Author Topic: game ruiner and leaver  (Read 148 times)

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game ruiner and leaver
« on: August 07, 2022, 18:08 »
1.) Saiya-jin
2.) Norm40

I picked mort to play mid solo game, i literally picked the hero first in our team, and signaled that im mid, ogre just chose to ruin me, muted me before telling or asking anything, whisped me something
02:01   Norm40   [Allies]   -mute 9
After he failed mid hard, not even warding or reporting misses, or helping he decided to leave the game, which he ruined hard, ruin me as well...

20:19      [All]   Norm40 has left the game voluntarily, Norm40 was autobanned.

I know that guy from earlier, he always does that, leaves on regular bases, ignores and ruins someones game like that

During the game, i votekicked a couple of times ogre, because he was rly doing nothing
after that Enigma started to provoke me and insult me

20:24   KoreanPistol   [All]   wow ogre banned
20:26   KoreanPistol   [All]   are you happy
20:27   KoreanPistol   [All]   idiot mort
20:29   KoreanPistol   [All]   :D
20:33   Saiya-jin   [All]   ?
20:37   Saiya-jin   [All]   why provoke?
20:40   KoreanPistol   [All]   stfu
20:41   KoreanPistol   [All]   ANd lose
20:42   KoreanPistol   [All]   like a dog

I guess thats some multi acc i reported earlier and got banned
I repeat, this is a small server where most of players are here for 10+ years, most ppl are common here, we know each other, but so many idiots and morons who are ignored by admins. I really wish u start penal this morons harder because you will lose more and more quality ppl here, im rly on verge stop playing here, because of cases like which happen 2-3 times per day
Im starting to bothering not just you with these stories but myself as well, server is full of low life morons who are frustriated with their personal life then come to ruin here and provoke like this Korean moron guy, and what happens later when u dont sanction them? We lose our shits as well, lose our patience and started to flame them hard becase thats the most we can do? After guys like ksv comes mutes and bans us without any report and evidence we ever did anything beacause he feels so and not banning the real players who dont obey the rules...


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Re: game ruiner and leaver
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2022, 11:21 »
!locked 10 days on decisonby B^U crew.
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