Author Topic: Obvious MH AbUser (Scytherium)  (Read 1203 times)

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Obvious MH AbUser (Scytherium)
« on: August 27, 2023, 06:37 »
4-5. Remarkable suspection for the 1st time >> [09:05], pings me on the minimap to warn his teammates before I was revealed, while I'm smoked and there is not any sentry around, also I'm counting for the distance there inbetween rhasta and me

>> [17:13], preparing his ulti straight ahead for medusa coming out of fog

quite obvious like a seer >> [20:30], it was seen that I headed for the left side, but it's quite suspicious that how he's able to estimate my exact running path after 5-6 seconds passed, I might have gone toward shop area, or maybe to neutral camps

>> [23:13], leaving me right there and heading for the one shoot on safer kill (to ogre) with less HP, but tossing his knucklehead to fiend's grip

he doesn't care about freely displaying it at all >> [25:50], from very far away, straight jumping on ogre in the fog again

almost advertising level of usage, let's get promoted >> [27:12], you can deny every proof that I pointed out until now, but what is this?? he even stops his casting without any vision/detection, and then landing razes right over me with no hesitation, haven't seen such comedy for a long while in this platform  :laugh: :laugh:

I understand that he may been having fun of abusing some 3rd party tool in an already dead game
but at least he could smartly try to cover it up a bit, then it wouldn't smirk displaying it this much obvious

And thanks to this peruvian with high possibility came from RGC, I've logged into my account again after a half decade since my first register, just to mask down this terrible actor

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