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Re: DotA Facts
« Reply #165 on: December 24, 2021, 16:48 »
We need some new ideas, current tips are lame. Gimme actual hard facts, hero build tips etc.
If you are playing Mortred, make Battle Furry as a 5th late-game item (30+min)
If you feed too hard pretend you're doing it in purpose.
Better get banned for being a game-ruiner, than getting kicked from lobbies for being noob.

If you are useless for your team buy some wards and carry them all game.
Even if your team knows you're full of shit at least opponents will waste money and time trying to deward those never-placed wards.

If you go AFK at least buy shadow amulet and be ward.

Some random cool fact: if someone types swap with you send your hero in enemy's twr, confirm the swap when its too late for him to go back and then votekick him for feeding. Enjoy the burn!  :peace:
Join GFX Competitions. Awards, titles, acces to private forum areas and more are given. Is fun.