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General Discussions / votekick is a bit unfair
« on: March 15, 2013, 15:03 »
Is there any way to get psr back?
For example in this game:

We were about to win when i lost connection for about 30 secs. I also reconnected before last kick vote but finally i votekicked.
47:15    [Lamb.Of.God]    [All]    Please wait for me to reconnect (306 seconds remain).
47:15       [All]    Player [[Lamb.Of.God]] reconnected with GProxy++!
47:15    Click^ClickBOOM    [Allies]    !yes
47:15       [All]    A votekick against player [[Lamb.Of.God]] has passed.
47:15       [All]    [Lamb.Of.God] was kicked by vote.
47:15       [All]    Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

My team won the game 2 and a half minutes later. All get the psr, except me, because they couldnt w8 half min to reconnect. I lost psr in a winning game. Thats a bit unfair that you lost psr in any case after votekicked.

Because of that there is no way to votekick someone for balance either.

MH Ban Requests / dontoni
« on: April 05, 2011, 03:37 »
1: lagibot (Sven)
2: dontoni (tuskarr)
4: We realized that he casts his skill on the invisible nerub(ulti), and after it the game was ruined, viper started to flame, noone wanted to play after it.
5: At 18min(replay time) he went directly to Lion, who was farmed in top forest. He went there solo, and casted snowball and killed. The most suspicious thing was from 21:30(replay time) There was a fight, and Viper went back with low hp, nerub with ulti went after him to kill. there was no ward, no gem, no any hero skill that reveals invi, and noone had seen nerub, but tuskarr went after him, and casted his skill directly on him, before he went out of his ulti. he blocked his way, saved viper with it, and after killed nerub. Check replay, and ban him :)

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