake
[07-01-2022 17:39:18][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] [WHISPER] []: sc
[07-01-2022 17:39:18][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Handshake complete, disconnect protection ready (360 second buffer)
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local socket disconnected due to socket error
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Deleting connection
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local player disconnected with error: ECONNRESET
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][AMH][LOG_INFO] EXITED
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Shutting down
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Shutting down winsock
[07-01-2022 17:39:24][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GPROXY EXITING
Title: Re: game is closing in the game lobby.
Post by: cen on January 07, 2022, 16:23
turn on debugging and post full log (in private message), looks like antihack detects something
Title: Re: game is closing in the game lobby.
Post by: iErnesto94 on January 07, 2022, 16:29
The same happened to me. I just reinstalled the whole game ( and then it was ok.
Title: Re: game is closing in the game lobby.
Post by: BuyukUstad on January 08, 2022, 15:57
I think it happens because of the new client. Canee had the same issuee we solved it by turning back to old client