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Signature Tutorials LA
« on: June 27, 2011, 18:56 »
Sprite Tutorial by Dr.K
Spoiler for Hiden:

Kolumbos Signature Tutorial by Dr.K
Spoiler for Hiden:

Sprite Tutorial by Dr.K
Spoiler for Hiden:

Smudge Signature Tutorial by Dr.K
Spoiler for Hiden:

Absolute beginers tutorial By Dr.S
Spoiler for Hiden:
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Making a signature using
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2017, 16:04 »
SOTW is a GFX competition created weekly.
The rules are simple:
1. Dont use an already made signature from internet
2. Your work must have the maximum size of 500x300 or 300x500 px (can have less than this).

To make a simple signature you will need 3 things:
1. Render
2. Background
3. Photo editor

For this tutorial I used It has many features and is free.

In every SOTW we will sugest a theme and you will have to make a signature related to it. Lets say the theme is "Bears" (or animals).

First of all you will need a picture of a bear for your signature. You will not be asked to make the bear (or the background) from scratch. You can just search google for what you want and use those pictures in your signature.

Go to google and search the keywords "bear render" (always use keyword "render" in your search to be sure you get results with transparent background). Click "images" (next to All) to see only the image results listed.
*Click the screenshot to enlarge it.
Spoiler for Render searching:

Check the list and click the one you like. The image will be enlarged and you can see if it has transparent background. The images with transparent background are shown as a mosaic of grey and white squares, like in the screenshot below. If the one clicked by you doesnt have such background then pick another one that has, so you can avoid removing the background yourself.
Spoiler for Render:

Once you discovered the render that you want to use right-click it and save it to your desktop. Check to see if it is a PNG image (meaning it has transparent background).
Spoiler for Saving render:

Now you will need a background for your signature. Try searching something relevant for your theme or just search google for "abstract backgrounds". For "Bear" theme I searched google for "nature wallpaper" and found this:
Spoiler for Background:

Save it to your desktop (or other desired location) by right-click it > save as

You now have the required resources (render and background). Is time to use the photo editor. Go to, create account there (easy way to create one is by signing up with Facebook or G+ account).

Click "Edit a photo" (first button from the 3 ones displayed in the center).
Spoiler for Ipiccy:

Now click Open from the top of the ipiccy window (next to Photo library). You can use mutiple sources for your pictures. You downloaded your render and background so you will use 'My computer". Browse your computer from there and select the background you downloaded earlier, click ok.

From the left column of the ipiccy editor click "Designer: add text, etc". Is red-circled in the below screenshot.
Spoiler for Ipiccy designer:

In the top-left of the designer's window you have 4 options, click the 1st one (Add photo), red-circled in the below screenshot.
Spoiler for Add pictures in designer - 1:

Note: You may be prompted to activate local storage. Just click "ok".

Click "Upload image" (left column under "Add images") > select your render (in this tutorial is the bear) > click upload/or.
Spoiler for Adding pictures in designer - 2:

You can see your render in that column now. Just click, hold click and drag it over the background. You can manipulate it as you manipulate a regular window. Drag him where you want it to be and resize it by clicking and holding one of its corners.

Note: If some part of it is out of the workbench (background) it will not be saved in your image. In the screenshot below I let the bear's feet out of the workbench and you will see they will not appear after exiting the designer.

Spoiler for Adding the render to your background:

In the left column you have some settings for your render. You can use "Fade" to add transparency to it, or change its hue, saturation, etc.

Lets add some text to our signature. In the 4 top options, next to "Add photos" is "Add text" (symbolized as a capital "T"). Click it.
Spoiler for Adding text:

In the left column you have text options. Lets add it some style. Input your text in the box were currently is written "Your text here". Below there are some Effects, I sugest you check the boxes for Gradient fill and Stroke. Next to them there is settings button (symbolized by a small engine wheel). If you click it for stroke you will see you can select the strokes color and thickness. Try using black and 10.

Now click the settings button for Gradient fill. From here you can select the colors to be used for your gradient. Select something that will match the color scheme of your background. You can change the colors by clicking the small squares from the screenshot below (red-circled):
Spoiler for Gradient fill:

You can add more colors to your gradient by clicking anywhere on the color band. A new small square will appear. Also, those squares can be dragged in order to select the percentge of each color in your gradient.

Lets select a proper size and font for our text. The size can be modified from below the box with the text or you can just click and hold one corner of the text box added in picture.
Change the font by clicking above the text box (left column) where currently is "Trebuchet MS". A font list will appear. Try picking something that is relevant with the signature's theme.
Spoiler for Font:

Drag the text box and click Basic editor from the first column from your left (first button, red-circled in the below screenshot). You will be prompted to save your work, click "APPLY & FLATTEN".
Spoiler for Finishing with designer:

You are now in basic editor. You can ass brightness, chance color of your work, saturation, increase shadows, etc. Do whatever you think will improve your work.

Apply some effects. Below "Basic editor" button is the one for Effects. Use something that looks good and try to always fade your effects. For bear signature I used orton effect. It looks cool but not fading it will increase the contrast making the picture hard to look at.
Spoiler for Adding effects:

Add a frame to your work. In the same column with basic editor and effects is "frames" button (red-circled in the below screenshot). I used rounded corners as frame, meaning that the corners now have transparent background and needs to be saved as PNG.
Spoiler for Adding frame:

If you're done applying effects, frame, etc, you can now resize your work in order to save it. The maximum size allowed in SOTW is 300x500 px or 500x300 px so resize your work in such way to fit this maximum; there is no need to make it exactly 500x300px, it can be smaller than this.
Spoiler for Resizing:

Your work is done. You can now save your work using the Save button from the top of the window and participate in SOTW.

After you managed to master these basic things you can try improving yourself by checking other features from ipiccy that werent detailed here while also using more renders; example: in my signature I can also add a sun in the background, a meteor iin the sky, another bear, spray paint, lines, people, etc. You can find any desired element, that fits your imagination, on google by searching like I searched for that bear, keywords: <element> render.

Good Luck & Have fun!
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Join GFX Competitions. Awards, titles, acces to private forum areas and more are given. Is fun.