Author Topic: Ban request olIvIadunham  (Read 89 times)

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Ban request olIvIadunham
« on: June 05, 2022, 02:44 »
My nickname

Game Link;sa=game;gid=6466234

1) NickName(s) of banned player(s).

olIvIadunham   < the one who started

The Players voted yes

2) Reason (check RULES).
Votekick abuse

3) Proof.
During the last fight in forest Doctor was chasing me sniper and I ran a little then he started the blame game and votekick abuse me before game end and I had 28    assists. Please ban olIvIadunham for abusing vote kick just because he was raged.

58:28   olIvIadunham   [All]   !votekick eva

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Re: Ban request olIvIadunham
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2022, 19:58 »
melo06 !Banned 5 days + 4 warn points due to votekick abuse second time.

oliviadunham !Banned 3 days + 2 warn points due to starting a votekick for no reason and leading an innocent player to be kicked out.

58:05   olIvIadunham   [Allies]   you are just trash that needs to delete this game i think
58:25   olIvIadunham   [Allies]   lets kick
58:26   olIvIadunham   [Allies]   him
58:28   olIvIadunham   [All]   !votekick eva
58:33   olIvIadunham   [All]   vote
58:41   olIvIadunham   [All]   kick pls
59:00   olIvIadunham   [All]   doesnt deserve win becouse he is talikng trash to us
59:03   olIvIadunham   [All]   whole game

Rest of the players who voted yes !Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to votekick abuse.