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Hi guys, this is a simple tutorial which show us how to configure Topaz (more info click Here)
- U can use it for chat and see your friends online.
- U can use it for keep connected (if u have problems, if u get dc) while you are playing-

I believe I am not the only one. Usually (100%) i get disconnect (because w3.exe sucks, as everybody know) while i was playing/ in lobby and it is not funny. Especially because your friends can not see you online (it does not allow send messages to them. Really this is an advantage: you can ignore to all this hate friends who you have and can say: is my connection, it sucks! 8)) and 2nd because you have to leave battlenet and log on in again if u want to play.

I found a solution yesterday. Using a program called Topaz u can keep connected while you are playing or afk in channel or masturbating while you are waiting your friend for play later.

1 - Download from Here.
2 - Extract and run TopazChat_Red-g.exe
3 - You need another account. 
4 - Go to:
Options > Chat Configuration (or click F8)
New window will be opened called 'Chat Setup'.
Connection Tab - Configure it like the image (in spoiler)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Timers Tab - It is really important. It is which allow us to be connected.
Spoiler for Hiden:

First all click 'Add Button', then You have to write in the down corner box:
/msg (is like /w but im not sure if it works or not) nick_who_wants_to_keep_connected and finally the text_u_want_to_send
*Use: /msg <user> text_for_send
*Example (for me, ramb.O):
Code: [Select]
/w msg ramb.O . (It means im sending to ramb.O one point . ) I am sending to me . msg because each 100 seconds topaz will send me the message and may be uncomfortable to have a long message to send, especially when you have 100 sec interval.
Rofl I am explaining and thinking you all are retards or something (i hope at least 1% are not retards). I hope you find useful and works with you.  :P
For me is running and working 100%. Now i keep online while im playing.  8) 8) 8) 8)

If you want to spam click spoiler, I show how to do it.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Each click in this spoiler send a private message to admins, so you will be banned in next 10 min. 4evah!

* You can set your own home channel, it is not necesary join channel for make it, and if it does not work, just type /join myfavchannel and will work.
* I have included some files in the Topaz.rar File. Reason is MegaUpload dont allow upload files with less than 1mb.
* The program performance is based in the send messages to avoid disconnection.
* You have to send the message from your second account to account u want to play (and keep connected)
* Your second account must be configured in Connection Tab
By the way: If you have questions, ask me.
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