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DotA Discussion / epic noob video
« on: April 04, 2013, 23:02 »

my fav. moment was minute 6:50.. tell me what do you think of the video  :D

Feedback / Gproxy FAQ
« on: January 04, 2012, 23:17 »
well we can pretty see many ppl having gproxy problems ..... and every time you go to tech support you find ppl with similar gproxy issues

so my simple idea is to make a sticky topic about gproxy in tech support board so before someone make a new topic asking about gproxy he find his answer in Gproxy FAQ

i dont know much about gproxy so i cant make such a topic

Technical support / best stat abuser ever!!
« on: December 10, 2011, 10:16 »

his games are normal but check his stats .. i was about to play and host !sd him and this? how can his stats be like this

Technical support / malware detected
« on: December 10, 2011, 10:01 »
recently starting today there are pages of playdota i couldnt view .. i dont know the reason here is a picture

Feedback / story of laggers and courier
« on: November 14, 2011, 21:37 »
i want to share 2 suggestions (By making stories to explain much better)

lets start with the story of laggers

one day there was 2 friends .. justice and lagger .. that friendship was 1 sided .. yes lagger loved justice so much but justice didnt in return

they go to netcafee and play a game .. lagger was with him but justice didnt like it but he said ok  ;)

so as he plays something happened ;) you are disconnected gproxy tried to reconnect you back again

i say np i have gproxy .. gproxy is more pro than lagger :) so he can pwn him easily .. there was 1 single problem ..... yes someone was more pro than gproxy .. who was he? yes it was the command !synclimit 500
and then either justice lagged like hell after that command (and died without he know anything) or he was lagged out and gproxy the noob against sync 500 couldnt do anything :S

what are the benefits of sync 500 command .. it does 1 of those things

1- it make you lag out
2- it make you die + huge lag

so why ppl use this command? yes its so imba. . simply this command dont affect ppl who dont lag in game .. (sometimes it doesnt affect justice at all when he has good connection) and they use it because they cant wait 10 secs or something but in return this command ruins someone game (like that poor justice in the story)

now for the story of courier ..

there was someone called justice .. he went to his mate to say him hi :) he found this cute pet in in his mate house and he said .. (i love ur pet very much my friend !! lets make a deal) the mate : (what deal?) justice (let me carry him and raise him till he learns to fly ) then we share this pet .. 1 day for you and 1 day for me

the mate ( ok ) then justice raised him very well and he learned to fly !! and now he returned it to his mate and they started to share it with each other .. 1 day justice and his mate decided to go to play dota in netcafee ofc justice was lucky because lagger was sick in that day xD

ofc they bringed their beautiful flying pet with them :) while in game justice had dota passion :) his mate too :) they were arguing and then

the mate : well justice .. that deal with our pet is no longer exists .. im his owner
justice : wtf ? im the one who raised him why
the mate : ... nothing (means he ignored)

suggestions shortly

1- remove !sync 500 command or atleast make the max sync you can make is 200 (it doesnt make you lag)
2- the one who remove share from courier from someone who upgraded it should be banned

DotA Discussion / tide death
« on: November 04, 2011, 20:18 »
watched this video 1000000 times and still dont know how tide died ........................

it happened at minute 7:45 .. i watched carefully tide hp dropped to half and then tide died instantly .. if someone can explain to me da noob . . tnx

Feedback / about mhers
« on: September 05, 2011, 07:48 »
ok now i decided to open this topic because i think its imba important to discuss it and its mainly on mhers

recently any dota player can clearly see the increase numbers of mhers and in my opinion they split on 2

1- 80% of percentage which who join noob games get score get reported then make new account and thats their circle in dota life
2- 20% who join pro games and hide their mh and when they are caughted they make new account and act like good clean people

according to rules when someone use mh he get perma banned on his account but i disagree with this because it isnt really (punishment) since they can just make new account like np thats why i decided to make 2 plans .. the hard one which will solve this problem for perma and the easy one which can be unfair

plan A : now this plan is a plan i had in my mind .. and it need some hard work and someone who is coder and expert about dota files and stuff .. the idea is simple .. we all know that the mhers dont see the dots of neutural creeps on map (like in that spectre rampage case who wanted to join a pd tour) what i suggest is that someone work on pd bot so once the game starts it makes auto screenshot on all players so it auto perma ban someone who has no dots of neatural creeps and that way there cant be mhers in pd bot
plan B : this was suggested probably 1000 time yes and its ip ban .. ok first of all i know that some ppl have dynamic ip so thats why i suggest ip range ban if needed .. what i understood is that you cant ip ban because it can be unfair to the other ppl in same ip.. ok i have this question to you guys .. dont other ppl know that xxx player is mher? i think the answer will be yes because i dont believe that someone is using mh and other ppl with same ip dont take advantage for it therefore going for the ip ban and if we assumed that someone will be banned in fairly i will guys tell you that mher ruins the game for all ppl in game

the reason that made me right this topic is because of my last games that i played

you will see that i lost in most of them the reason is because of mhers .. but im kinda getting bored of reporting everyone since it wont matter since he can make new account .. in my last game i played

in this game all players were mhers except me and slark and sniper which make this game is unplayable (you can also watch replay to see how they play) totally unplayable game in mhers vs mhers games

conclusion : perma banning accounts is not a solution !! we must find a better one cheers

DotA Discussion / jigsaw
« on: August 31, 2011, 21:27 »

watch tuskarr from minute 41:13 to minute 42:48 :)

Suggestion Board / custom games
« on: August 31, 2011, 14:08 »
does rules also apply on custom games ( non ladder games)? or only the mh rule apply on custom games?

Feedback / autoban is off while 4v5
« on: August 05, 2011, 20:05 »
so guys i just played now this game

about details emm .. weaver feeded pudge very good i had 0 3 score .. stupid game but they had big noobs in game so we pwned them back =) +huge lag from me

anyway kinda gg since it was 1v5 (pudge was the only usefull person in their team we were atking throne

then so slark left the game while we were atking throne then i checked !autoban it told me that autoban is off u can leave but i will be saved in ur ladder stats

i just checked him .. he isnt banned

i posted it here b/c i think its a bug cheers

Strategy / furion build
« on: August 05, 2011, 06:16 »
i wanted to share u the best furion build i ever made

so guys what is urs? what r the builds that u make for furion?

P.S since i saw mym made vlad with cm i thought about making something more unique

Offtopic / christian vs randy orton
« on: August 01, 2011, 03:09 »
well this is kinda more for wwe fans i will display the important events before u watch it =)

christian won the heavy weight champion ship after 17 years of his life .. after 5 days randy ortin get it .. christian so mad and asked rematch .. he lost b/c of wrong and false rule decision .. so they made this rematch

anyway if randy ortin was disqualified or gave up or just lost christian becomes the heavy weight champion

anyway i know most of u dont like wwe but this match was pretty awesome watch it =)

P.S christian was provoking randy ortin all the time so he gets mad and hit christian badly and break the rules and get disqualified so chirstian wins .. anyway here is the match

till now this is the most epic match i played on wwe .. everytime u think someone won but ur wrong

u will love wwe after this match

DotA Discussion / we won xD
« on: August 01, 2011, 01:21 »

i cant believe .. this is the most epic game i played in my life !! i cant believe we won omg our opponents were imba dump ^^ anyway i tell u what happened

we were losing .. they finished 2 raxes .. we killed puck so he left game.. they finished the 3rd rax (not mega creeps) mirana thought that they won the game so he left the other .. the game turned 3v5 (they could win with them feeded)

then axe thought its rly gg and he left the other !! 2v5 then lion then nessaj we played 5v0 we won the game !!! most of players in that game thought this game wont count like bara

52:10    Pwner_LudSam (Allies)    it does not count
52:12    Pwner_LudSam (Allies)    xD
52:12    (All)    rafiik destroyed the mid Sentinel melee rax
52:14    the_justice (Allies)    it does
52:15    the_justice (Allies)    xD

i just want to say ty to our enemies who were leaving 1by1 which led to our victory!!

Technical support / psr calculation
« on: July 25, 2011, 22:34 »
i need someone to help me how this psr actually calculate how much i should get (+) and how much i will lose (-) deponding if u won or lost

i start my topic : regarding this game

i will quote some things from lobby chat

01:52       Sentinel avg. PSR: 1488(32% to win), Scourge avg. PSR: 1516(68% to win)
01:52    the_justice:    !r

i know it isnt shown in lobby but it told me that i get +1/-0
when host typed balance it got like this

01:57       Sentinel avg. PSR: 1503(45% to win), Scourge avg. PSR: 1501(55% to win)
01:59    the_justice:    !r

this time i had +0/-0

can someone explain me how is that? when we had better percentage vs noober ppl i would get +1 from that game but when host balance and its worse to me i got +0 if i won???????????

Suggestion Board / about warns
« on: July 25, 2011, 02:11 »
Warns are permanent

that is the rule that i want to change its simply about warns ( i will say my idea in a simply way)

my suggestion : change warns period to 1 month

reason? : well everytime i check my stats page i c that 10000 years ago angel warned me for feeding im not the only one .. the whole world who will check my stat page will c the same

now for the details : well at first i rly didnt care about that warn since i rly didnt feed intentually but 1 day passed i c same 1 week i c it too 1 month i c it too simply i will have to c this stupid warn every time i open my stat page and the whole world to c it just b/c of stupid mistake? all of us love to c his page clean

i give an example : lets say ur at school and ur a kid then u flamed someone in ur class and ur classmate reported u to math teacher and math teacher warned u not to do it again .. then after that everytime u talk to teacher or try to ask him about something he will say (oh ur that flamer?) i mean lol ofc that wont happen in real life he will just forget it after 1-2 days

im only asking its period to be 1 month (lets say u had sooo important meeting job and u had to leave) unbanned + warned then after 1 year u had the same important meeting job u make unban request (denied b/c u were warned 1 year ago not to leave a dota game for that meeting ..)

ok i give example about a pd user here : and not a normal one he is a mod i guess u already know who i mean i mean black_widow .. i once (once in my life) i saw he was warned .. WHY HE WAS WARNED? he was playing dota his child was crying .. he asked himself .. my baby or dota (ofc 90% of ppl will choose dota :D)but since he is a good father he went to his child and he is warned .. that was like 4 months ago .. lets say that he was playing dota and his child needed him badly .. his request will be denied b/c oh no he prefered his child on dota and he was warned from months ago

shortly i only say this : change period of warning to 1 month ( 1 month is more enough i think) and seriesly u think he will make the same mistake on purpose after 1 month??????? i hope u consider my suggestion

i want opinions from users and staff about that and i hope my suggestion will be included

P.S#1 : no spamming and going offtopic

P.S#2 : i will sleep now so hf in saying ur opinion and i will answer u tomorrow if u have any reply to me

P.S#3 : the only ppl who will feel this r the ppl who r warned from months so i know that ppl who r unwarned wont understand this

P.S#4 : i know my topic was pretty long but i love to say all of what i have to say (if u cant sleep read this and u will probably sleep on ur chair)


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