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Unban Requests / unban req
« on: March 12, 2023, 22:45 »

banned 2 years ago

if possible ty

Suggestion Board / make lagabuse great again
« on: March 03, 2023, 23:41 »
make me admin : Thror

Unban Requests / unban
« on: February 23, 2023, 22:47 »
nick obsidianberk
idk what happened. Sudden fatal..
i will add game link when it finished

Unban Requests / Everyone lost connection
« on: February 08, 2023, 16:25 »
unban pls
i was playing 19 -3. It was a ez win suddenly w3 closed. Everyone got same fatal error on that game. I need unban and psr restore if possible. Because it was an error based on warcraft 3.;sa=game;gid=6500760

Ban Requests / Ban req + unban
« on: January 15, 2023, 18:03 »
Nick thror
player who broke the rule : who didnt type yes + omni + host

When the game started host directly typed muteall. Omni came mid and ruin the game on purpose. It is not about being noob. When we paused the game host didn't unmuteall and didn't type yes for the vote.  And that sub-human host didn't unmute all as there was an obvious problem in the game.

Please watch the replay its 2 mnt long and you will understand what i mean. So i'm requesting ban for players who didn't vote and omni. And i need an unban if possible.

Link :;sa=game;gid=6497805

Complaints Board / thror
« on: December 23, 2022, 17:01 »
as i said in the past, flame other people was wrong. i’m guilty and i appology. its a small comunity and i enjoy playing here. give me one more chance if possible

Complaints Board / why u locked this topic :*
« on: December 20, 2022, 15:30 »
 idk why this topic is locked. I asked a general discussion question with no insult..;topicseen#new

Am i wrong? Don't you apply diffirent rules to diffirent players?

When i got that much warnings you locked me twice and gave 15x warn for each request but he got 1 day ban + 1 warn?,202536.0.html

Or here, another strumice guy with no sanction?,202519.0.html

C'mon guys am i wrong ?  :/: :peace:

General Discussions / privileges
« on: December 06, 2022, 15:42 »
Hello i'm perma locked in this topic by ksv.,202508.0.html

Actually it was my last game here. I'm done with this server where is full of ruiner, stackers or playing for +1 psr kids, so i don't want any unban BUT you guys are talking about equality very often. A guy from MK who flamed everyone or prentent like an admin in every single game can play here freely. Actually i didn't broke any rule in last 2 or 3 months. But i saw that some players (who is mentally sick: Xiao_q) have some priviliges in this server. Thats why i stoped holding myself and tried something. At the result i'm permalocked again in my first action. So it is a fact that some sick kids like i mentioned above were right. He said me "you can't ban me i will perma ban you". I saw that he were right. He flamed and pretend like an admin 6 times in a week with multiple IDs and didn't get even 1 day lock. He did same action with 3 diffirent IDs at the same week and punished with bans not lock. There are many cases like this in this server.

I'm permalocked/unbanned so many times in this community. I'm not pure as the driven snow. But when i'm playing with a new ID: Obsidianberk im permalocked again as u sum my all warnings in my all ids. If it was applied to everyone i wouldn't write these but nvm.. As i said this is not an unban request or either i don't see it as a wrong decision. All i say is if you guys talk equity that much apply same rules to everyone not only pinned players. As an one of the oldest player in this community I enjoyed a lot and make good friends here. (hello my serbian crew xD).    The long and the short of it, if you don't want to kill this server (maybe dead already) change your actions. I'm switching to a new platform and it is my last post here. I'm wishing you hf with xiao_q and his strumice crew. Cya

Ban Requests / someone should stop this guy
« on: November 23, 2022, 01:12 »
nick obsidianberk
player who broke rule : living4what, xiao_q (same kid)
he attacks everyone for no reason. If u check his games he flame and attack every single player on the battle net for no reason and actually i feel sad for this desperate lost life. But this kid should have never join eurobattle ever again. I'm not a guy who offended from flame but this kid is another level and fulsome. Also he is not attacking only me. He flamed every one on the lobby. Please just check his a random game and u can understand me.

01:31   living4WHAT-   fuck ur tr mother bitch
01:35   OBSIDIANBERK   ok
01:35   living4WHAT-   and ur whole family die
01:36   OBSIDIANBERK   u
01:36   OBSIDIANBERK   are
01:37   living4WHAT-   till tomorrow
01:37   OBSIDIANBERK   banned
01:39   living4WHAT-   buy car crash
01:42   living4WHAT-   retarded TURK
01:51   living4WHAT-   who cares
01:53   living4WHAT-   ur mother is dead
01:54   living4WHAT-   and i spit
01:56   living4WHAT-   on her grave
05:09   living4WHAT-   u are zero for me
05:12   living4WHAT-   SF WITH
05:13   living4WHAT-   EUL
05:14   living4WHAT-   ?
05:17   living4WHAT-   EUL ON SF ?
05:17   bagelhunter37   so a person being bad player in dota how come it makes your life better or worse?
05:17   Magnifiquedieu   man pls dont put me in same team with this toxic
06:23   Magnifiquedieu   man you are really
06:25   Magnifiquedieu   sick
06:29   living4WHAT-   and ur mother
06:30   living4WHAT-   is rly
06:30   living4WHAT-   whore
12:01   living4WHAT-   this turkj
12:03   living4WHAT-   turk just talk
12:06   living4WHAT-   and his mother
12:06   living4WHAT-   is
12:08   living4WHAT-   dead probably
19:06   Rohan   enjoy your last game desperate kid
19:10   Rohan   ban req is ready19:23   
living4WHAT-   hahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahaha
19:25   living4WHAT-   man
19:27   living4WHAT-   TURK SHIT
19:29   living4WHAT-   if i want u
19:31   living4WHAT-   i ban u instant
19:48   living4WHAT-   1 more word and i ban u perma
20:31   living4WHAT-   u cant ban me
20:33   living4WHAT-   understand this
-in game-
00:16   Rohan   [All]   -mute 7
00:18   living4WHAT-   [All]   FUCK UR MOTHER BITCH TURK
33:06   living4WHAT-   [All]   low noob
33:07   living4WHAT-   [All]   TURK
29:40   living4WHAT-   [All]   PRO MEDUSA
29:46   living4WHAT-   [All]   how u get this score
29:46   living4WHAT-   [All]   IDIOT
29:48   living4WHAT-   [All]   piece of shit
29:49   living4WHAT-   [All]   medusa ?
29:52   living4WHAT-   [All]   who play ur acc ?
01:47   living4WHAT-   [Allies]   i rly make fun thats why i talk
01:55   living4WHAT-   [Allies]   from this retard turks
02:00   Magnifiquedieu   [Allies]   you affect team's gameplay like that
02:04   living4WHAT-   [Allies]   i am pro
02:09   living4WHAT-   [Allies]   thats for sure

these are the half of his flames and curses in 1 single game. Not only to me for everyone. just check his games pls he is a sick kid who attacks all.
@ksv @iErnesto94

Ban Requests / lock these instead of flamers
« on: November 13, 2022, 15:45 »
nick: obsidianberk
player who broke rule : storm (karatista), slark(the355), pudge (jeat)
Storm started feeded on mnt 3 because he couldn't farm solo on bot. He came mid died 3x time to slark and he sent his courrier under tower for free gold. Then he left on mnt 5. We tried to rmk but slark and pudge didnt typed it. After that slark started provoking like saying eat my dick etc. This storm deserve a good ban. I know unless he got a lock he will play with other ids and keep ruining games. Also this slark and pudge didn't type rmk on mnt 5.
10:11   The355   [All]   talk to my cock
10:52   The355   [Allies]   dont write
06:45   karatista   [All]   iii will ruiin thiis game, cuz of that shiiti doom
12:00   The355   [All]   Anas%u0131n%u0131 siktigimin evlad%u0131 (son of whore)

Game link :;sa=game;gid=6490229

Unban Requests / unban
« on: October 29, 2022, 18:19 »
link :;sa=game;gid=6488110
my team mate left the game on mnt 6 and i didnt want to play 40 mnt as 4
nick obsidianberk

Ban Requests / this kid deserve a ip lock for a while
« on: October 23, 2022, 15:46 »
Player who the broke rule : pof.silence who is end^less ^xy^ or as know    underdeveloped intelligence Hasan.
What he did :
He said i will ruin your game with his main ID then i kicked him. Later on he joined the game with his fake and start feed enemy and steal my farm. Even people can be ip locked by flame, wasting 9 people time on Sunday afteernoon is much worse. As you know i can't control myself sometimes and his purpose was made me ban. But i didn't flame him. But this weirdo deserve a lesson.

03:32   pof.silence   [Allies]   berk senın ıcın oc da dıolar doru mu (berk are u son of whore)
03:41   OBSIDIANBERK   [Allies]   -mute 3
07:35   pof.silence   [Allies]   ogün fazla kasma cunku oyunu sikmeye geldim berke sor o iyi bilir neden sikmeye geldigimi (magina don't try hard because im here to ruin this game)
15:31   pof.silence   [Allies]   !votekick m0s
29:31   pof.silence   [Allies]   fuck that game host gay and his friends bisex
eurobattle   Holy Knight   13    0   7

If you look on the game u can see the ruin, feed but if i have to specify exact moment you can check mnt 20-25.
He is ^xy^ and he joined the game just for ruin it. I think it deserve a punishment.
@ksv @iErnesto

Game link :;sa=game;gid=6487262

Ban Requests / ban req
« on: June 20, 2022, 17:25 »
nick purehatred
player who broke rule : catapat
he didnt help any single combat. You can check mnt 30,36 and many others for an basic exemple. He is noob but he didnt attend these combats on purpose
Link :;sa=game;gid=6468595

Unban Requests / complain about the system
« on: May 27, 2022, 17:51 »
Firstly i respect to decision but i think LA staff should reconsider its rules. Im playing in this server for many years and i believe that im one of the oldest player in here. I may have many warns ( some of them are 5 years ago) but i'm not a player who leave or sabbotage games. I got perma banned when i had 30 warns also. There are many people who insults others, leave games or doing disrispectful behaviours.
I don't have anything personal with @iErnesto94 but i have some question marks about his decisions. There are many people in this server insult people 3x than me in every single game and some of them has 30+ warns with many ban requests. I've never seen them get perma banned. Btw i think banning people for flame is not a good solution since there is mute, and ignore commands. The main problem of this server in my opinion is multi ids whom leave or sabbotage the games. There are many people here with 15+ ids and do whatever they want.
So here is my question, im playing with 1 main id: Thror and other one is PUREHATRED since many years. So, being an old player with a single id in this server is a bad thing? If i got multiple ids my warn points would be distributed.
As i said i respect to decision but don't understand the system. Other issue is there is no problem to use hatred words about the nationalities of people in every single game but flaming in a single is bannable. Maybe i'm wrong but this is nonsense for me.
Whenever someone open ban req for me, dear ernesto is banning me permanently. If flame is that much strict use it for everyone please. Because i start to take it personal. When i got 30 warms, i was also banned perma opposite some other players.
Also in the game that i banned, in the begining i talk with that guy very kindly but he refused all the requests from the team and ignore all of us. So he didn't see any of my flames at the end of the game. But after the game he reads the chat and open a ban request on me. Guys seriously..

Ban Requests / ban req cice
« on: April 04, 2022, 19:33 »
nick thror
player who i want to be banned : Cice
reason: he puts all the feeders on bot 3 9 4 16 sd players. When i said him to i wont forget his stupid feeder nick he flamed me. Also he didnt kick this abuser trax and keep provoking me with his low skills.
link :;sa=game;gid=6456305
15:05   Thror   [All]   %u0130cice i wont forget your stupid stacker name
15:18   Cice   [All]   u can suck my dick
15:18   capirinia   [Allies]   go husk
15:19   Cice   [All]   piec of shit
15:21   Cice   [All]   i balanced
15:26   Thror   [All]   check bots sd
15:28   Thror   [All]   fucker low camel
15:38   Thror   [All]   8 16
15:40   Thror   [All]   3 10
15:42   Thror   [All]   fucking low shit
15:53   Cice   [All]   suck my dick naab
15:57   Cice   [All]   go fuck ur sister now
19:38   replay_   [Allies]   or i will kick your mom
17:30   Cice   [All]   u r 0
23:04   Cice   [All]   noob dead
23:23   Cice   [All]   u r 0
24:58   Cice   [All]   Stupid 0
24:59   Cice   [All]   dead
39:06   Cice   [All]   noob pudge
39:08   Cice   [All]   low skills

after a while i didn't answer to his provokes. I'm not a guy who open ban reqeust for everyone but this kid deserved it.
PS* Cice is not a good player but if he is noob he shouldn't ruin mid. Huskar went mid and he came to mid and feed.

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