Yes! I want a new banner.
No! It will confuse me like switching bots did to efko.
Yes! I want renovatio to make a completely new banner.
Yes! This will definitely be a major improvement.
Yes! But we need to make a major discussion about it and vote for the best one.

Author Topic: Welcome to the new banner!  (Read 56 times)

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Welcome to the new banner!
« on: Today at 01:19 »
I didn't visit here for a long time, so its easy to notice you still use an old banner.

This needs to change, because having a brand new banner is very important.

I understand it might bring confusion to some people so that's why I decided to let everybody vote. Also you can vote 2 times because I feel generous, but choose wisely.
I was confused with this, and it was not only once, but it happens from time to time to /w wrong bot. If it was changed to la-custom or custom-la everyone would understand why is like that. But like this you must to read on forum to understand, even if you don't understand..