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« on: March 13, 2023, 17:43 »
family flame/ nat intolerance
toxic behaviors from the beginning of the game;sa=game;gid=6504893

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Re: ban
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 09:57 »,1425.0.html#post_ingame

   a) Excessive profanity
          - Excessive profanity may lead to a mute or a ban, especially in regard to family, religion and nationality. Definition of excessive: using it multiple times/constantly through the game, going on a tirade against a player, using particularly distasteful/sick wording and similar.

Note: You are advised to use the !ignore command against flamer whenever possible.

To conclude 1 whisp isn/t considered as excessive profanity you are advised to use !ignore /squelch commands.
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