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Ok u said same thing as u said in ur last post. I dont get it!? If u are angry with resor answer make same post, post name and copy moments from log it is not so hard. Imo it is better then waste 2 hours for wrrite this posts. Maybe u like attention i dont know, but this is not the way. Post request on proper way and case solved.

Dragoljub pls u must not speak about respect some1 cuz u dont respect no1. And about spam on forum, well we all know who u are.


PPl first read how to post ban request then talk about ignorant moderators. As i see u are ignorant and u trying to be smart with this post. As for resor he is long moderator here he know better rules then most of players here cuz they dont even want to read em.

And u the_justice if u just read rules u will see that every request is perfect done. Maybe ppl shoud first read rules before start to play games then they will maybe know if some player broke rule or not.


@jiohn U wrrite topic about moderators abuse and spam forum. If u want to change something here only way is PM ek0 or MyUberNick about power abuse and ur profs. He will decide what they going to do about that moderator. About delete: Castiele got demoted and then there is no need to for that topic anymore so ek0 or MyUberNick delete it (i dont know who and it is their decision). About 3rd: They looked ur PM and they didnt answer u cuz there is no need for that. About donations: U have whole topic about that. Donations are free will and no1 will ask u to donate.

We wont tolerate racist flame. U insulted black ppl with ur staitment about ba**nas. They fighing in Afrika for their rights and killing eachother and surviving like they know. So ur racist things pls move from this forum.

@SharpMind If u think i abused mine power and u have profs PM to ek0 and MyUberNick and they will decide what to do with me.

We wont tolerate flame words on forum. Pls dont use word f**k on forum. We want clean and frendly forum for all.

Guys stop spam forum with this topics. If u want to change something just PM ek0 and MyUberNick and they will do all to keep this server and forum clean.


General Discussions / Re: help me please i am newBe
« on: April 10, 2011, 10:52 »

General Discussions / Re: [GER]S.T.A.R
« on: April 09, 2011, 11:10 »
Guys it is nor ur decision does he become moderator or not. So stop make some useles topics and spam general forum. It is not recruitment time. When we start promotions u all guys will be informed and then u can put applications. Till then stop spam forum.


General Discussions / Re: BRINGMEMOREFANZ PLS !
« on: April 05, 2011, 10:41 »
i guess everyone heard about his flaming and that he figures he plays for mym , he dodged some games cose he said his too skilled for us but , i caught him in a game with some randoms player we random and his wanna be stack , guess what happened take a good look on the best SF that he calls himself

mym=bring played 4 best clan every play dota ... ( Fact )
he know everything and he do his part of job realy good, But ...
he use brain and he dont play with random pubers ..
u see why ...

each time he lose against me he lost because of his idiotic team ...
last game we play he was propeth, killing our mid and ganking very good, But,
when team start play as 1, they fail
and its not bacause of him ...
he play dota like teamplay, not like "im no1. i can kill all"
he need hes team 2 suport his low hp, and his big dmg ...
dota is 5 vs 5 .. like chain .. if one part of chain is soft, chain will brake no metter how hard are 4 ....

his only bad side is cursing and low nerves
but as player .. from 1-10, his 9, Imba player ...

about game ... so what ? every1 of us had a realy bad game .. so ? :D

about topic autor ...why u open this topic ? 2 show bad play of some pro player ?
ko pod drugin jamu kopa, sam u nju pada

And about autor: He is jealous!!

General Discussions / Re: BRINGMEMOREFANZ PLS !
« on: April 04, 2011, 17:51 »
A lot of jealous ppl around here. Everyone can have bad day and played bad even if he play with his team. I remember last season when night^^stalker was first on ladder and every second player in his games report him for MH. Me personaly checked about 20 his games to check replay and didnt find any kind of proff that he use MH. They are jealous like ppl who comment here and think they are pro if they win vs some good player. Why dont u post link of game when u hard bad day???


General Discussions / Re: Autoban Sucks !
« on: March 30, 2011, 16:54 »
Dl and start use Gproxy then u wont w8 for unban.

General Discussions / Re: No Gproxy No unban?
« on: March 28, 2011, 22:58 »
No we don't force u to use it. We just say that is better tool and ppl who use it cant plugg it. That is point of gproxy. Who dont  have gproxy he can plug easy and that is why dont unban ppl who dont have gproxy.


Fail. Even when u have proxy, if u plug, system register that u have proxy and it tries to reconnect, but u won't. Proxy IS NOT 100% guarantee that u will reconnect. So its pointless not to unban some1 only cause he didnt have proxy. U cant force ppl to have proxy.

U dont get it. Why not to have gproxy cuz it is simple to use and it does not take more than 1mb. Reconection can improve game play. Why to unban ppl who didnt even to try to reconect in game and improve it?
I was in game that guy dc and he nave gproxy. Cuz he back it they almost won that game. Think about it!!

General Discussions / Re: No Gproxy No unban?
« on: March 28, 2011, 17:11 »
No we don't force u to use it. We just say that is better tool and ppl who use it cant plugg it. That is point of gproxy. Who dont  have gproxy he can plug easy and that is why dont unban ppl who dont have gproxy.


General Discussions / Re: Nice admins
« on: March 19, 2011, 02:52 »
And again useles topic post by flamers and rule breakers...U guys will never learn that if u break rule u need to apologise and said u will never do that (ofc u must never do that again or that is worse for u)...U just know to flame some1 on forum and bnet and u think u are smart. But u are wrront. U just looks like kid. I hope that ppl will learn that apologise will do more things than 1000 useles topics like this.

And i can garantue for castiele and most of admins/moderators who i know well that thel will never abuse their possition and ban inocent player. Ur friend isn't inocent and he deserve perm ban and ip lock.

I rly hope that some ppl will grow up and learn some things.


Announcements / Re: New bots and stats system
« on: March 17, 2011, 16:56 »
I left garena because everybody could leave and don't recive ban. Now you do the same. Stupid rules about ban and games count. A lot of games and no stats, so this suks. Sad !

This is test period so there is so many leavers cuz ban duration is low. But when new season start (in few days) ban duration will increse and there will be less leavers.

General Discussions / Re: When will be started new season?
« on: February 05, 2011, 12:07 »
Dragoljub and PLN stop spam topic. Mojit0 no1 know we will informe ppl before start. It will be soon.


General Discussions / Re: CM playdota games
« on: February 02, 2011, 10:48 »
if u want CD or CM go play in balkan or other channels who got an auto bot hosting challenge with these modes

What is CD?
Captain draft=almost same as RD but u bann 4 heroes from circle
never seen this but does every player ban or team captian like in cm
Team captain ban. It is nice mod and hard to play. I play it on lan all time and it is interesting. Try it sometime :)

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