Author Topic: Ban player ilic_sasa_22  (Read 86 times)

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Ban player ilic_sasa_22
« on: December 03, 2022, 17:36 »

Player: ilic_sasa_22

VK abuse. Tried to kick me THIRTEEN (13) times. Lowering team morale.

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Re: Ban player ilic_sasa_22
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2022, 16:59 »

Ingame Rules

8. Player must not abuse bot commands:

      a) Votekick Abuse
          - The !votekick command should only be used against players who are ruining the game intentionally by feeding on purpose, exposing or destroying items, abusing bugs/cheating, obstructing allies etc.
          - Starting a votekick and voting !yes against an innocent player may lead to a ban.
          - Starting a votekick against yourself is allowed.
      Note: Sanctions only apply if the innocent player was votekicked.
      b) Spamming !votekicks
          - Spamming the !votekick command against innocent players may lead to a ban.
      c) Votecancel Abuse
          - Abusing the !votecancel command to stop a justified votekick may lead to a ban.

I have watched the replay of the game. Luna didnt do any of the followings.
1-Did he feed enemy team on purpose ? NO
2-Did he exposing or destroying own or allies items ? NO
3-Did he cheat or something ? NO
4-Did he use skills to block his allies? Or did he make any action to ruin the game?NO

Luna warded the map but ogre focused on her. She died many times but she didnt do it on purpose.

ilic_sasa_22 !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Command abuse(Spamming !votekicks).