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Offtopic / Re: Happy new year!
« on: December 25, 2022, 06:36 »
no banner = no new year

« on: March 11, 2022, 02:15 »
Hard to decide, but my vote goes for the train.

Complaints Board / Re: For Ksv or caneee
« on: February 15, 2022, 17:29 »
Your explanations are quite valid, but you are missing a point. Your job is not to value a player by his item build or general skill level.
kamurat is a stereotypical lagabuse player who goes lothar each game, so yeah he will probably have wrong items  in 99% of the games he plays, but you can't ban him for being this kind of player.

Put yourself in same place these players like game started 4v5 not 5v5
06:00   kamurat   [Allies]   comıng down
18:05   kamurat   [Allies]   dust ready
34:36      [All]   [lostmyseIf]kamurat killed lostmyseIf
34:41      [All]   [lostmyseIf]Boss_es killed mighty-str1ke
34:49      [All]   [lostmyseIf]AladeenMF killed Boss_es
34:51      [All]   [lostmyseIf]didilimon killed Light674
34:58      [All]   [lostmyseIf]kamuratkilled wepla
35:01      [All]   [lostmyseIf]KushLilac killed didilimon
this obviously shows he joined fights in early-mid phases of the game, being SB with lothar and playing against these heroes that's pretty much as far as he can go, in later stages of the game he would just be wiped out in any team fight. I already said its true he refused to defend ancient in the end, but at that point it didn't matter if he was there or not, the only chance they had of winning that game was if 3 opposing players dropped out of it.

he made team lose on purpose,  on purpose chases clinkz or walk the map with lothar like 1v1 not 5v5
The DS game was a disaster, they were dying to lion and kka since start, PA was blaming seer for "not placing ward" as he was trying to farm. The fact is this game was over in first 15 minutes. Once again its true he refused to play in the end, but once again, it didn't matter at all for the end outcome.
I'd also like to note that PA is stereotypical MK player who picks some agi shit, then blames team after failing miserably and feeding. He was also the one who reported, this probably out of rage.

Now what we can probably agree on, is that kamurat is a very bad player, the kind you definitely not want in your team, but you can't ban someone for being this kind of bad because you'd be banning 90% of the LA population.

I suggest warning him, maybe even some minor ban if it helps losing his shit attitude (it won't help trust me on this, but you can try) but overall there is no major rule-breaking here, and definitely not 20 days worth of it.

Complaints Board / Re: For Ksv or caneee
« on: February 15, 2022, 02:42 »
I will stand for kamurat in this case because I believe this ban was unjust.
I don't keep nor have any personal grudges whatever the case is, and idk him, just watch 2 replays, then say in your mind in offtopic.

You need to understand these players a bit better, also you need to understand the game a bit better, I will elaborate.

1. SB game - Yes he refused to defend in the end, game ended 30 seconds later and do you really think "lothar/radi sb" would make any impact in this defence? The game was already finished and any chance they had of winning this was if all 5 oposing players dropped.

2. DS game - Pretty much same story, they were outfarmed, outkilled (score was 55-15) and they had no chance winning this game.

Now you banned him for 20 days and now lets check some facts.
1) He had no previous ban/warn points in over 200 games.
2) He didn't impact outcome on either of the games, since the games were decided.
3) His item build as you wrote "he did dependent on items to be unsuccessful" and if you check his other games this is "his item build". Now he is an obvious noob who goes lothar every game and it was the case in both of these games as well. You don't ban people for being noobs here as I recall.
4)  He obviously didn't want to die any further in lost games because he obviously cares about K/D ratio - and this is proven by his screenshot of anouther player K/D ratio.


1) 20 days ban is completely inappropriate even if he actually ruined in BOTH games it would be and I'll quote these little rules I reworked ages ago - "5-14 days ban and 3-7 warns". Yeah I am completely aware that you don't need to stay in this period because moderator can vary from table of sanctions but adding an extra week here would not be a good decision in any scenario.
2) It's inappropriate for moderator to tell a player "go to learn how to play" in his complaint request, this is not very professional and it makes you look like you gave a rage ban - I don't know if this is case here or not, but let's trust you its not.
3) It is OK to make mistakes, but do not delete my posts, I am not being impolite or aggressive in anyway towards you, lets not take it that way. I was b&u admin probably longer than your whole team combined is b&u mod or whatever, also I spent quite some time fighting for the other side.

There are actually 2 main problems and you failed to address both of them.

1. Changing the name of the bot which caused mass confusion to a certain efko.
2. Banner not being changed for a while already.

Offtopic / Re: Welcome to the new banner!
« on: February 02, 2022, 03:25 »
You should start working on a new banner mr.Renovatio

Offtopic / Re: Guiness World Record
« on: February 02, 2022, 03:22 »
I don't appreciate very much the Guinness book of records because they take all the shit around and everything can be placed as a record of a kind.


Congrats buddy, its quite a workout - and I am saying this as a man of workout. Was there a previous record that you beat in this category or did you invent a new one?

Offtopic / Welcome to the new banner!
« on: January 27, 2022, 01:19 »
I didn't visit here for a long time, so its easy to notice you still use an old banner.

This needs to change, because having a brand new banner is very important.

I understand it might bring confusion to some people so that's why I decided to let everybody vote. Also you can vote 2 times because I feel generous, but choose wisely.

Offtopic / Re: Quality movies/series
« on: July 15, 2021, 02:48 »
I'll just put some that are not mainstream, if you like description you'd probably like the movie.

Museum Visitor

Ugly Swans

Soylent Green (Fun thing about this one is that action takes place in 2022)

Logan's Run

I Saw the devil (Or any other starring Choi Min-sik, I didn't watch a bad one with him so far)

I don't see the point of this topic.

There is like 1 guy who can change this, so why not just private message him, and coming with "proofs" public just makes you look like some angry kid who seek attention, almost 2 years after he contributed something.

I am not saying you shouldn't get some credit about it nor I care, I am saying the way and time you are asking for it rather pathetic.

Anyway if any of you actually do get some contributions I demand that Efko and Renovatio get some for working on a banner.

Offtopic / Re: You can run from everything
« on: July 15, 2021, 00:03 »
a deer train?

General Discussions / Re: auto host
« on: July 15, 2021, 00:02 »
I dislike the idea of autohosting, as I spent a lot of time with @AGENT playing castle fight on autohosted bot - its very bad for so many reasons and it ruined some games because we were unable to kick some random Peruvian - Argentinan or whatever player which comes with 1500ms latency prior game start.

Lets just say that most of the times, for any random reasons(latency/stats/country/he just left from another game as ilidan123 and joined as ilidan124/he is marask/or whichever other) you want to kick certain group of players from a game, or at least not want them in your team, and in autohost you can't do this.

There are ofcourse various other reasons why games shouldn't be autohosted, but I'll let someone else figure it out for now. Anyway if you can't bother on lobbying for 10 minutes, why bother playing for 30-40 more?

General Discussions / Re: Suggestion for Stacking
« on: June 01, 2021, 14:07 »
I agree with salih

General Discussions / Re: Suggestion for Stacking
« on: May 24, 2021, 00:12 »
Did he finally make it? After years of complaining teritory23 has won his fight?

I don't have time to read through whole thing and announcements - someone just let me know if he won or not?

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