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Title: Votekick abuse
Post by: Omg-Chi on July 23, 2021, 17:56
1) NickName(s) of banned player(s).
BAZARCI , tomka_prangija , Z789456 , jurys , -Poacher- , URAFckingNoob , JODA

2) Reason (check RULES).
Votekick abuse

3) Proof.
BAZARCI all game cheated and used !votekick. there is no reason
15:13      [All]   [BAZARCI] voted to kick [HaciAbi] [1/6]
15:13      [All]   RULE: !votekick command may only be used against game ruiners (intentional feed, obstructing gameplay..). Vote accordingly.
15:13      [All]   Type !yes to vote.
15:16   BAZARCI   [Allies]   can you kick this
15:16   tomka_prangija   [Allies]   !yes
15:16      [All]   [tomka_prangija] voted to kick [HaciAbi] [2/7]
15:17   BAZARCI   [Allies]   shit
15:19   Z789456   [Allies]   !yes
15:19      [All]   [Z789456] voted to kick [HaciAbi] [3/7]
15:21   jurys   [Allies]   !yes
15:21      [All]   [jurys] voted to kick [HaciAbi] [4/7]
15:22   -Poacher-   [Allies]   !yes
15:22      [All]   [-Poacher-] voted to kick [HaciAbi] [5/7]
15:26   jurys   [Allies]   they all voted
15:29   URAFckingNoob   [Allies]   !yes
15:29      [All]   [URAFckingNoob] voted to kick [HaciAbi] [6/7]
15:32   JODA   [Allies]   !yes
Title: Re: Votekick abuse
Post by: 4K on July 23, 2021, 22:15
@Omg-Chi Edit your reply and add link of game.
Title: Re: Votekick abuse
Post by: hsakuragi on July 24, 2021, 17:34
i vote for kick him
I'm tired of playing with these idiots you can ban me
and i can help you for game link;sa=game;gid=6402772
---who are ruining the game intentionally by feeding on purpose (description)-- 
he was not in the game for fifteen minutes and thirty-two seconds
did nothing for his team
when he wasn't farming, he was busy dying so we played 4v5 bec of him.
Title: Re: Votekick abuse
Post by: 4K on July 25, 2021, 12:22
I will take a peek later.

I'm tired of playing with these you can ban me
If you did nothing why should ban u?

I can't decide without replay, No need to worries.


Furion is a blind in game, !denied