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Title: brequest
Post by: onlyfarms on June 16, 2022, 20:45


heavy family flame and game ruining

14:26   Cice   [Allies]   ur mother wp also
14:30   Cice   [Allies]   she play with my dick
14:35   Cice   [Allies]   and i say to her
14:38   Cice   [Allies]   wp bitch
16:01   Cice   [Allies]   wp like ur mother
16:25   Cice   [Allies]   i fuck ur child in the ass.
16:36   Cice   [Allies]   i fuck ur dead mother
16:39   onlyfarms   [Allies]   wp
16:44   Cice   [Allies]   i fuck ur dead father
16:55   Cice   [Allies]   i think ur child in the ass
16:57   Cice   [Allies]   evry day
17:10   Cice   [Allies]   soon ur mother
17:11   Cice   [Allies]   in the ass
17:22   Cice   [Allies]   son ur father
17:24   Cice   [Allies]   in the ass
18:52   onlyfarms   [Allies]   wp
18:56   Cice   [Allies]   like ur child
19:08   onlyfarms   [Allies]   come we go again
19:18   Cice   [Allies]   thats what ur daughter tells me
19:19   Cice   [Allies]   also
22:23   Cice   [Allies]   äs long as this shit storm lose
22:24   Cice   [Allies]   for me ok
22:37   Cice   [Allies]   ur mother will get ban
22:56   Cice   [Allies]   mk
22:57   Cice   [Allies]   trash

then he continues to curse me on macedonian language, if needed i can translate that, its heavy flames towards my mother, dead father etc..

and he ruined game also with avoiding team fights as you can see in chat..;sa=game;gid=6467915
Title: Re: brequest
Post by: Adm1n on June 16, 2022, 21:13
Cry more . u get what u deserve thats all. worth it ! say hello at home .
Title: Re: brequest
Post by: TheJOkerBoy on June 16, 2022, 21:57
cice !Banned 4 days + 3 warn points due to Family related flame 2nd Time