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Ban Requests / family flame + color prejudice
« on: July 03, 2024, 23:33 »;sa=game;gid=6538560

Player nrgdvl

nrgdvl   [All]   fucking ur mother iis ez
27:08   nrgdvl   [All]   piece of brasilian prostitute

nrgdvl   [All]   search better stupid braslian monkey

Ban Requests / ban robertocarlos61
« on: March 23, 2024, 21:55 »

Context: hard AR game. I was Magina. Not my choice. Could not farm bot. I tried woods. But they had bara and nerub. So fast and invisible hunting me. No problem, we were holding. I managend some itens.

Then i died. they kicked me out saying i was afk. Come on! The other team quickly kicked because we were outkilling them and turning the game. This is the most unfair time i have been kicked.

I hope some justice is made here.


General Discussions / KSV admin
« on: February 13, 2024, 17:14 »
KSV is disrupting this server.

1) when lobby is full he kicks someone to enter the room.

2) he stays afk and game starts. he doenst play, and, of course, doesnt get banned after being dropped, because he is admin.

this guy is toxic and is runing server.

Ban Requests / Ban Kitacifer, ^Venom^, etc
« on: November 05, 2023, 23:25 »;sa=game;gid=6522452

Regular game. ^Venom^ wanted me to pick what he wanted, so he got mad at me. Because he stacks and plays to win.

There was a time in game ^Venom^ and Kitacifer were 2-7 each, har feeding. I was 2-3 and they were mad at me because they wanted to blame someone.

Kitacifer and ^Venom^ started 3 votekicks. Last one everyone kicke me.

Please ban:


Player: EndlessInfinity

Players that kicked too:
Hate for nationality, family flame and kicked me without reason.
Besides family flame and nationality flame in whisper.

5:54   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   your brasilian life

30:12   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   i hope this gondar
30:15   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   dies in real life

34:50   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   son of whore
34:51   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   gond

37:21   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   this son of
37:22      [All]   [animale]PlRlRelS killed Tzk6
37:25   EndlessInfinity   [Allies]   brasilian whore

Ban Requests / Xenophobia and prejudice
« on: May 21, 2023, 23:33 »
Thejokerboy denied my claim below. On what grounds?

JODA is very toxic player, insults everyone in all games about RELIGION and NATIONALITY. This is not the first time he insults ppl.

"           - Excessive profanity may lead to a server wide mute or a ban, especially in regard to family, religion and nationality. Definition of excessive: using it multiple times/constantly through the game, going on a tirade against a player, using particularly distasteful/sick wording and similar.";sa=game;gid=6511584

Player .joda.

JODA.   [Allies]   yea br here again to fged
03:08   .JODA.   [Allies]   retarded gipcy
03:10   animale   [Allies]   wow bro
03:17   animale   [Allies]   is this prejudice?
03:18   animale   [Allies]   !f
03:20   .JODA.   [Allies]   y
03:23   .JODA.   [Allies]   gi ce
03:25   el^Profesor   [Allies]   someone go mid
03:26   .JODA.   [Allies]   cry

animale   [Allies]   you should respect ppl bro
03:51   ComeToMe_retard   [Allies]   KKKK THIS JODA IS COMEDY
03:56   .JODA.   [Allies]   not ppl like u
03:58   .JODA.   [Allies]   inm game
04:00   el^Profesor   [Allies]   GO MID SOMEONE
04:01   el^Profesor   [Allies]   WTF
04:04   .JODA.   [Allies]   ur game ruiner
04:06   .JODA.   [Allies]   s
04:12   .JODA.   [Allies]   so go fuk ur self gipcy tard

Ban Requests / Xenophobia and prejudice
« on: May 21, 2023, 19:01 »;sa=game;gid=6511584

Player .joda.

JODA.   [Allies]   yea br here again to fged
03:08   .JODA.   [Allies]   retarded gipcy
03:10   animale   [Allies]   wow bro
03:17   animale   [Allies]   is this prejudice?
03:18   animale   [Allies]   !f
03:20   .JODA.   [Allies]   y
03:23   .JODA.   [Allies]   gi ce
03:25   el^Profesor   [Allies]   someone go mid
03:26   .JODA.   [Allies]   cry

animale   [Allies]   you should respect ppl bro
03:51   ComeToMe_retard   [Allies]   KKKK THIS JODA IS COMEDY
03:56   .JODA.   [Allies]   not ppl like u
03:58   .JODA.   [Allies]   inm game
04:00   el^Profesor   [Allies]   GO MID SOMEONE
04:01   el^Profesor   [Allies]   WTF
04:04   .JODA.   [Allies]   ur game ruiner
04:06   .JODA.   [Allies]   s
04:12   .JODA.   [Allies]   so go fuk ur self gipcy tard

MH Ban Requests / MH player
« on: April 23, 2023, 22:12 »

Player: jaaaekiro

Everytime he would go directly to us without wards and kill us.
When game was about to start he asked for "1 min WC". Time to config his MH.

Watch the game. Ban this guy please.

DotA Discussion / Re: beta 7.04b0
« on: March 25, 2023, 21:43 »
Dota 1 is dead, unfortunatelly. You guys managed to kill it. Keeping v6 (so unbalanced) and v7 maps at the same time was the coup de grâce.
It is impossible to play a decent game, with waiting time of hours for a single unbalanced game. I started playing in 2005. After a break I've been playing since 2017. But today was my last try. You managed it. Congrats...

Ban Requests / Ban player ilic_sasa_22
« on: December 03, 2022, 17:36 »

Player: ilic_sasa_22

VK abuse. Tried to kick me THIRTEEN (13) times. Lowering team morale.

Ban Requests / Ban player xiao_Q
« on: November 26, 2022, 19:41 »;sa=game;gid=6491959

Family flame

29:43   xiao_Q   [All]   he gank my team not me
29:46   besttechiesever   [All]   you are idiot too
29:52   xiao_Q   [All]   and ur mother bitch 2
29:53   xiao_Q   [All]   and i ban u

Ban Requests / Ban player sero
« on: November 15, 2022, 19:43 »
Family-related flame.;sa=game;gid=6490546

Player: Sero

sero   [Allies]   fuck you bitch ass mom

sero   [Allies]   fuck you and you dad

Ban Requests / Ban player crno-belac
« on: November 06, 2022, 14:59 »

Nationality xenophobic.
Check attachment

Player: crno-belac

Ban Requests / ban ASD22
« on: July 03, 2022, 16:10 »;sa=game;gid=6470539

Player ASD22

Family flame on whisper. check screenshot.

Ban Requests / Ban Turbolover
« on: June 05, 2022, 17:44 »;sa=game;gid=6466296

Guy was toxic since lobby. But started family flame.

18:45      [All]   Global chat unmuted.
18:47   TurboLover   [Allies]   !f
18:49   TurboLover   [All]   WELL DONE
18:53   TurboLover   [All]   NO WORDS
18:55   tbone   [All]   stop feeding pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:01   TurboLover   [All]   TELL YOUR MOTHER
19:03   TurboLover   [All]   TO BE RDY
19:15   TurboLover   [All]   IN HER ASS
19:40   tbone   [All]   go check forum for family flame
19:42   TurboLover   [All]   IN HER FAT ASSS

There is also flame in whisper.

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