Game: aa

Game Name: aa Game Type: Custom Game
Game State: PRIV Creator: ysneac
Date: 04-09-2022 13:03:22 Replay: Download replay
Lobby duration: 01:03 Game duration: 75:55
Map: Maps\Download\twrpgv0.61s_eng.w3x
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Lobby log
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00:03 Ysneac has joined the game.
00:03 Spoof check accepted for [Ysneac :].
00:03 Spoof check accepted for [Ysneac :].
00:41 mfreezetime has joined the game.
00:42 Spoof check accepted for [mfreezetime :].
00:42 Spoof check accepted for [mfreezetime :].
00:49 Ysneac yo
00:50 Ysneac .ping
00:50 mfreezetime: 57ms, Ysneac: 40ms
00:52 mfreezetime yo
00:58 Ysneac .start
00:58 10. . .
00:58 9. . .
00:59 8. . .
00:59 7. . .
01:00 6. . .
01:00 5. . .
01:01 4. . .
01:01 3. . .
01:02 2. . .
01:02 1. . .
Game log
Time From Message
00:00 [All] This game is being hosted by lagabuse bot, visit for the rules, ban/unban requests and more.
00:08 mfreezetime [Allies] -angle 30
00:08 mfreezetime [Allies] -load qdG64HWCSKUzP$qqceyn2Tw#$HAEMbRW$7WqQ1xobahpRhv%?
00:08 mfreezetime [Allies] -load %Lacw7j#2%o&UgmWNyPKZjLKu7p4y$9HOLMRy94q#ArcRxtM92wxPH53B0Q1bYKRORua1wsaUX4zweDzbKLDw9vYeYAYF&pZfFNsVLZSjbcCkdlp
00:08 mfreezetime [Allies] -refresh
00:18 Ysneac [Allies] -load PU8NNL%LHO5l7Yj&24Y67ghHeaBEwDfPg?@vf7MDwSRc4XwMBN$yaM018$fXO9v0ftm#d?He%wqQzdoO&0V2VGUe#9Z#?7Hjc4?643odcO%gXAC41Gz-
00:22 Ysneac [Allies] -load y
00:35 Ysneac [Allies] hmm
00:39 Ysneac [Allies] should i make a wish
00:50 Ysneac [Allies] and
00:54 mfreezetime [Allies] -recipe cosmic reaper
00:58 Ysneac [Allies] storm or cosmic reaper first?
01:09 mfreezetime [Allies] both gud
01:15 mfreezetime [Allies] go cosmic
01:16 Ysneac [Allies] i need essence of flame
01:17 mfreezetime [Allies] then storm
01:22 Ysneac [Allies] and shining fragment
01:27 mfreezetime [Allies] -recipe storm
01:36 Ysneac [Allies] k
01:55 Ysneac [Allies] oaky xd
05:29 mfreezetime [Allies] mb
05:40 mfreezetime [Allies] was a little far from ele
06:02 mfreezetime [Allies] if we get to 2nd wheel
06:09 mfreezetime [Allies] go to left side
06:12 Ysneac [Allies] is he charging every %10
06:19 mfreezetime [Allies] there will spawn 2 els
06:26 mfreezetime [Allies] kill em with T
06:28 Ysneac [Allies] okay
06:36 mfreezetime [Allies] go to their left side
06:40 mfreezetime [Allies] so u wont get hit
06:48 mfreezetime [Allies] like this
06:52 Ysneac [Allies] k
07:08 Ysneac [Allies] why did i die
07:09 Ysneac [Allies] lol
07:14 mfreezetime [Allies] charge
07:27 Ysneac [Allies] thought i dodged it
07:37 mfreezetime [Allies] see fire?
07:40 Ysneac [Allies] yep
09:00 Ysneac [Allies] its like a V
09:08 Ysneac [Allies] after he charge
09:10 mfreezetime [Allies] y
11:02 mfreezetime [Allies] Harang >> Release(T) | Cooldown: 19
12:16 Ysneac [Allies] that was cool
12:22 mfreezetime [Allies] y feels gud
12:31 Ysneac [Allies] soloing end game boss
12:53 mfreezetime [Allies] i mess up so much when im alone lol
13:20 mfreezetime [Allies] come
13:31 mfreezetime [Allies] Harang >> Harmony(R) | Ready!
13:45 Ysneac [Allies] i did but still died :D
14:04 mfreezetime [Allies] if u get hit by anything
14:18 mfreezetime [Allies] u get -75% resist reduction
14:23 mfreezetime [Allies] 100% on hard mode
14:32 mfreezetime [Allies] pb dies to anything after that
14:39 mfreezetime [Allies] also dont let ifrit hit u
14:47 mfreezetime [Allies] he will spawn 2 lava
14:54 mfreezetime [Allies] 3 after 50% hp
14:58 mfreezetime [Allies] they will heal him
15:26 Ysneac [Allies] hmm
15:43 Ysneac [Allies] pb is so squishy
17:28 mfreezetime [Allies] oops
18:36 Ysneac [Allies] actually ifrit looks easy
19:19 mfreezetime [Allies] ez
19:24 Ysneac [Allies] :D
19:34 mfreezetime [Allies] looks ez that is tho lol
19:44 mfreezetime [Allies] hard to keep track of everything
19:49 mfreezetime [Allies] takes time to master
19:58 mfreezetime [Allies] also pub ifrit is a mess
20:04 Ysneac [Allies] why
20:08 mfreezetime [Allies] ull likely die every time
20:13 mfreezetime [Allies] cuz they rush wheel
20:17 mfreezetime [Allies] no killing els
20:22 Ysneac [Allies] :)
20:32 mfreezetime [Allies] and some people kill els on wheel
20:39 mfreezetime [Allies] u get one shot one of a sudden
21:40 Ysneac [Allies] okay not so easy it seems :D
21:45 Ysneac [Allies] but in paper
22:10 Ysneac [Allies] feels like soloable if i can master it
22:28 mfreezetime [Allies] btw mb
22:34 mfreezetime [Allies] u cant solo without cosmic
22:42 mfreezetime [Allies] u can get regen with cosmic
23:08 Ysneac [Allies] btw i was thinking class change after you said things about pb :D
23:18 mfreezetime [Allies] pb op tho lol
23:23 mfreezetime [Allies] so much dmg
23:57 Ysneac [Allies] damage is really good actually
24:27 Ysneac [Allies] but hard to do damage in a clown fiesta fights like this
26:24 Ysneac [Allies] :(
26:33 mfreezetime [Allies] els stunned too late this time
26:54 Ysneac [Allies] -recipe west of divine winds
27:06 mfreezetime [Allies] dont even think about that one lol
27:10 mfreezetime [Allies] last build
27:12 Ysneac [Allies] :)
28:30 Ysneac [Allies] there is a lot of things to consider i kinda forget sometimes
28:40 Ysneac [Allies] like knockback
28:42 mfreezetime [Allies] y
28:49 mfreezetime [Allies] i said it at the start
28:54 mfreezetime [Allies] ull get used to it
29:03 Ysneac [Allies] is it normal to die that much
29:09 Ysneac [Allies] im dying before first wheel xd
29:23 mfreezetime [Allies] the ways u die can be helped a bit
29:37 mfreezetime [Allies] but i have no idea how to keep ur heal up
29:44 mfreezetime [Allies] crimson sucks
29:52 Ysneac [Allies] yeah thats another problem
30:25 Ysneac [Allies] ...
31:08 mfreezetime [Allies] how did i get hit by meteor man
31:12 Ysneac [Allies] :)
31:58 Ysneac [Allies] ahhhh
31:59 Ysneac [Allies] how
33:04 Ysneac [Allies] that thing insta kills me
33:19 Ysneac [Allies] blast after meteor hits
36:44 mfreezetime [Allies] the one that hit u
36:53 mfreezetime [Allies] was double meteor sadly lol
36:58 Ysneac [Allies] :D
37:06 Ysneac [Allies] im dying + thing
37:10 Ysneac [Allies] after meteor hits
37:31 mfreezetime [Allies] u can just try to live
40:47 Ysneac [Allies] ahh
40:50 mfreezetime [Allies] headshot
41:01 Ysneac [Allies] he literally fucknig sniped me lol
41:16 Ysneac [Allies] well im getting used to it
41:27 Ysneac [Allies] ty for helping me out
41:30 mfreezetime [Allies] np
42:04 mfreezetime [Allies] i hate els
42:10 Ysneac [Allies] :)
42:16 mfreezetime [Allies] if u dont kill em u die
42:25 mfreezetime [Allies] if u kill em u also die
43:07 Ysneac [Allies] let me train
43:07 Ysneac [Allies] xd
43:10 mfreezetime [Allies] gogo
43:18 mfreezetime [Allies] els
43:54 Ysneac [Allies] no r
43:55 Ysneac [Allies] :(
44:05 mfreezetime [Allies] keep R for burn
44:08 Ysneac [Allies] okay
44:16 mfreezetime [Allies] and try not get hit by others
44:20 mfreezetime [Allies] then ur fine
45:21 mfreezetime [Allies] woa
45:25 Ysneac [Allies] hahah
45:47 Ysneac [Allies] i managed to find intersection
47:46 Ysneac [Allies] btw is df easier than ifrit
47:50 Ysneac [Allies] ?
47:56 mfreezetime [Allies] yes and no
48:24 Ysneac [Allies] acceptlable
49:30 Ysneac [Allies] wp
49:39 mfreezetime [Allies] ty
49:40 Ysneac [Allies] -recipe cosmic reaper
49:59 mfreezetime [Allies] df is hard cuz he has so many ways to kill u
50:10 mfreezetime [Allies] ez cuz u can leech
50:11 mfreezetime [Allies] lol
50:15 Ysneac [Allies] ahahaha
50:28 mfreezetime [Allies] no one is gonna say ur leeching
50:29 Ysneac [Allies] i was thinking to leech :D
50:33 mfreezetime [Allies] cuz dmg doesnt matter in df
50:39 Ysneac [Allies] great
50:52 mfreezetime [Allies] people hold back dmg so they kill all 3 bosses together
51:05 Ysneac [Allies] summons?
51:08 mfreezetime [Allies] y
52:09 mfreezetime [Allies] dafak is this wheel ...
52:37 mfreezetime [Allies] wheel baited me twice
52:40 Ysneac [Allies] :D
52:47 Ysneac [Allies] -recipe grandmaster icon
52:57 mfreezetime [Allies] -hard
53:04 Ysneac [Allies] -:(
53:21 mfreezetime [Allies] im dumb
54:12 mfreezetime [Allies] i learned ifrit they way ur learning
54:18 Ysneac [Allies] should i farm for grandmaster icon btw
54:39 mfreezetime [Allies] tiz gud specially if u wanna make an alt acc
54:49 mfreezetime [Allies] droprate boost for new chara
55:04 Ysneac [Allies] hmm
55:11 mfreezetime [Allies] u know how to give gm to new acc?
55:18 Ysneac [Allies] so many missing icons
55:23 Ysneac [Allies] no idea
55:30 Ysneac [Allies] i only know it is possible
55:35 Ysneac [Allies] but dont know how
55:41 mfreezetime [Allies] u write -asave gm
55:57 mfreezetime [Allies] a save file will creat
56:04 mfreezetime [Allies] its ur gm code
56:13 mfreezetime [Allies] use -aload
56:20 Ysneac [Allies] aahh
56:28 mfreezetime [Allies] then it will add to new acc save
56:32 Ysneac [Allies] thats why people using 'aload'
56:40 mfreezetime [Allies] it only need once
56:49 mfreezetime [Allies] then u save chara
57:53 mfreezetime [Allies] care when killing els
58:02 Ysneac [Allies] healing is problem for me
59:28 Ysneac [Allies] did he hit me?
59:35 Ysneac [Allies] i guess he did xd
61:43 Ysneac [Allies] -recipe storm
63:28 Ysneac [Allies] didnt see meteor on right
63:29 Ysneac [Allies] pff
63:35 Ysneac [Allies] -cam 250
63:37 Ysneac [Allies] -cam 300
63:46 Ysneac [Allies] -angle 25
63:49 Ysneac [Allies] -angle 28
63:52 Ysneac [Allies] -angle 27
67:11 mfreezetime [Allies] 1h for 5 kills
67:13 Ysneac [Allies] :D
67:17 Ysneac [Allies] not bad not bad
67:37 Ysneac [Allies] 20 run for %100 chance
67:43 Ysneac [Allies] 20 hours
67:45 Ysneac [Allies] 1 item
67:53 mfreezetime [Allies] i think with divine slayer i can skip sm 2nd wheel
69:31 Ysneac [Allies] baited
69:46 mfreezetime [Allies] i believe he was aiming me the whole wheel
69:50 Ysneac [Allies] lol
69:53 mfreezetime [Allies] meteor headshot
75:07 mfreezetime [Allies] ggs
75:08 Ysneac [Allies] wp man
75:21 Ysneac [Allies] ty for guiding
75:25 mfreezetime [Allies] yw
75:30 Ysneac [Allies] g2g
75:33 Ysneac [Allies] my gf came
75:38 mfreezetime [Allies] cya in ifrit runs then
75:41 Ysneac [Allies] cya later
75:42 Ysneac [Allies] sure
75:46 [All] Ysneac has left the game voluntarily.
75:50 [All] mfreezetime has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET) but is using GProxy++ and may reconnect.
75:50 mfreezetime [All] Please wait for me to reconnect (360 seconds remain).
75:55 mfreezetime [All] Please wait for me to reconnect (346 seconds remain).
75:55 mfreezetime [All] Please wait for me to reconnect (326 seconds remain).
75:55 [All] mfreezetime was disconnected (gameover timer finished).