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Title: Unban request
Post by: MaciM on June 19, 2022, 21:46
Unban for olennaturell

I was banned for no reaon, cuz of report of a gameruiner, if u think that i have to be banned just go whatch replay and see who has to be banned.
Sven or reporter let me solo vs trax and veno they take my tower on min 6.And i move bot lane cuz sven was in wood and doesnt come to help lane.;sa=game;gid=6468476

Pls whatch the agme and i think sven has to be roported not me.
and how u ban players just if some1 report and u doesnt whattch replay
Title: Re: Unban request
Post by: Caneee on June 19, 2022, 22:59