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Title: Arkshu
Post by: territory23 on February 04, 2022, 21:26
I was playing good with Tiny, played in line, tried to help my team and went NC when game was over in 20 mins (they got rax, typical stacked - unbalanced game). Check replay.

22:15   ArkShu   [All]   after game u will get ban slark
22:28   ArkShu   [All]   i will check who didnt vote
23:11   ArkShu   [Allies]   alche
23:12   saatleregel   [All]   gj host
23:14   ArkShu   [Allies]   after game u have ban
23:29   ArkShu   [All]   slark after game u have ban
24:49   ArkShu   [Allies]   how idiot u can be
25:06   ArkShu   [Allies]   3 bans so far
25:08   ArkShu   [Allies]   u also tyny
25:11   ArkShu   [Allies]   for ruin the game

He threatened to ban / banned 3 players in an unbalanced single game.

Title: Re: Arkshu
Post by: ArkShu on February 04, 2022, 21:39
lazuri !banned for afk
saatleregel   !banned for ruining the game(not defending,not playing team) 
min 27, 0 asst;sa=game;gid=6444678

let it for higher
Title: Re: Arkshu
Post by: territory23 on February 04, 2022, 22:25
we had 7 (seven) kills in 27 mins. And I had 1 of them.
Title: Re: Arkshu
Post by: 4K on February 04, 2022, 22:38
@territory23 the replay shows, You wasn't play with team only killing creeps, one time you killed someone low hp with helping at the end game then go run run back, plus ursa chases anyone till die xD.

Alch was away five mins after killed his courier without saying, should be kicked they refused to votekick.

@ArkShu take my advice, just play for fun, don't take anything too seriously.

I'll remove ban and warn anyways 5 carries