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Ban Requests / ban pls
« on: June 06, 2021, 00:35 »


3-family related flame

4-27:10   CN_BlueInCuBuS   [Allies]   anayın amını yyap amk noobu(means fuck your mother's pussy)

5-he wants to control whole of us,especially manage us go there,fight with me e.t.c


Turkey / Re: v7 harita sorunu
« on: April 04, 2021, 10:51 »
rica etsem yazabilirmisin tüm linkleri
cünkü hepsi var ama map sıkıntı cıkarıyo en azından kontrol ederim varmı bir fark diye

Turkey / v7 harita sorunu
« on: April 04, 2021, 08:30 »
forumda yazan linkden haritayı yüklememe rağmen bir türlü oyuna g,iremiyorum yardımcı olurmusunuz????

Unban Requests / unban request
« on: July 05, 2020, 17:07 »

2-unrecovery dropped by g-proxy


4-i did not brake to the rule-suddenly lost to gproxy connection and left game

5-it s weird at first time i was face to face with it


Complaints Board / comlain about Sejtura's decision
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:14 »


3-i posted a ban request which is about family related flame

however i did not say any kind of flame but he banned me

4-9:24   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   you
29:25   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   morons
29:26   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   come
29:26   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   mid
29:36   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   yuru sikcem ya
29:39   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   gir
29:39   taktikmaktiyok   [All]   gel
29:45   MevzuDerin-   [Allies]   !p
29:51   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   stupid axe
29:51   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   go
30:15   taktikmaktiyok   [All]   madem cok delikanlısın gel
30:48      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [barathustra]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [majkl_majers]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [bollard]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [HACIDAYI]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [kovo]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:48      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]MevzuDerin- killed majkl_majers
30:59      [All]   [barathustra]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [majkl_majers]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [kovo]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [HACIDAYI]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [bollard]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
30:59      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]taktikmaktiyok killed HACIDAYI
31:00   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   ya
31:01   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   ama
31:01   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   sikerim
31:02   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   oynadıgınız
31:03   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   oyunuı
31:04   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   ha
31:04   taktikmaktiyok   [All]   ;devam et
31:07   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   go
31:08   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   fuCK
31:10   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   YOURSELF
31:10   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   NOW
31:14   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   fucking useless
31:14   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   shits
31:18   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   amoına kodugumun oyununda
31:22   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   sadece calmak icin duruyo aq cocugu
31:26   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   axe
31:27   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   go win now
31:28   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   useless
31:29   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   shit
31:39   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   orospunun evladı
31:43   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   se twards
31:44   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   pls
32:29   Criminal_Axe   [Allies]   go mid
32:37      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [barathustra]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [majkl_majers]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [kovo]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [bollard]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [HACIDAYI]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]barathustra killed bollard
32:37      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]barathustra killed bollard
32:44   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   fuck you
32:52   MevzuDerin-   [Allies]   me too
33:03   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   fucking stealer shit
33:07   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   useless kidf
34:17      [All]   [barathustra]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [kovo]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [majkl_majers]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [HACIDAYI]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [bollard]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:17      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]taktikmaktiyok killed kovo
34:23   taktikmaktiyok   [All]   erkeklere bak
34:35   taktikmaktiyok   [All]   cok erkek canım bunlar
34:49      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:49      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
34:58   MevzuDerin-   [Allies]   go
34:58   MevzuDerin-   [Allies]   axe
35:11      [All]   [barathustra]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [HACIDAYI]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [kovo]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [majkl_majers]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [bollard]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:11      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]Criminal_Axe killed barathustra
35:15   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   STOP
35:22   barathustra   [Allies]   !sd haci
35:32      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:32      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:32      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:32      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:33      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:33      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:33      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:33      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:33      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 3 Scourge tower
35:40      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:40      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid Scourge melee rax
35:53   MevzuDerin-   [All]   gel tek atacam
35:53   MevzuDerin-   [All]   gel
35:54      [All]   [barathustra]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [majkl_majers]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [kovo]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [HACIDAYI]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [bollard]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:54      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:55      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]The Sentinel destroyed the mid Scourge ranged rax
35:57      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
35:57      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom level 3 Scourge tower
36:02      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:02      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI killed taktikmaktiyok
36:04   barathustra   [All]   turkish dogs, never again
36:10      [All]   [barathustra][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [Criminal_Axe][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [majkl_majers][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [kovo][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [HACIDAYI][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [bollard][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [MevzuDerin-][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10   barathustra   [Allies]   !f
36:10      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:10      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok][^EUROBATTLE^] killed MevzuDerin-
36:17      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:17      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI killed majkl_majers
36:25      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:25      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge ranged rax
36:31   barathustra   [All]   1:10, 1:6 thank you very much
36:31      [All]   [Criminal_Axe][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:31      [All]   [barathustra][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:31      [All]   [majkl_majers][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:31      [All]   [bollard][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:31      [All]   [HACIDAYI][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:31      [All]   [kovo][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:31      [All]   [MevzuDerin-][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:32      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:32      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok][^EUROBATTLE^] killed bollard
36:33      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:33      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI destroyed the bottom Scourge melee rax
36:35      [All]   [barathustra][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [barathustra][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [majkl_majers][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [majkl_majers][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [Criminal_Axe][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [Criminal_Axe][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [bollard][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [bollard][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [kovo][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [kovo][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [HACIDAYI][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [HACIDAYI][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [MevzuDerin-][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [MevzuDerin-][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:35      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok][^EUROBATTLE^] killed HACIDAYI
36:35      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok][^EUROBATTLE^] killed Criminal_Axe
36:39   MevzuDerin-   [Allies]   :D
36:46   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   bi sike yaramayı
36:47   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   geç
36:49   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   - herifler
37:23      [All]   [barathustra]barathustra killed kovo
37:23      [All]   [majkl_majers]barathustra killed kovo
37:23      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]barathustra killed kovo
37:23      [All]   [kovo]barathustra killed kovo
37:23      [All]   [bollard]barathustra killed kovo
37:23      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]barathustra killed kovo
37:23      [All]   [HACIDAYI]barathustra killed kovo
37:24      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]barathustra killed kovo
37:24      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]barathustra killed kovo
37:49   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   mortun
37:49   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   miss
37:51   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   yuzde kaçtı
37:52   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   b
37:53   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   b
37:56      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [majkl_majers]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [bollard]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [barathustra]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [HACIDAYI]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
37:56      [All]   [kovo]MevzuDerin- killed taktikmaktiyok
38:09      [All]   [barathustra]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [majkl_majers]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [bollard]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [kovo]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [HACIDAYI]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:09      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]MevzuDerin- killed [^EUROBATTLE^]
38:34   [^EUROBATTLE^]   [Allies]   mid sniper?
38:36   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   la cahil
38:37   HACIDAYI   [Allies]   sen bilirsin
38:40   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   wjhy me mid
38:43   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   i died
38:48   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   whşile warn u
38:58   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   now am i guilty
39:07      [All]   [barathustra]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [bollard]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [majkl_majers]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [HACIDAYI]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [kovo]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:07      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]MevzuDerin- killed barathustra
39:22   barathustra   [All]   GO FUCK YOURSELVES MOTHERFUCKERS
39:23   barathustra   [All]   DOGS
39:32   barathustra   [Allies]   -c
39:34      [All]   [barathustra]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [majkl_majers]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [Criminal_Axe]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [HACIDAYI]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [bollard]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [kovo]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [MevzuDerin-]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [[^EUROBATTLE^]]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:34      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok]HACIDAYI destroyed the mid level 4 Scourge tower
39:46   taktikmaktiyok   [Allies]   !ff
39:46      [All]   [taktikmaktiyok] voted to forfeit [1/4 Scourge]
39:50   MevzuDerin-   [All]   noldu oc

Ban Requests / Re: ban pls
« on: May 24, 2020, 22:30 »
i mean end of game

39:50   MevzuDerin-   [All]   noldu oc

it means in turkish son of a bitch

shortcut form

Ban Requests / ban pls
« on: May 24, 2020, 20:59 »


3-at the end of the game he made family flame

4-end of game 39:50   MevzuDerin-   [All]   noldu oc

5-just talk about game face to face but not trash talk and he told me at the end ''


Ban Requests / ban pls
« on: June 29, 2019, 13:41 »

2-monkeydluffyyy and rodilOse   

3-both of em flamed to me me

4-10:31   rodilOse   [Allies]   gj furion
10:34   rodilOse   [Allies]   motherfucking shit

22:52   lapaci   [All]   merak etme reporttlıcam
keyDluffyyy   [All]   sabah akdar
22:57   hipotalamus   [Allies]   -c
22:57   lapaci   [All]   Bakıcaklar
22:59   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   reportla
23:00   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   mal oç
23:02   rodilOse   [Allies]   ursa is even worst than furion
23:05   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   ward dikmeyi öğrenin
23:09   lapaci   [All]   güzel küfürden banlanırsın po zaman
23:10   MonkeyDluffyyy   [All]   bide git replay izle :D
23:12   Aboubacar   [All]   ward vardi aq ne agladin
23:15   lapaci   [All]   sorun yok

5-just i was suspicious mh on kort and tell him,because there is no ward if he does not have ward i ll repor tu tell to him and he flames me


Ban Requests / Re: ban req
« on: January 01, 2019, 16:48 »
he got print screen of course by his advantage,try to search whole game what he did and what he said to me from wsip ;)))

Ban Requests / BAN PLS
« on: July 15, 2018, 10:06 »


3-family related flame and provoke me whole game

4-terzi8551   [Allies]   bende ananı

5-he play selfish whole game and complain alltime about teamplay and flame everyone if u inspect game


Ban Requests / ban pls
« on: July 14, 2018, 16:35 »

2- mistress

3-how many rules he did break i could not count
he insult(especially family related flame) suspicious mh,also he said racist words about origins

4-37:37   Mistress   [All]   banlatmazsan orospu cocugusun

37:44   Mistress   [All]   anasını siktigimin wepla kürtleri(thatt was related with  racism)
56:26   Mistress   [All]   noldu amını siktigimin evladı

5-i hate thoose kind of players who can play with flame just


Ban Requests / Re: ban pls
« on: May 26, 2018, 17:29 »
i told him u r banned and he answered me son of a bitch

no insult no flame...

Ban Requests / ban pls
« on: May 26, 2018, 17:02 »
3-family related flame
4-lapaci   [All]   banned
14:39      [All]   The Sentinel killed NIGHT.bIRD
14:40   lapaci   [All]   reported
14:43   lapaci   [All]   afte game
14:43   TheRestlessOne   [All]   ?
14:49   lapaci   [All]   görücez bak bakalım
14:54   lapaci   [All]   forumdamısın degilmisin
14:55   TheRestlessOne   [All]   gör oc mh yok
15:00   lapaci   [All]   güzel banlandın
15:07   TheRestlessOne   [All]   görcez
5-i did not insult for flame to him ,just say u r banned u r at forum
he answered me ''oc'' it s the shortname of son of a bitch in Turkish

Ban Requests / ban prequest
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:32 »
3-he wisped me whole game from special chat fuck your mother,fuck your sister etc.
4-it has not a specify time but he kept it to continue whole game if u would check a look game chats u ll see easily
5-he thinks he would not be punished if he ll whisp from special chat

Unban Requests / unban request
« on: January 27, 2017, 15:19 »



4-suddenly electricity shutted down at beginning of game but not intentionally

5-it was weird of course at beginning of the game but i was happened unfortunately



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