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Title: Xcens
Post by: XCens on August 10, 2015, 17:02
  Name, age, country, occupation
adel 18 macedonia worker Dj

 - Link to your deviantart profile or few of your own works(if you have it- photos ,forum signatures ,
i Have link from my profile any my own works my own work is warcraft 3 and dota i have working on world map creation everymaps for warcraft 3 i fixes, bug in some troubles

 - Why do you want to become a GFX mod? (your motivations are very important to us)
I have to becoume serios moderator to help our forum and any people that's very imortant to me

 - Why should we recruit you?
Because i love to be a gfx moderator,and this server is very good.Thanks

 - Anything else you would like to mention
nothing about last question good luck :)
Title: Re: Xcens
Post by: Lagi on August 14, 2015, 04:57
GFX recruitment is closed atm bro :)