Author Topic: VOTEKICK ABUSE  (Read 131 times)

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« on: May 19, 2022, 23:06 »
i told hım not to vote abuse at mın 8 and he voted agaın 13th minute check how ı dıe at all fıghts btw replay says ıt all he voted later also;sa=game;gid=6463711

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« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2022, 14:52 »
the equation is even for both team in the beginning. you can change it by your picks and strategy. blood and spectre (two carry) went to top line but spectre can not farm next to him because he would kill all creeps so it would be better blood seeker could go to jungle . luna was alone at top line too. blood seeker could join spectre after some time and kill luna many times because sentinel team didnt care at all about top line. Blood seeker didnt cooperate with his team.

minute 18:20
spectre tried to kill axe but she failed and died because all sentinel team were ready to fight at jungle. you saw she is dead but you insist to go there for fight although axe is already run away and barathrum is falled back. you suicided here.

minute 24:00 your team tried to kill troll but necro came for backup to troll. sentinel team lost troll and necro, scourge team lost spectre and tiny, plus barathrum survived with very low hp and he fall back. you just arrived to combat area after all over. you saw luna but you didnt care, went to the spot for farming. seriously ? all sentinel team is ss from minimap plus you just saw luna. it means the rest of the sentinel team is at jungle you have only sniper who can come to backup but he is really away. you suicided there once again.

minute 33:55
axe and silencer killed sniper at scourge's jungle. it was like a counter attack after losing two member. they were two at scourge's jungle plus other member is ss at minimap most probably they are three there and you have no any wards at scourge jungle. finally we can see necro at top. your teammate is warning you about hex that necro has. you still insist to stay at scourge's jungle. you suicided there third times.

minute 35:45
Why you sold bm ? you needed it so much. :(

minute 46:50
scourge team already lost tiny and spectre at sentinel's jungle. you went to sentinel's jungle after combat was over. ofcourse you found nobody there. suddenly they appeared at mid tower this means they are ready to fight and . Although All of the sentinel's players were alive you just run at middle of them. you suicide 4th times.

!Banned 2 days + 1 warn point due to Game Ruining(Intentional Feeding).
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