Author Topic: ban pls  (Read 99 times)

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ban pls
« on: July 03, 2022, 21:13 »
My name : Norm40
who needs to ban : [MEU]Pintoduro

whole game he feeded and than the sabotaged the game also,
While i was at rosh, he told them
while i was goin gang, he told them etc etc

please ban him;sa=game;gid=6470593

37:13   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   ursa in roshan
37:15   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   fast
37:19   Rohan   [Allies]   >> Scroll of TP: 1 charges, 36 cooldown left
37:19   Rohan   [Allies]   >> Scroll of TP: 1 charges, 36 cooldown left
37:21      [All]   [Rohan]bitconnect killed Caneee
37:22      [All]   [Rohan]Neutral creeps killed Norm40

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Re: ban pls
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2022, 09:10 »
Minute 27:00 - 28:15 (Huskar stayed afk at water)
Sentinel team had an important tower defence at top line ancient protector - level 1 . Huskar avoided it without any reason.(Sentinel team lost the combat).

29:55      [All]   [Rohan]bitconnect killed Norm40

Luna killed ursa. huskar wrote to allies chat and laughed at ursa.

29:56   [MEU]Pintoduro   [Allies]   lol
29:57   [MEU]Pintoduro   [Allies]   ahhahahaha

Please check this conversation between luna and huskar. Luna just killed ursa and he wrote to huskar. He told him " brother". They seems like good friends. They are so happy, they celebrate ursa's death.

29:58   bitconnect   [All]   bro
30:04   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   he crazyr?
30:05   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   hahahaha
30:08   bitconnect   [All]   kamikaze
30:15   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   a lot

37:13   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   ursa in roshan
37:15   [MEU]Pintoduro   [All]   fast
He was specially giving the location of his allies. Scourge team went there and killed ursa, got the aegis. Scourge started a push from midline and killed rest of few sentinel heros.

Ingame Rules
 7.b) Sabotaging Teammates
- Exposing positions of allied heroes, wards etc to the opponents.

Minute 38:03-39:32 (Huskar stayed afk at base)
Huskar respawned. All scourge team were ready in front of middle line ancient protector level 3. Huskar avoided the combat. he stayed at water afk. Rest of the sentinel players respawned and tried to protect their town and they died but Huskar avoided one of the important defence of the game. After that combat Sentinels lost their hope and The game over in minutes.
7e) Refusing to play
          - Avoiding team fights, pushes, defending and similar in order to make own team lose on purpose will be considered as refusing to play.

[meu]pintoduro !Banned 7 days + 3 warn points due to Game Ruining(Refusing to play).
[meu]pintoduro !Banned 7 days + 3 warn points due to Game Ruining(Sabotaging Teammates).

we cannot tolerate any game ruining. If you insist your behaviour the sanctions will be heavier.
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