Author Topic: hard flame  (Read 210 times)

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hard flame
« on: January 28, 2023, 20:35 »
1.) Saiya-jin
2.) sezonazeceva

He started to have a beef with rhasta and gone mad... after we died in team fight on mid, we pushed, Panda ( sezonazeceva ) went b on purpose and let us died, we could kill them:

27:53   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   dal je moguce panda? (are u for real panda?)
27:53   PlsNoBan..   [Allies]   i dont come again
27:56   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   zasto si mene zajebao? ( why u fucked up me?)
27:59   PlsNoBan..   [Allies]   i dont use ulty for push
28:02   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   ajde njega razumem (i understand for him, but why me?)
28:02   PlsNoBan..   [Allies]   go win 4 w 5 now..
28:05   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   al' sto mene?

After that he started to flame me hard and my family

28:44   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   mama ti retarde - ur mom is retarded

after i died, becuse he spurned us again:
30:08   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   \majku ti kglupuyjebem - i fuck ur stupid mother
30:09   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   de ces - where are u going?
30:11   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   mamu ti jebem - i fucked ur mom
30:12   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   mutavu - ''muted'' ( i fuck ur muted mom )
30:28   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   jebem li ti mammu

34:20      [All]   [partik]BobTBuilder killed Saiya-jin

34:21   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   evol ga moron
34:24   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   evo ga moronchin a

provoked me some more....

34:52   sezonazeceva   [Allies]   ti udarim samar te vratim u vreme kad je rumenko bio 5 dinara ( i will slap u so hard u will be back in time when an ice cream was only 5 dinars )

35:03   Saiya-jin   [Allies]   XD

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Re: hard flame
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2023, 13:41 »
sezonazeceva !warned 1 points due to Family Related Flame