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MH Ban Requests / MOVED: okay there we go
« on: December 06, 2013, 15:59 »
This topic has been moved to Unban Requests section.

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MH Ban Requests / MOVED: mh suspect
« on: October 15, 2013, 19:59 »
This topic has been moved to Ban Requests.

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Announcements / Hacks Mod Recruitment [CLOSED]
« on: June 22, 2013, 21:29 »
We are currently recruiting Hacks Moderator

 - Good English communication skills
 - Well mannered and polite
 - Availability to deal with requests
 - Fair DotA knowledge
 - Understanding of the rules

Instructions for application :
- Name, age, country, occupation
- Accounts and server history (past accounts)
- Gaming history (how long have you played DotA and where have you played)
- Why do you want to become a mod?
- Experience with dw3gparser & Dota ReplayManager
- Why should we recruit you?
- Anything else you would like to mention?

Things can make you get closer to get hired:

- Clear accounts - forum and server
- Activity on forums and in DotA game
- Experience with MH reports(creating it in the past)

Things that disqualify you right on the spot:
- Brand new accounts on forum and server
- Excessive ban list and warn list
- Low activity on forum
- Lying about other accounts (be aware, we scan for other accounts every, promising applicant)

Good Luck
LA Staff

Turkey / B&U istekleri / MH Şikayeti Hazırlama Rehberleri
« on: April 30, 2013, 15:23 »
Bu başlık altında yazılan rehberler sadece bilgilendirme amaçlıdır. Tabi burada Türkçe olarak açıklanması sizin ilgili yerlere de Türkçe istek açacağınız anlamına gelmez. Kimse sizden diplomatik derecede ingilizce beklemiyor. Google translate aracılığı ile kelime çevirisi yaparak basit cümleler kurabilirsiz. Yeterli olacaktır. Aşağıdaki linklere tıklayarak yada sayfayı aşağı indirerek gerekli rehberlere ulaşabilirsiniz. 

Offtopic / Guess whose birthday is today
« on: April 26, 2013, 00:17 »
I don't think somebody hates him around here... Yeah right; that's GREED

Happy birthday buddy :P

Music / Biting Elbows - Bad Motherfucker (epic video clip)
« on: April 18, 2013, 05:01 »

Turkey / Bilgi
« on: March 23, 2013, 17:57 »
Forumun sadece bu kısmında dilediğiniz gibi dota ile alakalı olmayan şeyleri (offtopic) Türkçe olarak paylaşabilirsiniz. İngilizcesi yeterli olmayan, birşeyleri Türkçe olarak paylaşarak  forumda vakit geçirmek isteyen kullanıcılarımızın bu ihtiyacını karşılamak için böyle bir düzenleme getirdik.

Önemli Not: Lütfen bu kısıma Ban/Unban istekleri yada Map Hack şikayetleri hakkında konu açmayın. İlerleyen zamanlarda bu konuda herhangi bir fikri olmayan kullanıcılar için detaylı bir biçimde rehberler tarafımdan hazırlanacaktır (Türkçe olarak)

LA Head Hacks Moderator

Feedback / MH can be solved a bit
« on: June 22, 2012, 23:46 »

-- We all know that everyone must activate account at least once in a month. Activation must be by e-mail not with account name and password. Simply it can be  like first activation with link. If mh users get ban; its ok they have at least 10 more accounts. I am sure that they are geting "fake" mail which is for only signing up to After a while they forget even e-mail adress i think...

i know this can not stop mh users but at least getting thousand accounts can be harder a little bit. They will have to memorize which one was with which account..


-- Geting account can be with invitation from players who have account for at least 3 months and this players can earn 1 invitation every 1 month.. It means less player but better games..

it's really annoying. In game i am saying "you are reported" then he says: "i dont give a shit, i have 20 more accounts" So i think getting accounts must be harder. With this case geting banned would be more effective and accounts would be more valuable.

Theese are just some ideas against hack-users.. What is your opinion ?


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