Author Topic: ban pls (religion flame and insults)  (Read 59 times)

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ban pls (religion flame and insults)
« on: November 25, 2022, 18:35 »
Name : fearspp

players to warn or ban: FiTA

situation : not a bad game but he lost his cool and swear big

pls warn him good

-FİTA -  For fita religion flame and family flame

44:59   FiTA   [Allies]   alalhını ppeygamberini sikeyim
(Fuck your prophet and your god)
45:02   FiTA   [Allies]   orospu cocu
(son of a whore)
45:04   FiTA   [Allies]   nobb pic
(noob bastard);sa=game;gid=6491789

thank you

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Re: ban pls (religion flame and insults)
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2022, 18:51 »
43:46   FiTA   [Allies]   razor
43:47   FiTA   [Allies]   hard noob
43:53   halaskargazi   [Allies]   i dont have to buy wards
43:56   FiTA   [Allies]   !sed hala
43:59   FiTA   [Allies]   !sd arg
44:00   FiTA   [Allies]   -c
44:01      [All]   [halaskargazi]emore killed ladorishti's courier
44:05   FiTA   [Allies]   !votekick arg
44:05      [All]   [FiTA] voted to kick [halaskargazi] [1/5]
44:05      [All]   RULE: !votekick command may only be used against game ruiners (intentional feed, obstructing gameplay..). Vote accordingly.
44:05      [All]   Type !yes to vote.
44:08   FiTA   [Allies]   kick
44:11   FiTA   [Allies]   this shit
44:12   FiTA   [Allies]   noob
44:18   halaskargazi   [Allies]   !f
44:21   halaskargazi   [Allies]   it
44:23   halaskargazi   [Allies]   fita
44:23      [All]   [halaskargazi]emore destroyed the bottom level 3 Sentinel tower
44:26   halaskargazi   [Allies]   once oynamayı ogren
44:29      [All]   [halaskargazi]Cpu.Deki. destroyed the bottom Sentinel ranged rax
44:32   FiTA   [Allies]   ananı bacını sikeyim
44:32      [All]   [halaskargazi]emore destroyed the bottom Sentinel melee rax
44:38   halaskargazi   [Allies]   4-3 sun
44:41   halaskargazi   [Allies]   bi sike yarafıgın yok
44:49      [All]   [halaskargazi]inkognito400 killed emore
44:51      [All]   [halaskargazi]Cpu.Deki. killed FiTA
44:52      [All]   [halaskargazi]inkognito400 killed Cpu.Deki.
44:59   FiTA   [Allies]   alalhını ppeygamberini sikeyim
45:02   FiTA   [Allies]   orospu cocu
45:04   FiTA   [Allies]   nobb pic
45:04   halaskargazi   [Allies]   once kes sesini
45:04      [All]   A votekick against player [halaskargazi] has expired.
45:06   FiTA   [Allies]   hard noob
45:08   halaskargazi   [Allies]   sonra tesekkur et
45:10   FiTA   [Allies]   !ignore gazi
45:12   halaskargazi   [Allies]   sonra ozur dile

FiTA and halaskargazi have had argue between each other. They are like friends. 

Ingame Rules

0. General codex:

      a) The following rules apply on "", "la tour" channels and in any lobby or game hosted by la-dota bots
      b) Spamming, flamming, national intolerance and similar on our channels will be punished with a channel kick (1st time) or a temporal channel ban (2nd+ time)
      c) Evading ban is forbidden and may lead to a lock on server, as well as permaban on all newly created accounts.
      d) Sharing account is forbidden and may have consequences for both, account owner and other person who is using shared account.
      e) Using more than 1 account is allowed unless the rule 0a is broken.
      f) Backdoor is allowed.
      g) Player cannot be forced to use !ff, !rmk, !votekick or !yes commands even if the majority of players wants it unless the rules oblige him to do so.
      h) Saving the game is forbidden.
      i) Reporting anything you are not directly involved is not allowed.
      j) User can not request sanctions for actions Older than 7 Days.

Please check the rule that I mentioned above. Those you posted to here are not related with you. Please, Do not post anything that you are not involved. Thank you.