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After Effects basics (tips and links)
« on: September 01, 2011, 20:48 »
In this topic you find basics for creating in Adobe After Effects, I will put here time to time some links on tutorials (video or strip) made by different artists, that can show you techniques to achieve basic effects and workflow in that awsome software and I will put here some own tips and tutorials, comments of those FXs etc. so you can start to handle motion graphics and FXs. So if you are interested in this check this topic time to time cause I m going to add things here by the time...

If any question ask in Questions and Answers topic in GFX section or PM me if some exact problem.

    At start I write some info about AE itself. There are more versions, so find the one that suits your OS.
    1) what OS you have - WIN, MAC or Linux
    2) most of you (or all) got WIN I think, so what version of WIN you got - 32 bit (XP, VISTA, W7) or 64 bit (VISTA, W7) - if you got 32 bit versions you can only install and use all Adobe programs including AE to CS4 version, and if you got 64 bit versions you can have with no problems CS5 or CS5.5 version on your computer
    3) difference between 64 bit versions (CS5, CS5.5) and rest previous and older ones is that the 64 bit can use your computer RAM that is bigger then 4GB so it doesnt matter how big your RAM is, the bigger is the better, but at older version your programs use just 4GB RAM max. even you got bigger.
   4) for good performance is suggested to have at least Dual core (doesnt matter if Intel or AMD) but Quad core is best for you, 1GB RAM on 32 bits and 2GB on 64 bit - still if you can, upgrade your RAM to at least 4GB and on 64 bit even higher if you can, graphic card at least supporting OpenGL 2.0 and screen at least 1280x800, still GPU is not essential for AE, but some FXs need GPU render and support like motion blur, so if you got stronger and faster its better for work and render, Im not mentioning disc space its obvious need, and Quicktime is needed so dl it for free
   note: all supported graphic cards you find here
           Quicktime dl page

If some problem, browse some sites or PM me...

    First tutorials are for beginners, they are made by Andrew Kramer (maybe you are familiar with him and his work) from VideoCopilot, check this site and you can find here many awsome FX tutorials and tips, but I its for people who know how to work in AE already, so here I put link for his 10 tutorials that show you work within the program and basic controls...

   coming soon...
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