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MH Ban Requests / Obvious MH AbUser (Scytherium)
« on: August 27, 2023, 06:37 »
4-5. Remarkable suspection for the 1st time >> [09:05], pings me on the minimap to warn his teammates before I was revealed, while I'm smoked and there is not any sentry around, also I'm counting for the distance there inbetween rhasta and me

>> [17:13], preparing his ulti straight ahead for medusa coming out of fog

quite obvious like a seer >> [20:30], it was seen that I headed for the left side, but it's quite suspicious that how he's able to estimate my exact running path after 5-6 seconds passed, I might have gone toward shop area, or maybe to neutral camps

>> [23:13], leaving me right there and heading for the one shoot on safer kill (to ogre) with less HP, but tossing his knucklehead to fiend's grip

he doesn't care about freely displaying it at all >> [25:50], from very far away, straight jumping on ogre in the fog again

almost advertising level of usage, let's get promoted >> [27:12], you can deny every proof that I pointed out until now, but what is this?? he even stops his casting without any vision/detection, and then landing razes right over me with no hesitation, haven't seen such comedy for a long while in this platform  :laugh: :laugh:

I understand that he may been having fun of abusing some 3rd party tool in an already dead game
but at least he could smartly try to cover it up a bit, then it wouldn't smirk displaying it this much obvious

And thanks to this peruvian with high possibility came from RGC, I've logged into my account again after a half decade since my first register, just to mask down this terrible actor

Unban Requests / Re: Unban Request
« on: December 29, 2017, 19:49 »
oh, i forgot to say it's not me, he is my friend.I post the request instead of him :)

Unban Requests / Unban Request
« on: December 29, 2017, 19:47 »



5.he went to buy cigarettes as fast as possible, i had warned teammates about his reason.He has come back in 2:50, but one of them kicked him 5 sec later.


Ban Requests / ?_?
« on: December 24, 2017, 01:38 »

Why this request has been locked without any feedback by administration staff?

Already passed 2 weeks since it had been sent.I was checking it daily and it just seen as a locked topic today.Also, i don't need to check my requests i sent daily - is that approved or not.So if i wouldn't notice this ignorance with my private attention, it's accepted as denied without any informative reply.

Hey! listen to me closely, i don't wanna be adviser, i'm just enough trying to be illustrative and quite kind whatever i post or i do in your community, and you make us (i mean users) aware of that, there is some rules to keep ourselves in this community.I can't even get a single feedback from my enough described request because that you don't take care enough or pay necessary attention.I just felt sad for you, such a disgracing situation for the staff who ignores, anyway i'm playing with your rules as you want.Now, i want you to put yourself in place of me, how would you FEEL?
Do i need to act like you fool me here?
You will probably think that i'm an arrogant guy about me, but if you CAREFULLY think with your logic instead of your emotions, you will get the correct answer which is;
This place has nothing different from Kinder Garden except a few senseful guys otherwise, there you have enough little mollies to improve distracting level of community so, you can keep age limit between 10 and 12 years.

These are little advices from one who once lives more physically , less mentally and now is one who experienced mental existence is more important than physical one.

Sophisticated  ;)

Ban Requests / Ban Request
« on: December 21, 2017, 21:58 »

2/3.nema__na_ler (intentional feeding / game ruining / family related flame)

^general^ , foreverbella^ , mameto , anabolic_horse , mamba24 (refusing to kick)

4.00:54   nema__na_ler   [Allies]   kk u lose guys      ( she is intend to feed )
01:47   nema__na_ler   [Allies]   i will feed now          ( he wants make us sure )
02:42      [All]   mamba24 killed nema__na_ler           >>>   1x  <<<
05:09      [All]   ^GeneraL^ killed nema__na_ler           >>>   2x  <<<
06:18      [All]   anabolic_horse killed nema__na_ler        >>>   3x  <<<
09:39      [All]   anabolic_horse killed nema__na_ler       >>>    4x  <<<
11:10      [All]   ^GeneraL^ killed nema__na_ler           >>>   5x  <<<
12:11      [All]   ^GeneraL^ killed nema__na_ler          >>>    6x  <<<
14:00      [All]   mameto killed nema__na_ler            >>>   7x  <<<
14:22   nema__na_ler   [All]   u win guys' dont worry        ( Now, he makes sure opponent team )
15:08      [All]   mamba24 killed nema__na_ler            >>>   8x  <<<
15:59      [All]   ^GeneraL^ killed nema__na_ler             >>>   9x  <<<


15:20   pharmax   [Allies]   !votekick nema            ( one player of our team started to votekick after 9 times dead enough )
15:20      [All]   [pharmax] voted to kick [nema__na_ler] [1/7]
16:03   EstasTonne   [Allies]   !yes
16:03      [All]   [EstasTonne] voted to kick [nema__na_ler] [2/8]
16:19      [All]   A votekick against player [nema__na_ler] has expired.      ( they didn't vote )


16:51   EstasTonne   [Allies]   !Votekick nem               ( i started another one and warned them )
16:51      [All]   [EstasTonne] voted to kick [nema__na_ler] [1/7]
17:00   EstasTonne   [All]   akasha feeds intentionly
17:05   EstasTonne   [All]   so if you dont vote him
17:08   mameto   [All]   yep we know xD                   ( he likes it as you see :) )
17:09   EstasTonne   [All]   all you will be reported
17:14   EstasTonne   [All]   i just said
17:16      [All]   mamba24 killed nema__na_ler               >>>  10x <<<
17:19   EstasTonne   [All]   so you won't cry
17:21   EstasTonne   [All]   lately
17:50      [All]   A votekick against player [nema__na_ler] has expired.     ( expired again )
18:23      [All]   anabolic_horse killed nema__na_ler               >>>   11x  <<<
18:37   mameto   [All]   akasha faggot come mid feed me xD      ( he use her like a sex machine, and prouds of it )
18:49   EstasTonne   [All]   so you choose to cry
19:09      [All]   The Sentinel killed nema__na_ler                >>>  12x  <<<
20:14      [All]   ^GeneraL^ killed nema__na_ler                >>>  13x  <<<
22:02      [All]   mamba24 killed nema__na_ler                  >>>   14x  <<<
23:16   mameto   [All]   who gives a shit xD                ( who gives a shit?  ??? ? lol )
23:24   EstasTonne   [All]   you will give a shit                ( i'm sure now, he will )
23:31   EstasTonne   [All]   after i put a smile on your stupid face :D
23:35   EstasTonne   [All]   don't worry
23:45   ForeverBella^   [All]   !ignore estas
24:01   mameto   [All]   come com e                       ( see how he is mentally retarted :D )
24:15      [All]   The Sentinel killed nema__na_ler                   >>>  15x  <<<
26:36      [All]   mamba24 killed nema__na_ler                    >>>   16x  <<<
31:07   nema__na_ler   [Private]   I FUCK YOUR WHOLE FAMILY IN ASS <3   ( Now, started to flame with private chat but, i already ignored her )
31:10   nema__na_ler   [Private]   WIN SOLO NOW
31:10   nema__na_ler   [Private]   FUCK TARD
34:29   nema__na_ler   [Private]   IGNORE MY DICK NOW
34:31   nema__na_ler   [Private]   TARD SHIT

5.He wanted to farm on mid, started spam pings on map and said 'gtfo' to me for no reason.He was not able to kill creeps while he was farming on the same lane with me, he got shoot by mirana's arrows 2 times and i let him die because that he needs to know he is not proper mid player ( i had played with him before so, i was knowing he is bad enough ) then, he should have gone wild so that, he decided
to make his feeding goal real.Also announced that he is going to be sex slave in All-Chat and activated some  others' basic instincts on same IQ level.They were fine about it, even if i had warned them before.After a while, their brain cells just awore and realised about the fact they are going to be reported because this reason.They wanted votekick him, after akasha's 10 times dead and got fed enough, even they still don't have any internal desire.However, their life stantards are already same with animals - depend on basic instincts( eat, sleep, sex, thrive and die), but "i'm the reason why faggots can't thrive anymore" :D ( i just reminded this verse from a rap song by Vinnie Paz - Cheesesteaks which sounds good ).Whatever, let's get back, he is also bought gem and dropped it for opponent team's profit.I think, these are enough to make sanction on them.


i want to add some more;

i don't have any personal problem with this guy, i just wanna clarify someting there are even worse players who don't even know how to right-click properly.Sad thing is they are on the top 10 of the ladder and they think like if they keep crawling on the upper steps of the ladder, they think they will be called as "PRO PLAYERS" :D :D <<---- i hate to use this description and also i get an undefinable smile on my face because of that  ;D
In their way of thinking, being on the upper of a stupid ranking system equals to Being Professional at something.Wow! :P

So i'm declaring the formula of being PRO

          PSR=PRO , => 2PSR+1PSR=3xPRO

So, i want you to guess answer of this example?


See how pathetic is their way of thinking and judging someone else with stupid numbers.Basicaly, they don't know the difference between Quality and Quantity.Now, i will reputate their most crucial trump, ehm ehm.

What if i come with a lower account also some bad stats like 4/9/3 and you are one of the top 10 players on the ladder.My gameplay depends on variety different styles and i can fix myself any kind of position.However, you just strict yourself with same stereotyped ways as playing only slark/tiny/alchemist/leoric at 500 out of 500 games and you don't get any progress with it.Then you can see what will happen, it's not hard to guess.For sure, my qualified way of playing is gonna BEAT your stupid non-progressed way that stuck on the same place.
You know WHY? Cause i went through a lot of different progression since first day i started this game but, what about you?You just stuck yourself in the same place for years.I don't know how much time is that but, i know some guys who are still at the same fucking spot or even more behind of it for 5-6 years.
The point that need to be emphasized here is " Evolve or Die " or "Slow progress is better than NO PROGRESS", but they changed it as "Farm or Farm" Everygame just ends with a couple of small actions at all :(

Everyone complains about they want to play decent games, but they don't change anything on themselves before expecting it from someone else.I don't say there is no hope but, In this way, we need an ERA to see something changes until some guys satisfy their Numerical Obsessions.

I know most of them won't pay attention on THIS.Even If i could have made any sense on a guy who reads this, it's worth enough to waste my energy for pathetic useless Bnet server with full of rotten-minded kids.They can't even make normal conversations.Their english knowledge is just stricted with 5-6 words(Ez, nab, fuck, retard, farm and farm), the level of the community is lower than sea level.

Whatever i made enough DRAMA.Please , Haters don't forget to thumb down after you read.I want to see how many you are NUMERICALLY(like i care mehh  :-\ ) on the top-right corner of the post.

I just posted this game because it was a good comeback. I also think anti-mage can be one of the hardest carries to play. You think playing anti-mage is like an afk farming. It may be true that you need to farm at least 10-15 mins to become relevant but think about other carries in the game. You become relevant after farming dagger as tiny. You become relevant after farming armlet as skeleton king. Thats why some noobs prefer them, yet you can not see a noob that prefers playing anti-mage. This hero is the ultimate definition of being squishy. You gain 1.2 str per level which is the second least str gain (enchantress has 1 str gain per level). If you only farm neutrals and leave your team 4 v 5, you can not expect to win. You need to split push lanes and force reaction from enemy team. At least one of them has to   teleport back because you are pushing to tier 2 towers. Thats what i like about playing anti-mage. He seems so simple to play, but in fact, he is not. He requires decent game sense at least. You need to pay attention to enemy heroes, know how and when they will gank you. Even though i often play him, i am still not a great anti-mage player. I just like the way he carries. After all, you see how anti mage sucks in pub games where people pick no support heroes. It is not easy to play him when you do not get support or free farm. You usually end up in a hard lane where you get zoned out and can not farm. By the way, thanks for sharing your opinion. :)

"I also think anti-mage can be one of the hardest carries to play." Man please, don't.You make it so ridiculous by this way :laugh: as i said before, clicks right on your mouse about 15-20 times per second like woodpeckers not makes you superior than anybody are doing the same thing with others what they are already capable of.You are same as other 7 billion people in the planet, what seperates you from others? How you can prove yourself is different which is same with others?

"It may be true that you need to farm at least 10-15 mins to become relevant but think about other carries in the game. You become relevant after farming dagger as tiny. You become relevant after farming armlet as skeleton king. Thats why some noobs prefer them, yet you can not see a noob that prefers playing anti-mage. This hero is the ultimate definition of being squishy"It seems you couldn't get the point from i told you before.I don't talk about being relevant after some isolated progress or some other heroes need it too.Simply, i ask you why you can't dare to play as a man, i dare you to fight against me with swords and naked body then, you say "okay, but first i need to go home for getting my gun and then you pull it out from your pocket when things gone wrong after that you say we can".Here i randomly imaginating ;D
it's head to head, not like when you were sure about you got safeguarding around yourself.So what i mean is people like you are not able to take risk without security.You choose easy , but you don't know it's not an option because that is something everyone able to do.
Spiritually you are weak and you have a soft cat inside yourself , but outwardly you are pretending like courageous lions that you will never be in your lifetime.Here you can't even be yourself, only you have been doing is cover your real life weaknesses and fake your character.You just let FEAR become your God and control you.While you exist in this pathetic little life, you are already relevant and in it as you started game since it's first moment.You don't need any other extra isolated progress.When you are doing so, it seems like God please let me die for a while then i want to come back again, Can you provide it for me please? as your afk farm, what is this?:DLife goes on, you can't beat time :D do you believe in reincarnation, hımm... :y: i just found that must be the reason why your kind of players( ??? still i'm doubt) tend to unavoidable Leoric playing desire...
And i don't know how being squishy :/: makes any sense on you, instead being fluid :y: and get in any kind of shape rather than certain strict forms.This explains the difference between your kind of mindset and mine. ;)

"He seems so simple to play, but in fact, he is not. He requires decent game sense at least. You need to pay attention to enemy heroes, know how and when they will gank you. Even though i often play him, i am still not a great anti-mage player.After all, you see how anti mage sucks in pub games where people pick no support heroes. It is not easy to play him when you do not get support or free farm. You usually end up in a hard lane where you get zoned out and can not farm."I liked the way you talk about the facts and game senses here :) also you can pay attention on someting :) that sounds fucking GREAT!
I didn't get why you think your opponents' abilities are crucial to know about them.Simply you can get a BKB in while the part of 20% of your dead living progress.Once you get , you use it and pussy blink then teleport your safe place in the duration.So, what is hard to execute here?
You already released "your nice game to watch" replay by those sucker pub games you complain about.As you said there you need to have good supports with you to get decent farm spaces or you need some decent botherer enemy pickers to watch them how make you outplayed.At least you need both of these circumstances to call your replay as a nice game to watch.Otherwise, it will be called as casual pub game, if you ask me.

And last words, there is only one thing i felt well and agree with you is "should not give up" but, not as Anti-Mage.Better about being DareDevil against hardships and able to get some small risks even they are not enough to take you higher place.It's not about being more famous in the any kind of useless ranking system that cause to born some temporary satisfying desires inside people.
Listen to me closely, here is so important.I mean once if you reach the point you are the most insecurited but, you still afford to dare just because of you believing in yourself then you become real form of undefetable.That calls Will-Power.
So if you mentally overcome on your opponent or whatever it is, physical consequences absolutely mean NOTHING.When two boxers get on the ring , result is already certain by the boxer who has more Self-Confident and Will-Power.Cause the one who is courageous to dare will keep falling but, he will never ever give up.A Mind made by steel repels any kind of physical pressure, even your toughest fists are not able to drill it."Wars are won mentally" a quote by Simontoteles.

Why So SERIOUS? Let's put ..... what?
Let's put a smile :) on that face

Can i learn what is good about watching Anti-Mage game?

There is a tutorial like how to last hit creeps?
How to farm in woods like robots as faster as you can or
It might be some kind of challange about who has the biggest middle finger size in the planet.

Does it really make you enjoy how magina spins around itself like ballerinas or swans as fast as possible, i still trying to comprehend what can be nice to watch.Or do you make it with your hands behind on your back without touching keyboard or mouse after 40 min afk-farm

No offense for it,i'm not trying to bother you.I just want to get that logic behind playing Vagina like it needs some skills or extraordinary ability which has been gotten by none else in the world and you share this like something special  :D.What makes it GREAT??

I just felt ashamed instead of you because you sharing such subject.
Still don't get me wrong , people who plays in Bnet just think the heroes like magina/tiny/slark/leoric/alchemist . . . impossible to play against like you post this topic , actually they can be easily countered and there are a lot ways more than one.If someone let your kind become ROBOT(the way i call you) for a while(>40min) and then you appear, of course you can be unbeatable in late.
And if they make you feel free to farm as you wish , you are already playing with rotten-minded players, here is another thing i want to learn is what makes you PROUD OF winning a game against those?
you can think like i'm against picking those heroes.No, I'm NOT.You are free to pick whatever you want , producers of this game created them for a part of this game.But you and the players? ??? ?(i'm doubt about it) in same thinking way just make this game boring as hell.Not only for counter side, also for yourself.You just feel happy by being bored.And you aren't aware of it :D

 If you explain these with some supporting ideas , i think one day i will be able to play Vagina too.Last words i just gave answer against this topic because that there are a lot of players in same thinking way like you more than i suppose and i also expect some senseful comments by those Idea MONUMENTS if they are able to. -_-

Ban Requests / Ban Request
« on: December 11, 2017, 22:21 »

2.andrejko.cro(aka tatacro)

3.religional intolarance / national intolarance

4.33:25   andrejko.cro   [Allies]   !f
33:52   andrejko.cro   [All]   sophist i fuck ur muslim idiotic mother
34:24   andrejko.cro   [All]   fuk ur alah idiot
34:44   andrejko.cro   [All]   hahaha
37:03   andrejko.cro   [All]   alah fuck ur ass
38:11   andrejko.cro   [Allies]   !f
38:37   andrejko.cro   [All]   fucking tard muslim idiots
39:19   andrejko.cro   [All]   hahaha

5. max age 15 , IQ point on the minus scores :)


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