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ip lock
« on: July 28, 2022, 22:53 »
Name: Trust-

Name of player: epic90

Reason: Intentional Feed/Griefing/Family flame

From min 7 he came mid and ran twords the enemy Shadow Fiend and fed him all game pudge and all of the other enemy heroes at the end of the game he was 5 21
and all the time he was saying some risky slurs that isnt common flaming he was calling me a gypsy that Greece should stomp Macedonia and some other veil stuff i flame alot 2 but i didnt do anything to him and he just ruind game and i dont think this is the first time hes done this i said id request him for ip ban and he said that it didnt matter he also said that he would fuck my gypsy mother witch is just wrong cuz im not a gypsy


07:54   epic90   [Allies]   i onda ne znas ni mis da kazes dok farmas pod kulom
07:57   epic90   [Allies]   balavo govedo cigansko

09:24   epic90   [Allies]   mamu li ti jebem po 10000puta cigansku
09:31   epic90   [Allies]   cujes li me seme ti jebem usrano

11:23   epic90   [Allies]   cigan raspali
11:26   epic90   [Allies]   mamu ti jbem usrnau

19:58   epic90   [Allies]   treba da vas pregaze grci mamu li vam jebem vasljivu
19:36   epic90   [All]   poserem ti se u ip ban mamu ti jebem siptarsku cigansku

5:57   epic90   [Allies]   najvece govno na serveru preti sa ip banom
26:05   epic90   [Allies]   mamu ti jebem znam te u dusu usranu tu tvoju cigansku

I think you should be toxic but thats a bit to much for me 2 he wisper me much more but i didint get a chance to ss it since i wanted to win that game.

I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

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Re: ip lock
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2022, 17:45 »
epic90 !permalocked
In every single one of his games, he is flaming. We had enough of him.