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Title: pretending to be admin/ votekick abuse- warn or ban pls
Post by: fearspp on October 26, 2021, 03:37
name : fearspp

player to warn or ban : beMYGUEST

reason: pretending to be an admin / votekick abuse / family flame

situation: we were losing badly and not just 1 or 2 but all of us dominated...
(51kill vs 14) and he lost it... tried to votekick and threatened us with perma bans... and talked inapropriate (he talked makedonian ı guess I didnt understand most of it)... ı dont like bad behaviour like that... I am a clean player and ı hate pretenders... I am ok with foreign language but threats and swears?

pls ban him or at least warn him... I checked the admins and his name was not there too... He said ''I ban u'' 

thank you

game link:;sa=game;gid=6424312

votekick attempt :
10:51   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   !votekick sum

Admin threats:
11:13   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   mars banned
11:22   beMYGUEST   [All]   ja cu ga ban mars
11:40   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   perma si
12:41   annlvl.   [Allies]   >> fearspp (Furion) has a > Gloves of Haste
12:43   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   perma banned 2
16:36   beMYGUEST   [All]   fearspp ide ban
16:50   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   and i ban u
16:52   beMYGUEST   [All]   !Ignore fear

These are few of his swearings (googled=> kopil means fatherless-bastard-son of whore)
16:22   beMYGUEST   [Allies]   kopil
16:23   beMYGUEST   [All]   kopile
17:22   beMYGUEST   [All]   ff ur mom

Thank you
Title: Re: pretending to be admin/ votekick abuse- warn or ban pls
Post by: 4K on October 30, 2021, 08:09
Added ban on bemyguest in game SD//V7.03+ +1 RLY! #3. Warn points: 2. Duration: 1 days.
Public description: Family flame..