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Ban Requests / Re: Ban reports
« on: January 10, 2023, 19:36 »

Ingame Rules

      a) Common flames[Not Bannable].
          - Retard, idiot, b*tch, motherf*cker and similar expressions are considered as common flames.
          - Excessive usage of common flames in one game may lead to a ban.
      c) Family related flame
          - Any insults or curses directed towards family members of a player are considered as family related flame.
      d) Provoking (only in extreme cases)
      e) National Intolerance/Racism
          - Insulting or cursing a nation as a whole is considered as national intolerance/racism.
          - However, referring to a person by its nationality, e.g. "f*cking serbian/turk/etc" still counts as Common Flame.
      f) Religious Intolerance/Extremism
         - Insulting a person's religion is considered as religious intolerance.
         - Trying to propagandize one's religion in a radical way may be considered as extremism.
      Note: This also applies to insults via whisper.
      Note: Insulting a staff member (check with !info) in any way may lead to a ban.
      Note: You are advised to use the !ignore command against flamer whenever possible.
      Note: Reporting flame that is not directed to Yourself is not allowed, only the person directly involved can request a Ban.

30:35   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   Bnet should BAN this kebabs
30:39   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   LEARN dota
30:43   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   loosers in dota
30:45   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   WORST
30:48   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   kebabas in dota
30:52   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   play BBQ
30:55   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   make donner
30:57   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   DONT PLAY DOTA
31:00   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   LOW
31:09   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   worst ppl in dota comes from TR
31:14   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   gameruiners
31:16   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   go to bakery
31:18   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   roll burek
31:22   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   looses
31:26   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   make food
31:30   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   report me
31:35   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   tell them
31:40   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   u are the worst nation in dota
31:45   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   offensive?
31:52   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   then LEARN
32:25   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   !ignore bled
32:29   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   learn dota
32:32   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   look DK
32:34   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   he is TR also
32:37   Hi][MAN   [Allies]   are u blnd ?

hi][man !Banned 7 days + 3 warn points due to National intolerance/Racism 3rd time.

Ban Requests / Re: Ban request
« on: January 10, 2023, 17:04 »
Minute 37:30
scourge team made a minimap signal on axe. this was a call from a team because they were preparing a team push. Although axe knows that sentinel players were farmed well , he went to top lane to push alone. he got killed by sentinel heros. The cost were heavy. Scourge team lost team push attack. Axe took a buyback and got killed at mid lane alone once again. That encourged sentinel players to make counter attack. They started to attack from mid and bottom lane. they destroyed almost all of the scourge base and finalize the game.

Please do not miss important pushes and defences. They may change the destiny of the game.

38:54   yojimbook   [Allies]   ı watıng
39:12   yojimbook   [Allies]   ı love ban

yojimbook !Banned 5 days +2 warn points due to Game Ruining(Refusing to play/Avoiding team pushes)

Ban Requests / Re: Ban request
« on: January 10, 2023, 13:38 »

Ingame Rules

7. Player must not ruin the game by:

      a) Intentional Feeding
      b) Sabotaging Teammates
          - Exposing positions of allied heroes, wards etc to the opponents.
          - Using skills like "Toss", "Fissure", "Sprout", "Decrepify", "Astral Imprisonment", "Recall", "Nether Swap", "Cold Embrace" etc to kill, obstruct or hurt your allies in any other way on purpose.
      c) Mass-selling, hiding, destroying own items.
      d) Exposing own or ally's items (couriers, wards, gems etc) to the enemy on purpose.
      e) Refusing to play
          - Avoiding team fights, pushes, defending and similar in order to make own team lose on purpose will be considered as refusing to play.
      f) Refusing to Votekick a player who is ruining the game (intentional mass feeding/sabotaging team mates or the game, see also point 8 for valid votekick scenarios) may lead to a ban.

Spoiler for Hiden:
06:29   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   pudhe
06:30   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   i comming)
06:33   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   be rdy
06:44   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   stay under tower
06:51      [All]   [DodolanLife]NEDJA.picka killed 3KL3R-
06:52   3KL3R-   [Allies]   wgere
06:59   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   RETARD
07:32   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   REATARD
07:59   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   -csa
08:56   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   stfu
09:45   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   6 ůlvl pudge
09:57      [All]   [DodolanLife]NEDJA.picka killed 3KL3R-
09:59   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   RETARD
10:02   3KL3R-   [Allies]   !ignore straka
10:07   3KL3R-   [Allies]   u fking taking my exp
10:09   3KL3R-   [Allies]   fking trash
10:36   Strakata.prdel   [Allies]   FUCMK YOUJ NOOB

Cooperate with your teammates for only 40 minutes. You will have much more fun.

Minute 22:50
tiny was farming at bottom side of sentinel jungle. Geomancer started to attack to kunka. This combat happened just next to tiny. He ignored it. I think kunka would be dead if tiny helped to geomancer but tiny prefered to kill natural creeps not to kill an enemy hero. He could earn more money if he would help his teammate, plus his friend wouldnt lose money. He refused to play.

The votekick was justified due to Refusing to play and afk farming all game. We cant allow every average player AFK farming 30 min thinking he is going to save the game afterwards. Dota is a team game.


Ban Requests / Re: Ban Req
« on: January 09, 2023, 23:49 »
cokiyioldu !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.

Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: January 09, 2023, 23:42 »
fenomeno- !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Family related flame.

Unban Requests / Re: unbanrequest
« on: January 08, 2023, 20:52 »

Ban Requests / Re: Ban Request
« on: January 07, 2023, 12:32 »
radu2019 !Locked 2 Days Due to Mass Leaving/Ban Evading.

Ban Requests / Re: Ban avoid
« on: January 05, 2023, 16:41 »
He is not banned anymore.


Unban Requests / Re: Unban.
« on: January 05, 2023, 16:39 »
@MAZGA  I believe you are sorry. Please calm down while you are playing. it is just a game.


Unban Requests / Re: unban req
« on: January 05, 2023, 16:03 »

Unban Requests / Re: unban pls
« on: January 04, 2023, 08:16 »

Ban Requests / Re: Ban avoid
« on: January 04, 2023, 00:05 »
Mazga, xtc

Account Mazga banned here,202592.0.html
10 minutes after goes on account idemile1 which abuses lagabuse rules.;sa=game;gid=6496196
Please, can you explain it in details. which rules he has broken.

Ban Requests / Re: Ban request
« on: January 03, 2023, 23:02 »
necum_na_me !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Leaver.

Ban Requests / Re: game ruining
« on: January 03, 2023, 22:56 »
Playing magina is really hard. This hero requires too much farm. Your magina couldn't farm well. in addition bloodseeker focused on him. He tried his best.

44:17   Kjooali   [Allies]   antı
44:19   Kjooali   [Allies]   pls manta
44:24   Kjooali   [Allies]   basher
44:27   Kjooali   [Allies]   noob play
44:29   norbit..   [Allies]   dont have money
44:29   CombatMastery   [Allies]   anti need
44:33   CombatMastery   [Allies]   fuck himself
44:35   norbit..   [Allies]   and nerves

He had too much pressure on him. He failed but anyways tried to keep up with you guys.


Ban Requests / Re: ban player
« on: January 03, 2023, 22:20 »
ddos !Banned 8 days + 4 warn points due to Game Ruining(Refusing to play/destroying own items).

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