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Unban Requests / Unban
« on: July 15, 2022, 23:25 »

Was playing properly haven't done anything to throw the game.

Apparently this joker guy doesn't know anything about dota but as someone who was top1 on this low population server ''2 times'' There was not a single thing I can do but farm because Team steals aegis/ My neutrals on purpose and I cannot solo win games if people doesn't listen me. only time I stop playing when team sells items and that I cannot win %100 unless someone drops from enemy team.;sa=game;gid=6472075

I am not even on the ban request because it is funny to even consider this type of play to get banned, like 1300 psr noobs on this server farm all day afk with furion or buy midas on sk/naix doing nothing. Please don't make me laugh.

move to CA for real
Looking for a serious solution thank for being funny.

I once created a private tool to hide who i am in lagabuse games, but it was ages ago, why would anybody want to do this in 2022?

Exact reason I just wanna hide myself and have fun.

is it? or how does it work it writes based on where i login to game at that time?

DotA Discussion / Re: DotA Games
« on: May 19, 2022, 00:26 »
I enjoy watching these too :)

Well i would love to see those people who think they are better than me get  #1 in some serious competition or Be At least Divine Rank in Dota 2 ( I am generous not even requesting Immortal here) You can all fantasize in your own world that you are better always yeah.

I wrote there that i got banned for 10 days just before 10 days to reset but Cen was busy so it got postponed which you wouldn't get 10 days ban for anything on this server and what i experienced before when Jimmy was there. Plus how they used fake accounts to leave game and even give psr by being on enemy side Just to show their pathetic side. What you want me to write more ofc i will share my thought it is a called a discussion here
There are plenty of things that can get you banned for more than 10 days so if you don't dispute it was a bannable offense... ?

Fake accounts is a tricky one. Only people like you who get to play a lot of games can see such patterns, unless you name names we can't know or even begin to investigate.

First of all I have respect for you continuing this Server with support of few others. If you think this kind of behaviour is from a Moderator is not appropaite ofc i can find more details easily make a complain post about it as @iErnesto94  mentioned ( congratz on Guiness record btw ) Before

Well that is why i didn't even care about being top1 here until a guy called lovec says he is best and he begged me to be in same team with him so that he can win against rob. Later on he also denied this but yeah i just chill here and being a big guy in a small place is better than being %2 in dota 2.

@luke If i cared for psr i could make 5 accounts and take top5 by myself here. But others cannot do it and they have to respect or accept it unlike saying they are best in the world.

@Happy.. I would prefer non v6 as well but y...

I wrote there that i got banned for 10 days just before 10 days to reset but Cen was busy so it got postponed which you wouldn't get 10 days ban for anything on this server and what i experienced before when Jimmy was there. Plus how they used fake accounts to leave game and even give psr by being on enemy side Just to show their pathetic side. What you want me to write more ofc i will share my thought it is a called a discussion here

First of all, This is the First online Server I played. So I had so many memories here and met amazing people. (this is when around 2008 I would say ). I was never The top player here but I was always the over average. But there was such a beautiful community here and I enjoyed it. But over time of course I got better.  Later on, I moved to a Chinese Server for a short amount of time to play on the Yaphets team and I played on Some Turkish teams here such as Frasty(Which was kinda okay name After T1 Dota 2 ). I never even cared about the Global part of the server at that time Because The Turkish Community Had Very strong players and friendly people so no one wouldn't flame talk or do stupid shit. But all those good players went to dota 2 And Most of them Became Immortal rank ( You should know this much about rank at least if you call yourself a Dota player. I don't say you have to like Dota 2 I don't like it either atm anyway). The first time I have Become Top1 Here, It was fun because there was a friendly and respectful challenge that was going on between me and borilla, and talent's patch came which helped me a lot not gonna lie. Anyway I got top1 and I didn't even get an icon( Not that I care but it is what I deserved right?)and I got kicked out of v.i.p Right after I got it just cause I didn't lick the feet of ''Jimmy'' The Crew of Lagabuse at that time.

So for 2021: This time Your ''Great'' Crew member banned me 10 days (Which none of the bans would take 10 days in this server no matter what you do we all know) Just so this Guy called Rob_real which is his friend(You can see in the picture he plays with a fake account with him and even leaves games before 5 minutes so he doesn't lose psr haha) Can get Top1. But this time my friend Cen Was busy and he couldn't reset in time so I just played a few games to show the difference and I was able to get Top1 again. Meantime Their Friend Rohan even tries to give free psr by feeding on some games against rob. This rob guy is such a low person that he leaves games immediately after! Balance if he doesn't get some good people because everyone knows this psr system is not the most accurate thing. But The main problem of this server is giving authority to People Like Canee and Jimmy so that they can do whatever they want.  Well, whatever the case it is so funny that people dodge me because of my skills and only plan when I get some noobs in my team but still lose is such a funny sight to see and I enjoy seeing it. I can always get top1 here just because all the good players went to dota 2 or retired not because I am the best Here but ''currently'' best. I played in Some big Names even played Against First Na'vi( Even though my Friend @No_LiFeR_xD  says I never played Tournaments ) but still, I know I am not the best. Funny thing I am normally a pos 5 player but playing mid here every game because no one knows anything about the last hitting with spells and hit walking with lane freeze.

Also funniest Quote of 2021 By Rob_real: '' Can we Reset on First January please nothing major gonna change on the ladder'' Clap Clap

So I would personally request the team to be more considerate of these kind of People like Canee and Jimmy So that they won't use their power for personal abuse. Also to everyone cry all you want but I have the skill to get Top1 you like it or not.

Offtopic / Re: Who will win the ladder?
« on: February 08, 2022, 15:12 »
At this point it is all about if i want to play or not lol

Offtopic / Re: Guiness World Record
« on: January 30, 2022, 16:59 »
This is nice.

Offtopic / Re: Why is deynro a noob?
« on: January 20, 2022, 13:22 »
The original Deynro Romanian one isn't a noob. In fact he is one of the most skilled here that is actively playing( cannot compare with old good players of course). His problem is only that he lacks game reading and knowledge but he is improving

Unban Requests / unban
« on: December 06, 2021, 22:41 »

Fatal error

We play in Lan and my friend gets fatal error from computer in min 2;sa=game;gid=6431926

Ban Requests / Ban Request
« on: December 02, 2021, 21:51 »

Purehatred a.k.a thror

Family Related Flame

01:00   PUREHATRED   [Allies]   diger orospu cocuguda
42:20   PUREHATRED   [Allies]   orospu nun
42:24   PUREHATRED   [All]   orospunun evladı
42:29   PUREHATRED   [All]   siktigimin cocughu
42:43   PUREHATRED   [All]   seninde ayrı götunu sikiyim
42:45   PUREHATRED   [All]   amk cocukları
43:07   PUREHATRED   [All]   sende göt yalamayı biliyon
43:08   PUREHATRED   [All]   bi
43:25   PUREHATRED   [All]   su orospu cocuguna captain veriyosun
43:31   PUREHATRED   [All]   siktigimin yavsagı
43:40   PUREHATRED   [All]   bak sunuda
43:42   PUREHATRED   [All]   at
43:45   PUREHATRED   [All]   senin ben o ananın amını
43:46   PUREHATRED   [All]   Sikiyim
43:48   PUREHATRED   [All]   Orospu cocugu
43:49   PUREHATRED   [All]   Oldumu
43:50   PUREHATRED   [All]   bunuda ekle
44:09   PUREHATRED   [All]   o fakir
44:04   PUREHATRED   [All]   ananın amına sokarımda
44:10   PUREHATRED   [All]   babanı
44:12   PUREHATRED   [All]   sikerimde
44:51   PUREHATRED   [All]   ananın amını
44:52   PUREHATRED   [All]   Sikiyim
44:32   PUREHATRED   [All]   senin ben vatanını sikiyim
44:33   PUREHATRED   [All]   orospu cocugu
44:53   PUREHATRED   [All]   al bunu ver

Do i have to explain? i don't know. Not only he doesn't know dota he also does family related flame everytime he plays dota. Both of his accounts have family related flame bans all over it.;sa=game;gid=6430789

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