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General Discussions / Re: 7.00 era!
« on: September 29, 2021, 14:06 »
Server should had go with v7 when they updated map but now it's late to stay with v7 only since there are lot of v6 players and they will stay against it again, server already lost many players during v6-7 pool, with having v7 only as ladder map will likely lost more players from server so it's better to keep both maps as there will be lot of drama on forum if you remove v6

6.90 doesn't even close to classic DotA since talent system made many changes on gameplay and made some games very harder to comeback and ending games earlier since some talents are way better than +20 stats which it doesn't suit for old school, i don't want to mention bugs such as tuskar one shot and visage's strong birds

So if you want to play true classic DotA then i suggest you to play 6.83d over 6.90

I want to add one more thing
v7 game duration and average last hits too much. Everyone farms in the area on their own side of the river and then fights(bec of creeps give low gold,wards free,
map difference is suitable for this) ,this is very boring.This way I can better explain the obvious difference between the two versions. You can check games too. Anyway v7 (boring) v6 (excited,bugged).
v7 game
v6 game

How that games are excited to destroying enemy team hardly over letting any chances to comeback? Atleast enemy team gave more efforts at v7 games since games took more time

Offtopic / Re: You cant run from yourself
« on: July 11, 2021, 13:55 »
at least 5 teams couldnt qualify to TI10 because of regional qualifiers and this dpc system

imagine having 30~ dpc points, not being able to attend 2nd dpc and you have 1st place at qualifiers

instead of complaining about stacking, Id complain about this

yeah, for sure its a reason to take a break at dota

I doubt some ppl even understand what you mean with this comment and will call you 'clowning' out there

Anyway i don't think stacking is biggest problem, stacking is muchly problem for who aims to being Top 5 at ladder but i didn't see much complains from top players who aims for high place in season, yet you can also reach Top 20 by actively playing and know the basics of the game

Some ppl might want to play decent game but its hard to play such games all time probably even in Dota 2, i will list some problems caused by map, server and users

1) Almost no improve despite playing lot for years
: There are many players which they almost didn't improve their gameplay despite playing atleast 4+ years

2) Picking same heroes: As i mentioned at 1., ppl keep to picking same hero pool and some ppl even pick only one hero with determination but yet they almost playing same quality after years

3) Making same item builds: Similar to 2., ppl making same items without thinking the sitation, for ex: Making linken despite there is almost no single targeted skill or enemy heroes which can be trouble

Also there are many APEM players who keeps to make lothar and linken almost all games which its not helping for team rather than reducing their death amount for stats

I don't think that builds are annoying but it kills teamplay because of selfish interests, also actually it can be easily to countered if ppl prefered to giving their gold sentry over death penalty and linken can be broken by such items as eul,medal etc. but i doubt anyone cares about that

4) Many people wants to one role 'Carry': The sense of good stat proves you are being 'Good' player, many players picking carry in AP/RD games and even they make carry items on such support heroes like Roof,Dazzle in AR/SD games

There are few players who plays support but in generally they regret to play support due teammates being rude or lack knowledge about being Carry, yet also some hosts are kicking them for being noob due having 4/7/17 stats, so this makes less likely to people picking other roles such as Support

5) Lack knowledge about roles: I know some players told team they played Support with making sy+loth on sf and venge but because of they put 2-3 wards on the game...

Being Support isn't just de/warding also by helping teammate to farm by letting lasthit and harrasing enemy heroes, gang other lanes, helping other lanes when they might be in danger, stacking nc and making useful items such as aura or active items which buffs or heal everyone, there are things also arguable but these are basic tips for playing Supportive

There are also other roles such Core, Tank,  Initiator, Jungler, Roamer etc. but i won't explain them since there are some players already playing these roles despite they aren't aware about it.

Also even if none buys ward at game, you can still give golds to wards despite being carry over giving death penalty which costs more gold and revive time so don't complain about team if you prefer to giving death penalty and insulting team over giving gold to wards (Especially note to a player)

6) Many Map Changes compare old IceFrog style: With talent system came, it became harder to comebacks at game for losing side since you can pick talents which much way useful over +2 level per stats for many heroes and became stonger and increasing difference between others, there wasn't much games ended in 15-20 mins on past till new system came, even in balanced +1700 psr games can be end up like 20-25 mins

I didn't write that to complain about new maps, but some players can't able to adapt new changes on map so that makes games harder to playing with some teammates, there were many players didn't want to play only 7.00 for map changed even much way compare other versions which it would be way harder to play with them if we had only 7.00

7) Low Communication: Many players can't talk or asking something without insulting or even flaming, i am asking you all who being toxic in games:

Does insulting or flaming on someone for being noob or didn't do things you wanted? Why you can't ask things firstly calm and being nice over such way? How it can be effective to insulting random ppl on internet which you will never likely to meet?

With that way you can't expect beginner players to become better at game and they won't even do things you wanted to ask, so stop being toxic and try to solve things being nice

8 ) Low Population at server: Because of the reasons in top i wrote, there are many people stop playing dota or in this server

So with having few players actively in playing server means, you will likely to see and play with some active users morely so you might likely friendly or enemy in terms with them

You can't make balance system properly with having low amount of players, game lobbies will take lot of time and if someone doesn't like a player or host it will take much way longer

Also i don't know if some ppl aware 6.9/7.0 lead some top players to leave server so some stackers with actively playing could able to being in Top 20 due there are less skilled players to compare them and some of them likely to lost interest for Top place in ladder

Anyway players should be also ask themselves for what they can do improve server over repeating same things i told in up or blaming and showing 'stacking' is the worse problem for server or there might be some players will likely too leave server not just for stacking

DotA Discussion / Re: AP Kunka
« on: August 28, 2020, 16:46 »
You could change Lens with Refresher since 2 Torrent Storm+ 6x Ship is good trade to comparing Cast Range and Spell Damage bonuses althought it will waste a lot of your mana

I would had go for carry build for this game since your carry players were lack about with their item builds and bkb could easily counter your build and Luna's ulti as well

DotA Discussion / Re: DotA Map Poll
« on: August 01, 2020, 12:54 »
Does staff can see whoever voted on the pool? Someone from same ip keeps create forum accounts to spam voting on 6.90 as it got 10 vote within 30 minute, i don't know anyone else did that but those whoever keep to creating many accounts for voting their favorite maps should be banned from creating account

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