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Ban Requests / Game Ruin/Refusing 2 Play
« on: February 16, 2021, 15:53 »
1. cadiavci
2. Refusing to Play /Participate in Team Efforts
3. During several pushes Randomly going in Woods/Off-Lanes to Push(?) , refusing to communicate(probably doesnt understand English) , most severe during our Last push ( 5 mins before end ) randomly attacking creeps in Off Lane while we are attempting to break Raxx. Etc
@ksv  Was in game, easyer to know than to get Moderators check the entire game.

Complaints Board / Complain about Report
« on: February 11, 2021, 01:58 »
This topic was closed due consideration :,199031.0.html
In this i was reported for national intolerance and family related flame but it doesnt seem like a proper request, translation was awfull , ironicaly i called this player an uneducated gipsy , then he continued to mess up translation , proving that he is uneducated. (?)

This is the personal message sent by Me to The player who Reported me, it has higher quality of flaming , and i will try to provide a better translation.
Ne umes ni da prevedes sa Srpskog na Engleski a cudis se sto te zovem neobrazovanim ciganinom, ustvari cigansturom.
Jadna ta jadnica koja te je rodila takvog, i jadan ti taj tvoj zivot mucenicki i bedni, nadam se samo da ces umreti mlad , da ne moras da se mucis ko ti ostali cigani sto zive u toj "drzavi".
I ne bi ti jebao majku cisto da znas , imam malo vise standarde, ne bih prljao kurac.
~ You are unable to translate from Serbian to English, and u wonder why i called you an uneducated gipsy, a pike actually.
I pitty the woman who gave birth to you, and feel sorry for your miserable life , i only hope that you will die young ,so that you dont have to suffer living in that
And i wouldnt fuck your mother,i wanted you to know that, since i have higher standards, i wouldnt stain my dick with her ~

` @Deathstrokee , this is how you should translate it you uneducated Makedonian son of a whore.
I did insult this filthy pig, and i insulted him well, i just wanted to make sure its said nicely and properly, and in proper format.
` @ksv i accept the penalty for breaking the rules , but this complaint had to be made properly.

Ban Requests / Request
« on: February 11, 2021, 01:37 »
1. sonyc_
2. Family Flame
3. He complained about not getting healed,i called him a motherfucker , then he continued to insult my family.
31:18   Jimmy   [Allies]   2000hp
31:29   Sonyc_   [Allies]   now u talk
31:31   Sonyc_   [Allies]   but u cant heal
31:42   Jimmy   [Allies]   u motherfucker
31:53   Sonyc_   [Allies]   your mum is the one i fuck
31:56   Sonyc_   [Allies]   so yes..i am one

Ban Requests / Rude Makedonian
« on: February 09, 2021, 17:30 »
1 . deathstroke.7
2 . Family Flame/National Intolerance
42:08   Deathstroke.7   [All]   jebem ti mamu kurvu
42:27   Deathstroke.7   [All]   Nabijem ti celu cetnicku porodicu na kurac
42:44   Deathstroke.7   [All]   Cetnicka picko
43:22   Deathstroke.7   [All]   posebno majku tvoju

Ban Requests / Another Leaver
« on: February 02, 2021, 16:53 »
2. bracaliii.
3. Died once, checked SD of people , and left , he was previously sanctioned for this kind of behaviour.
4. Leaving

Ban Requests / Another Leaver
« on: January 25, 2021, 15:06 »
18:06      [All]   nagarmo has left the game voluntarily, nagarmo was autobanned.
18:06      [All]   Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

Game :;sa=game;gid=6357620

Another PSR lose for 4 people due leaver.
IP check request

Ban Requests / Leaver
« on: January 16, 2021, 14:53 »
1. norm40
3. Took middle, made 1-4 score, then left the game, we had no chance of winning due this.
4. IP Check due Leaving like this, and PSR Return if possible, if not fuck it.

Ban Requests / Game Ruin/Leaving
« on: January 14, 2021, 12:38 »
1. goblinsquad
2. Game Ruin
3. Been AFK , then Sold all of his items, bought 100 branches and left.
Valid candidate for IP check of similar activity.
5. Happy hollydays

Ban Requests / AFK/Votekick abuse
« on: December 25, 2020, 14:34 »
/Votekick abuse [warn]
01:42   rL-Valter   [Allies]   !votekick jim
01:42      [All]   [rL-Valter] voted to kick [Jimmy] [1/6]
01:42      [All]   RULE: !votekick command may only be used against game ruiners (intentional feed, obstructing gameplay..). Vote accordingly.

/AFK [ban]
/Screenshot >

Game :;sa=game;gid=6348375

Complaints Board / Complains about IP Lock
« on: July 09, 2020, 14:46 »

✦ IP Sanctions are applied to Ban Evading,Mass Game Ruin, Extreme Flame[National,Family,Religion].
✦ IP Sanctions are applied by Eurobattle Staff,  LA Administrators and B&U Admin.

After following the Redirection Link
You will get to the following window
This contains full information about your potential IP Lock , with addition of LA Forum link to where your sanction was noted.

For potential Complaint Requests you should have following elements included :
✩ Link of your Sanction [ Link is provided by Warden ].
✩ Mention @Jimmy or @ksv  , depending on who issued the Lock [ Provided in Warden ].

Notes :
✦ IP Sanction is applied to Severe Rule Breakers , and reasons to get Unbanned will not apply when it comes to Unlock.
✦ IP Sanctions issued by Eurobattle Administrators should have the same template,using the mention tag @cen  or @AncientPriest  in your Request [ only if the Ban is issued by them ], otherwise do not use this Tag.

Not following Notes and Instructions will lead to Your Request getting denied and locked, and possible Forum sanctions.

Unban Requests / MOVED: Unban
« on: June 16, 2020, 20:29 »

General Discussions / Changing Votekick system Official Pool
« on: June 16, 2020, 02:56 »
Allright, as promised , coming back with confirmation.
Votekick system is available for change.
But in order to do so, official pool is a must :

1) Keep the Current System [Allied and Enemy must vote !yes for Votekick]

2) Update the System [Only Allied need to vote !yes for Votekick]

✩ Pool will be opened for 7 Days.
✩ Results of the pool will be revealed after the above mentioned period is over,in order not to impact the final outcome.

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