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Rules about Showroom
« on: October 20, 2010, 20:15 »


In showroom board you can make threads where you can show graphics, videos and any other stuff made by yourself.

Topic name must have specified its content, like "Icypig's Art Works", please don't make threads "Check this yo!"

You can't have more than one gallery. Inactive showrooms can be locked by moderator..

Global rules also apply here, don't spam/flame

If you are suspected for ripping or stealing someone's other work, try to defend yourself (example: send .psd file to GFX moderator)

Non constructive criticism and commenting using silly and plain words like ''WOW'' , ''AWESOME'' is considered as a spam.

Don't be suprrised when u find out you don't have ur graphics rank after few months of inactivity


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