Author Topic: Ban Kitacifer, ^Venom^, etc  (Read 676 times)

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Ban Kitacifer, ^Venom^, etc
« on: November 05, 2023, 23:25 »;sa=game;gid=6522452

Regular game. ^Venom^ wanted me to pick what he wanted, so he got mad at me. Because he stacks and plays to win.

There was a time in game ^Venom^ and Kitacifer were 2-7 each, har feeding. I was 2-3 and they were mad at me because they wanted to blame someone.

Kitacifer and ^Venom^ started 3 votekicks. Last one everyone kicke me.

Please ban:

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Re: Ban Kitacifer, ^Venom^, etc
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2023, 12:11 »
I watched the replay of the game. Goblin techies tried his best probably but it is not enough because techies stayed  30 minutes at bottom lane ancient protector level-1. All scourge players knew that bombs are located at around sentinel tower. you suppose to place them different places of the map. unfortunately your teammate thought that you are game ruiner. you can try different strategies. I will warn them and follow them.

30:47   oLD.^-^.Sch0oL   [Allies]   !yes

30:48   zaezae.   [All]   kick him
30:50   ^Venom^   [All]   ajde kick
30:54   isdin   [All]   kick and check forum
30:54   Kitacifer   [Allies]   go yes
30:58   Kitacifer   [Allies]   Viper
31:01   Kitacifer   [Allies]   go yes

31:03   Kitacifer   [Allies]   Viper
31:03   oLD.^-^.Sch0oL   [All]   its team decision
31:04   Kitacifer   [Allies]   alooo
31:07   oLD.^-^.Sch0oL   [All]   if all 4 wants u t o kick

31:11   oLD.^-^.Sch0oL   [All]   we need to kick,or we get banned
31:13   oLD.^-^.Sch0oL   [All]   Xd

oLD.^-^.Sch0oL provokes the other players to type "!yes". And he even lies. Viper didnt wanted to kick techies. so it is not team decision.

^venom^ +1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
kitacifer +1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).
old.^-^.sch0ol +1 warn point due to Command abuse(Votekick Abuse).