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Suggestion Board / Re: no players !!!
« on: September 18, 2022, 21:34 »
I start the game in few minutes, fast. Of course its v6, often there is 4-5 games in progress and 1 or more hosted lobbies. On other side v7 is usually hosted by SNN and I see v6 games finished before v7 lobby gets enough players to start.
About the games with players who have over 1550 psr, there is almost no flamers in this group, almost all problems moved to v7 so v6 is almost clean and this about flamers is bullshit. Oh yes, flamers moved to v7. And the most of v7 people are already representatives of other platforms who only want to kill official games on this platform.
With great moderators and admins lately all requests are solved fast, normal players always get fast unban. You people should be rewarded with medals for your work and thanks for good work. Everything is good like it is now.

Okay let me check lastest game host by you:
Most of your lobby took over +10 minute and these lobbies happened at server's most active time which most players active in that time, also games that you played by other hosts game took +10 minute too, this might mean atleast every 5-6 lobby time will likely equal to game time
Also there are still flamers exists but there are few players using forum report them, so it's not suprise to see there are no flamers exists till someone reports them, i can check lastest game and prove it as like i did with your games if you want to see proofs
It's good to see someone gives positive feedback but from what i have seen looks like either you are lying to yourself with it or either you are thinking waiting over +10 minutes per most lobbies with having many toxic players in there is meaning everything is fine
my favorite periods of the game are close to the v6 map as a patch. Instead of playing v7, I play dota2 or prefer places where old maps are played. for my part, the answer is as simple as this  :like a boss: I think, rgc who wants to play v7, eurobattle who wants v6 or icecup who wants an older version, should prefer. with this logic, the few people who play v7 should come to v6 so that we can show how weak they are  >:D and and the divided community will gather on a single map.
It isn't bad idea but it would had better if administration decided to go with either v6 or v7 but not both, now there might be fewer players playing in this server than server has only one map being offical so players can decide better where to play, it is tough decision to choose either one but there was no result from decision over long time
There are few players just being v7 player in this server and many of them have very bad players and some of players who can plays better than average can get good scores per games from them, so it would be not suprise if you can destroy them
soon or later i knew this will happen and I m not happy about it, agree with grga he said ppl didn't make the transition on time and they clearly can't jump around few versions,I m just afriad some ppl can't make any transition, the era of dota1 on this server is over sadly, soon ppl who decide to play only v6 will start quiting dota forever
and the new incomers players won't come,however, rgc will survive for some period of time, the simple thing about dota is:" if there is no progression with new versions coming out, there is no need to play game"
 1 of the biggest reason why I m still playing this game is actually progress and new versions coming out,I can't believe some ppl are happy with "get stuck" in 6.9 but that's how they think... without any offense they don't have the brain capacity to look in the future. Coristo can says w/e he likes but keeping the old version was huge problem and big issue,gl now coristo with stacked 30 players max on the server with few lobbies in the progress, and most of the time the same players into these lobbies.

No mate, I'm not against new maps. I never was in my 16 years of playing. Back in 2008 we just couldn't wait the new versions to be released, it was so exciting and fun. Trying out new heroes, new items, im ALL IN for that.
And I said with v7 as well, I very much welcome new heroes, new items. What kicked in the door for me was, that it was too much a copy of Dota2. I said, do a few rollbacks, remove shrines, player UI (disgusting as fuck) ,the terrain changes (with few minor exceptions) and for me it's good. But what drakoliched did, was simply took stuff from dota2, and put it into dota1. It's neither dota1 nor dota2 at this points. It's an abomination. Of course players with bad taste will eat it like pelicans, so for them anything new is WOW. Same as Iphone fanboys...
So for me it's a no, and I would rather play Dota2 than v7. Simple as that. I just don't prefer v7 in it's current form.

Solution would be: or make rollbacks, listening to feedbacks, or get a mapmaker who can continue editing/fixing v6 based on players feedbacks and ideas. Drako doesn't want to listen to anyone (typical russian mentality). Fine by, I will just quit when playing v6 won't be possible anymore.

I'm too old for this shit anyway... xD
Generally only complain from v6 players is about UI, i don't know if there is way to revert back in options but it would had good to have this settings if it wasn't exist since i feel many players might likely move new version rather than playing bugged map
I doubt there is someone capable exists in there to edit v6 or having not enough time, i doubt Draco would edit v6 or send editable map to someone trustable person who can edit it so i have no hope much related this

I don't know how Icefrog would follow a path if he continued to patch DotA in there but maybe he would took same path with Draco in time as he explores W3's features and think it would looks fine but even thought people complain they would either move to new map or stop play it

Everybody has different opinions and reasons to play there so i respect your opinion but i don't agree with your opinion 'new' thing;

-I am tired to see same heroes being played in all games while i never seen some of them play at all due they are kinda weak or people don't know their potential,
-There are atleast 6 bugs exists beside tusk bug i known,
-Less item options when playing int core and items for specific sitations

Although there are few changes i don't like, i still find worth to play v7 for not just 'new updates for map yey' but some change made more playable for me atleast, still i like v6 map as well but i prefer v7

My biggest hope in W3 Online Revival was happened after W3:Refunded incident  and wished one big server such as this server would pull all these players to there, this would make also give chance to some players play in DotA community since people would see it's still active but unfortunately this never happened

Suggestion Board / Re: no players !!!
« on: September 18, 2022, 21:33 »
I had made a post some problems which might likely caused players to leave server by players,admins and server related problems in my post

None should blame each other for server's current sitation because everybody played a part in this by being part of community, things would eventually would come to this point maybe 2-3 years later due Moba is not much popular as their prime time and as time past people grow up and improve their life and stop play games and focus their life, so you should focus at current sitation and help server by either give idea/feedbacks about problems or even become staff member to help server in better way

Still i want to make you question about some problems;

As being player, how i can suggest someone to play in this server? Here is some 'great' quality you can find there;

-Toxic players and bad manners,
-Selfish play and bad teamplay,
-Lack of game knowledge and adopting into roles,
-Picking same Hero pool with same Items and almost no improve in gameplay over +7 years,
-Low amount of players in community which makes more people leaving server as time passes,
-Two versions of map which divided players and some of them left server because of that,
-Lack of tolerance towards newbie players etc..
Most of these problems might likely exists in other servers too but none could be bad as this server currently, only thing i was would say our ban system was better than other servers which i recently thing its outdated for currently players

As being V7 player;
Games are almost all unenjoyable because almost most of players in there are very bad players, some of players playing together and hosting takes +15-20 minutes and impossible to play in morning/night times due no players join there

When i started to play in RGC, i didn't enjoy my games in there due we had lack of teamplay in that games which gave me bad first impress but after some time later i decided give another try in this server due tired to waiting over long time with bad game quality, i stopped looking this server back after 10-15 games later, there are lot of examples to me happened in past and probably will be happen in future too

From v6 side, game quality on there is start to being really bad too generally, in recent time, hosting game can take lot of time too in specific times and these games are worse than average daily ones due all players allowed to play by host due no players generally, even 'good' 1600 RD games are played by same 12-13 active players generally, sometimes other random players can join and play too when some of these players aren't online in that time

Map removal should been done when after v7 map more stable after first release but now it's too late for it because there are lot of changes and its very hard to currently players adopting new changes, so i wouldn't suggest to remove after long time later

I had seen an Admin banned an active player with lot of games for they votekicked him for stupid reason and yet he restricted other admins to don't unban him as like he was being regular game ruiner, i would suggest to reconsider rules if you made changes and being more tolerate players over being harshly

I wrote this post because it's sad to see server getting worse sitation each day, and why i would prefer to play in another server after spending and enjoying lot of years in this server over other one, here is i can give few some feedback;

-You can reduce ban durations more depend on sitation and tolarete players more since there are really few active players playing often and if you keep to ban them up then you would ended up losing them, i am not saying protect them at all cost but you can being more tolarete towards them unless they repeat to break rules often

-You should reduce warn remove duration to 9 month-1 years back again, i don't know how much of current players can stop breaking rules for 2 years again after they got ban/warn?

-Also you can stop perma/long time banning players for some rules such family flame/national intolerance etc. banning someone for 10-14 days for 1 time 'f*** your mom' when its their +4th time is harshy although i don't like to see such words from players, i would had prefer to mute system over ban for these players but it seems that system needs some work since mutes can be done by warden and only can remove by manual

This probably won't solve all problems but atleast you can try to encourage players keep to play there and make them being more nice towards to each other

Ban Requests / Re: Ban reports
« on: June 07, 2020, 10:38 »
kitacifer !1 Days Ban+ 1 Warn National Intolerance;sa=game;gid=6298627

25:16    Kitacifer    [All]    Ubacio si dole sve Tr
25:24    Kitacifer    [All]    Nema gluplje nacije na svetu

Unban Requests / Re: unban request
« on: June 05, 2020, 13:59 »
He would die with slardar if he tried to help since they were only 2 while sentinel had 3 heroes around rune before you came and he couldn't do anything much expect auto attack since he had passive

You could let him mid even if you thought he was bad player since Alchemist was more suitable for mid since it would had bad idea having Alchemist lane with Trax since both were carry

With you didn't let him mid lead the game into worse state even if Pudge killed Alchemist since he had to share experience and his farm with you while also Pudge killed him several times due overlevel and farming, with this happened he couldn't able do anything for team since he needed level and items

Spoiler for Hiden:
03:05    mod_bad    [Allies]    zero
03:14    mod_bad    [Allies]    go aways from mid noob
05:39    mod_bad    [Allies]    why let noob solo ?
05:49    mod_bad    [Allies]    mega noob
08:00    mod_bad    [Allies]    as i said noob
09:43    mod_bad    [Allies]    mega mega noob
09:44    mod_bad    [Allies]    this alhe

You provoked him many times before he muted you

Ban Requests / Re: Ban reports
« on: June 04, 2020, 19:47 »
CN_BlueInCuBuS !2 Days Banned+1 Warn Family Related Flame;sa=game;gid=6298053

33:50    CN_BlueInCuBuS    [Allies]    senden degilde babandan seni yaparken prezervatif kullanmasını beklerdim
33:53    CN_BlueInCuBuS    [Allies]    döl israfı

Unban Requests / Re: UNBAN PLEASE
« on: May 27, 2020, 00:10 »

Ban Requests / Re: Ban reports
« on: May 26, 2020, 23:14 »
ZeHir..EmRe !4 Days Ban+2 Warn Family Related Flame(2nd Time)

50:43    ZeHir..EmRe    [All]    Pudge ananı sıkıyım yanı senın;sa=game;gid=6295589

Unban Requests / Re: UNban please
« on: May 25, 2020, 14:25 »

Unban Requests / Re: thanks
« on: May 25, 2020, 14:24 »
09:19       [All]    [ihavebadteam]ihavebadteam killed oLD.^-^.Sch0oL
09:34       [All]    oLD.^-^.Sch0oL has left the game voluntarily, oLD.^-^.Sch0oL was autobanned.

You left game because you died 15 seconds before, next time don't lie in requests or you will get forum warn

Unban Requests / Re: Unban me clinkz
« on: May 16, 2020, 21:37 »
Spoiler for Hiden:
05:01    Clinkz    [Allies]    i will leave
05:10    Clinkz    [All]    this game wont played
05:10    Clinkz    [All]    i will leave
05:10    Clinkz    [All]    for sure
05:10    nota    [All]    ok
05:10    Clinkz    [All]    4-55
05:10    Clinkz    [All]    y will see

Such behaviour isn't acceptable and this isn't first time that you rq from game and you had 10 seconds before leave from game if you didn't like your team

Unban Requests / Re: Unban request
« on: May 16, 2020, 21:37 »

Unban Requests / Re: unban request
« on: May 16, 2020, 21:36 »
Please follow this guide for unban requests

BackforLife's ban has expired incase if you were asking unban for it

Ban Requests / Re: ban req
« on: May 13, 2020, 10:41 »
Taken for Brandy's trial.

Unban Requests / Re: Kiss.
« on: May 12, 2020, 16:55 »

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