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Tournaments / Re: Tour Chat Room
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:26 »
well i haven't decided if i'm gonna take the sf wars tours too, probably not cause it's boring
sf tours though, say goodbye to them

jean watch and learn
sf with 6 talismans of evasion killing naix puck pudge in the last seconds of the game, + blind raze after 5 seconds of invis on clinkz XD (couldn't raze earlier cause of orchid on me)





Tournaments / Re: Tour Chat Room
« on: April 27, 2013, 02:57 »
cool :D this time I want to win! :P
sorry but i decided i won't allow anyone to win sf tours from now on, unless i'm paralyzed in a hospital or something, but i probably won't allow anyone to win sf tours even then

what the fuck is this weather, suddenly 20 celsius then 0 celsius, weather pls stop jokes

Hello nightfeeder.

For your info there is not one sf player in the world who won't lose lane to skywrath on his own if sky knows what he is doing, wanna know why ? Because with half his mana pool he drains your life to 0 by simply spamming that retarded nuke and hitting once or twice. But you probably already know this you are just trying to "piss me off". I can't be pissed off by irrelevant scoundrels such as yourself dear, tough luck.
My supports were busy losing sidelanes even while their supports ganked me mid = they weren't on their lanes, they still didn't do shit while 3v1 and 1v1 on their lanes, while their supports ganked me mid.

Again, I can't be bothered to give even a slight fuck about what a random gigantic noob such as yourself says he thinks about me, nightfeeder, because you know aswell as i do what you used to do whenever you saw me. Know that I simply replied to you because you said something that wasn't true.

I was unvouched by my request ihrl channel, as i was unvouched by my request in safelist channel after aledati showed his cluelessness.
That random guy reporting me after i was already unvouched was funny, and even funnier was the fact that some admin wrote !unvouched there even though i was long unvouched from channel after i told them to unvouch me in ihrl channel.

I wont play with idiots who have no clue what they are doing and are blameing random people around them even though they fail lane 3v1 while the enemy supports gank me even when it's not needed because of the retarded sky-sf matchup which is 100% in sky favour. (they were ganking when it wasn't needed because they were scared as fuck, as you are whenever you play vs me, you know, before you started leaving the lobby whenever you saw me)

Also, lmao at me not going bottle. Why would i go bottle if i can't go for the runes cause the enemy supports were guarding them, while my supports were jacking off in their lanes doing nothing ? For your info when there are 3 people mid ganking me, my sidelanes are supposed to do something in the meantime, since they were 3v1 and 1v1, but ofc they did nothing, what they did though was blame me, sf vs sky, also ganked by 2 other heroes. Funny like a bad joke. Ofcourse i won't waste my time playing somewhere surrounded by such imbecils.

You are a typical clueless noob who has no ideea what he is talking about, but talks anyway, exactly the same as a puber, as i have said in my earlier posts. You are hilarious, consider becoming a comedian, you would make tons of money.
You weren't this loud when i was rapeing you in ss games/pub games, now you think you grew some balls ? You are still a little boy, wait some more.

Now you wanna tell me that you don't remember that for the last couple of months you were instantly leaving from lobby whenever you joined and saw me ? You should be best friends with that stalker guy, cause he was doing the same thing when he played here, and he doesn't remember either. You guys must have that thing which pregnant women have, the ability to forget the pain you suffered, after the fact.

What is the funniest thing of all, is that you know it aswell as i do how scared you were whenever you saw me, and all this chatter you typed here just made me laugh when i remembered. Thanks.

This is the last time i'm posting in this thread. Now i'm gonna go ahead and continue rapeing noobs like nightmare while they break their keyboards spamming !ff.

One two three four,
Baby scream like you want some more.

There is nothing to consider. He says in allchat "guys finish on mid i wont def so fin", and then he does nothing for the next 10 minutes, what more do you need ?

For the last time, the game is not decided untill it is decided. No one can tell if a game is decided in pubs or not, at any given moment the balance can shift with personal mistakes. So i don't care if they see or not a way how to change it, they joined a game for a reason. Wanna guess what the reason is ? Yeah, that's right, to play it. You can't just go ahead and decide, "oh wait everybody hold the fuck up, the game ends now cause of the score.". no. You must PLAY since that's why you JOINED.

And i already told you a billion times i don't need you to offer me anything, what i need you to do is stop making excuses for game ruiners and ban them as they deserve.

I'm done here, you are clearly barely listening. Go ahead and close it and then let's go play more with kids who go afk and then don't get banned for various random lovely reasons like "game was over, even though the game continued 4v5 for extra 10 minutes", because it's super fun.

I don't care about ss "league" or ihrl "league", why ? Because they are both at a horrible level, for me the only distinguishable difference between pub and ss or ihrl is that in ss and ihrl you play -cm/-cd and that in ss and ihrl noobs actually think they understand dota even though they are just as bad as pubbers, that's about it. This is the reason i left both of them.

Since you insist on this subject, let me expand a little with an example. ss voucher aledati, doesn't level up shackle on wr, and goes for powershot level 4 and windrun level 3 with explanation "i was laning vs bat". If there is one rule in dota that should be followed without any exceptions is that you LEVEL UP THE DISABLE, because fights will occur and you don't have time to get 4 more levels at that point for shackle without any engagements happening across the map if you are already level 8, and the level 3 windrun will do absolutely nothing for your team in those engagements, this decision would basically lose the game on the spot if there would be smart players in the enemy team which would abuse this decision by forcing fights with pushes (since it's basically 5v4 with wr doing nothing in the fights) and not letting go of their advantage, but that is obviously not the case since the skill level is ridicolously low. This is just one example of lack of understanding about dota, there are tons of these. Now the examples for bad plays or pathetic plays ... i'm not even going to bother with that since they happen every single game exactly like in pubs ... absolutely no difference in skill level.
So don't tell me with "go ss or ihrl, mega games, so much more better than pubs".

Good. Now i cleared that one out for you.
Now to get ontopic.
This rule already exist, it is official, and every week many players got banned for that.
4. Player must not be AFK for longer than 120 seconds in single instance:
      a: Refusing to play by 'base camping' may be considered as AFK.
      b: Player shall join lobby with at least 1hour of free time.
      Note: Duration of AFK is not obligatory and it may vary depend of situation.
      Note: Farming in woods is not considered as AFK.
Oh, it does exist ? It didn't seem it existed to me, when i made a report and it was basically ignored with a silly nonsense reply "it was over anyway, why didn't you ff?". It wasn't over, the game went on for 10 extra minutes after his refusal of play, if he came aswell it would've been even longer. He clearly refused to play and even admitted to refusing to play by saying in allchat  "guys finish on mid i wont def so fin", and then going enemy woods and hitting creeps while for 5 full minutes the enemies were pushing and then eventually destroying the tree, for this entire duration he was enemy woods hitting creeps or standing still there. And yet he didn't get banned.
Maybe it got denied because of this:
Note: Farming in woods is not considered as AFK.
Which would be funny, cause if you farm woods while for 5 minutes enemies push + take tree and game ends and in that entire duration you are farming woods, even when game ended you are there in the same spot, you are clearly afk.

And i don't find it normal that i have to spend even more time after reporting an incident like this, to report it again to someone else just because some admin thinks the game was over when it wasn't. The game being "over" or "not over" has nothing to do with the fact that he refused to play.

I really don't want to deviate again from the topic ...

Astaroth, your example doesn't apply to the situation. Here is how it is:
Imagine any football player joining a team, then when the game starts, he is the only one playing, the other "players" are on the field sleeping.
Do you think that the officials/coach will allow such a thing to happen ? Of course not, they would kick those players out of the team so fast they wont even have time to say pls no.
The thing isn't that they are bad at the game, i think that player couldn't care less how bad they are, what he would care about however is that his teammates are doing absolutely nothing, sleeping, playing dead, deceased, not existing, not in the game(however you want to put it it's absolutely the same thing), and that they are NOT being punished for it.

I don't need help to find better games, for the n-th time i didn't make this topic to ask you for help on this matter.

Why i made this topic for, for the n-th time, is for you to hear out this suggestion which will WITHOUT A DOUBT improve the quality of ALL games of ALL skill levels on your bot:

Banning the people who DON'T play, making it an official RULE, refusing to play -> ban.

Why ? I've said it before, i'll say it one more time ... Because refusing to play is as if you have left the game, but even worse, since when someone leaves the game you can sell his items and get some gold for the rest of the team, when someone refuses to play the situation is exactly the same with someone leaving, but with the option to gain a bit of gold as compensation for the remaining players taken away.

Now, unless you have an allergy for changes even if they are for the better, i see absolutely no reason not to do it. But maybe i'm crazy and have no ideea what is logical and what not.

Ignoring goldy and nevermore which are two perfect examples of those that i said will come here in the first post,

Astaroth, i've never been satisfied with anyones gameplay on this server in all these 8 or so years i've been here, but that is not the point. You are missing the point. This isn't about gameplay, it's about them NOT PLAYING, as in camping in fountain or standing STILL in enemy woods while the enemies push.

The point is, no matter what they think or how they see the situation, they should play on, since that's why they joined a game to begin with.
I'm not asking them for anything BUT to PLAY ON, i don't think i ask for much. And i think it's common sense that if anyone refuses to play for any reason they should get banned since they RUIN the game for the other players. No matter what the skill level is.

Think about it this way, if they are not playing it's as if they left. But even worse since you don't get the gold from their items and current gold.
When people leave they get banned, when they don't leave but refuse to play they don't get banned ?
What logic is that ?

jean you are so funny i almost smiled, go doto.

Wrong. I play chess. When I'm beat i knock down my king and shake my opponent's hand. I want to do the same in dota. I'm not sadist enough to let an oponent beat me with 3 queens, or 30-0 score before he decides to kill the throne. I'm not on that level yet. Maybe you are.

You are not beat, untill you are beat.

The game of chess is not over untill checkmate/repetition draw/draw insufficient material/50 moves rule/time win/time draw insufficient material/stalemate or a weakling resigns.

The game of dota is not over untill the tree/throne is destroyed or when weaklings forfeit.

Also you seem to miss the main ideea of this topic, even after all i wrote, which is quite ridicolous, but ok, i will say it again.

The main ideea is, you can argue all day whether or not a game is over before it's over (it isn't), you can even ff, but if someone does not want to ff on your team, you should be forced to PLAY or else be banned, because if you don't, you ruin his game. Again, you should get BANNED if you refuse to play. This is the main ideea.
The second ideea is that !ff does nothing but create more of such situations. Yes you can sit afk even if there is no ff (and you should be banned whether there is ff or not), but you have way less of a reason to do that if there is no ff. 75% of the people that go afk think that just because they typed !ff and went to fountain everyone else in their team will !ff too, if there would be no !ff command, this will not happen. Simple logic, nothing more.

Oh now i understand what you ment, you phrased that horribly.

Well it's easy, if you afk at fountain you should get banned, is that clear enough for you ? You have no reason to afk at fountain, you can win if you play. Just abuse the mistakes the enemy team makes, and they make tons of them, trust me.

iNevermore I agree with you in everything. Well said.

In fact, in pub, the FF command should be reduced to 15 mins instead of 25. There is a point in the game where the game balance is broken and one team goes snowball effect over another team. There's nothing you can do about it. Even in professional games, with a REAL team leader (not the first player who sits on pink) if a leader decides to forfeit the match, everyone else forfeits.

I'm a player. I promise removing FF command will not make me not afk at fountain. It will only make YOU (post opener) to play more time without me.

These aren't professional games however, so you can win at any given time regardless of the situation, because everyone makes tons of mistakes unlike in professional games, so it's absolutely pointless to give that example since it does not apply at all to pub games.

So what you said is invalid, and your last paragraph makes no sense, first you say removing ff command wont make you afk at fountain and then you say it will make me play longer without you. So basically what you said is, you wont afk at fountain if there is no ff command, but you wont play, which is exactly the same thing. Interesting.

1. The game is not lost till the tree/throne falls.
I don't care how much my team feeds, as i said in that ban request, i can still win it IF they atleast use their spells TRYING to defend, and not autoattack neutrals or stand still in woods/fountain.

2. An example of how that game could've been won; i could just go rapier, 1 good fight then i destroy atleast 2 sides of rax, i would have the gold if that imbecil came to def, since the game would last longer if more resistance was put up, and i had enough damage to easily kill 4 of them even without the rapier with a bit of help (not 5 because there was clock 20/0 or something with heart because of those feeders, but clock can't do much on his own, pushwise), even just cask thrown, but the cask was busy being thrown at neutrals on the other side of the map for some reason.

3. No, you should not even give such "judgeable situations" (they are not judgeable, they are clear) a chance to exist, this should be a no-brainer no matter what, you join a game to PLAY it, NOT to sit in base or to attack neutrals and not defend your tree cause you died a couple of times, it's simple. What exactly are we talking about ? This is clear as day.
I don't care if they are 0-30, they joined a game so they must PLAY it. Otherwise why join a game ?

4. I don't see how the fact that "higher" games have less situations like this is of any relevance to my suggestion, that is just going offtopic. Why ? Giving a specific example where such situations don't occur often does nothing to counter my point which is directed at the VAST MAJORITY of the games. (and don't even dare to say they don't occur at "higher" level, cause i've seen atleast 1500 out of 6000 games ruined at that "higher" level you speak of, because of noobs who think the game is over)

5. What makes these situations occur ?

a) The fact that there is an "escape" command (!ff), which makes noobs not even try to do anything TILL the 25 minute mark and then they just type !ff ruining the game for those who actually play. They do it on purpose to make the game end faster and to go next cause maybe they can win that one, even though they could win the one they just !ff'ed in just as easily, if they atleast tried.

b) The fact that you think these situations are "judgeable".
They abuse this and continue to do it and are not being punished because of it.
How is it judgeable when he even said himself "guys finish on mid i wont def so fin" ?

c) The fact that they have a very low understanding of dota and don't know that you can win even in worse situations. However if not playing would actually be bannable (as it is normal, and is on every place of playing dota except for some reason) they would eventually get better, since you gain more playing experience from losing than from winning.

There are absolutely no bad things than can come out of these changes, only good things. Longer games, better overall athmosphere without noobs crying !ff and flameing others for not !ff'ing etc.
If you think that when a team is dominating and they could theoretically just push and end BUT are not doing it to "farm stats", you can win the game if given time to breathe, so such "examples of bad changes" are not valid.

Bottom line, it all comes down to this.
Why join a game if you don't play it till the end ?
More importantly, why are you not banning those who refuse to play till the end ?
Why are you allowing such a noob !ff command to exist ? If such a command was a good ideea, then it would've been implemented with the game itself. However it is not. Dota 2 doesn't have it (Relatively new game, the ideea of !ff is clearly known by now, however it doesn't have it, ever wondered why ? Because it's not a good ideea. That's why.) It's an addition which does nothing but create bad atmosphere in games or make games end before they should.

The game is not over till it's over, if you refuse to play, then you are ruining the game for those who play, and you deserve a ban. Simple logic.

Tournaments / Re: Tour Chat Room
« on: April 18, 2013, 22:46 »
someone make a bigger sf tour, 32 slots too low, 64 preferably 128

The suggestion title says "Remove ff command, ban everyone who refuses to play till the end."
Not just "Remove ff command".

So if you do both, everything will be fine.

People who refuse to play shouldn't be allowed here anyway.

And to those that say "just report", you don't understand, they are not being banned at the moment.
Just one small example:
Take a look at this -,130177.msg450192.html#msg450192
Do you not find this ridicolous ? The guy says go end mid i'm not defending 10-15 minutes before the game actually ended, and if you actually look at the replay, you will see he just roamed around neutrals even when raxes were falling, 0 attempt at playing. This is just unacceptable.

If you like the !ff command so much, fine, i guess i can live with that.

But i find it absolutely disgusting that such people are not banned. Don't you ?

Tournaments / Re: Tour Chat Room
« on: April 18, 2013, 05:27 »
jean i played a cm game .. in these last 3 days or something like that i can't even remember
holy shit it was so boring
but anyway i played one game so go watch it, cause you said "i can't rape with cm", silly silly jean

oh here it is i found it

btw, play in that sf tour that is today guys, i wanna say hi to you on my way to the #1
my starting items will be - wraith band and 4 branches + courier
try and stop me pls, i'm bored

also jean stop pretending to have friends and come doto, i like my games to be challenging and with you in my team, they are always challenging cause you always feed

one two three four
baby scream like you want some more

Tournaments / Re: Kunkka 1v1 Tour
« on: April 15, 2013, 17:49 »
one two three four

baby scream like you want some more
jean you are so funny i almost smiled
go doto

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