Author Topic: Request permaban  (Read 87 times)

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Request permaban
« on: December 12, 2022, 01:05 »
i know you guys really want to ban me but thats seems really weird, better look for flames like in past times and give permaban at least that will justified

Actually just permaban my account, i know you want it yon can write "banned on own request" or maybe "threating moderator". Otherwise i will play by different rules with you @TheJOkerBoy

Here is why you should ban me:
1) Problematic player, all time flames since 2019
2) Ban evading on FatAndViolet
3) Insulting admins

08:58    FatAndViolet    [All]    thsi lagabuse has more and more degrading mdoerators
09:11    FatAndViolet    [All]    total retards
09:15    FatAndViolet    [All]    just for what i was banned
09:20    FatAndViolet    [All]    check
09:35    FatAndViolet    [All]    hope they just give permaban so i can chill
09:45    FatAndViolet    [All]    they will read thsi chat where i fuck their mothers
09:58    FatAndViolet    [All]    good enough reason for permaban
10:10    FatAndViolet    [All]    then i put the end to this lagabuse dota fianlly
12:47    FatAndViolet    [All]    see i said i fuck these moderators mothers
12:59    FatAndViolet    [All]    what will you do
13:10    FatAndViolet    [All]    they are all morons
13:12    FatAndViolet    [All]    and ids
13:15    FatAndViolet    [All]    stupid kids
13:24    FatAndViolet    [All]    whos mpther i fuckd
13:29    FatAndViolet    [All]    go ban
13:29    FatAndViolet    [All]    now
13:36    FatAndViolet    [All]    idiots
14:03    FatAndViolet    [All]    np you can ban after game
14:15    FatAndViolet    [All]    stupid
14:22    FatAndViolet    [All]    i will show you morons
14:25    FatAndViolet    [All]    what is game ruiner

Game link:;sa=game;gid=6493718

I dont know why you keep spamming, im not your friend and im not mega admin as you maybe think, true i was moderator like you so what now, you will spam me forever? Im just regular player, stop bothering me. Since you think im mega admin for sure it will bring you a lot of pleasure to permaban me yourself, feel like you are powerful etc. So i decided to give you a reason for that. Im openly flaming moderators of this server, what are you going to do? Im not afraid of you and your ban wont change anything. If you think you can boost your little confidence and "keep this server clean" then go ahead, permaban/lock my software hashes (I think all moderators have access to warden now, right?)

@iErnesto94 can check my games, for sure he will find some family flames worth banning for too. You know like you were doing in past. The time has finally come, good job keeping the server clean!
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Re: Request permaban
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2022, 08:46 »
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