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ban player
« on: January 08, 2022, 19:03 »
1: Your NickName?

2: NickName of the player that you want to be banned?

3: What rule did he/they break?
ruın game,

4: When was the Rule Broken?

he feed down and he dıdnt help team he stay base and alltıme use gg;sa=game;gid=6438461

he ruın game and he prıvate message

[08-01-2022 21:32:59][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Handshake complete, disconnect protection ready (360 second buffer)
[08-01-2022 21:33:49][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [_maniek_] said: ur even lower than i thought, 1400 psr guy making ban req on 1700 psr, for game ruin when ur fail hard? i will never get ba nfor that game
[08-01-2022 21:34:08][GPROXY][BNET_WHISPER] [_maniek_] said: ur so low noob, u will always have 1400 psr because u dont understand what to do to win
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Re: ban player
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2022, 19:58 »
Ill check later, from here I want to say thanks @maniek and @matoput for work

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Re: ban player
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2022, 05:39 »
so today I'm in good mood for you, I don't know commentators in LagAbuse, we have one commentator in our  LA commentator is Maniek is a working very hard on that job every day/game.

Can you stop ur commentating in games we don't like that please man don't piss people from you if already that maybe nobody told you that?

If you don't like people here why u play here man, play in ur platform.

The truth - rlly you're not good in dota, so why you believe yourself and acting professional but axe doesn't give up like you in game, he bought items and still try, and you fucking ur team and losing yourself in same time. nice a teacher, every day you with a problem man rlly ban section working for u.

I'll wait to see moderators opinion then I'll say my decision.

@Caneee @ExpertNoob please give a peek replay and give me opinions here, about refusing to play/ how was maniek plays, Lets see after opinions don't chase me in complaint section You will find no a face for complain me Ok @maniek btw I'll give you a chance ONE REPLY to defend yourself.

First you started with axe / plus you created host and attacking people not acceptable after ur death without reason.

35:09   _maniek_   [All]   epople on this server dont deserve balance game
35:16   _maniek_   [All]   all hosts making shit stacked
35:17   _maniek_   [All]   but ok

00:05   _maniek_   [All]   check sd not psr,
00:09   _maniek_   [All]   thats why its not balanced
00:26   _maniek_   [All]   on urs
00:28   _maniek_   [All]   but nvm
02:14   _maniek_   [Allies]   they got 3 strong heroes
02:56   _maniek_   [Allies]   me mid?
03:03   _maniek_   [Allies]   i can go lane and half time in woods half on lane
04:16   _maniek_   [Allies]   guys i dont need mid
04:17   _maniek_   [Allies]   i go woods

04:30   Fortepsai   [Allies]   stay mid
04:35   Fortepsai   [Allies]   you are against clock come on
04:45   Fortepsai   [Allies]   or doc
04:47   Fortepsai   [Allies]   you can go mid
06:00   fita   [Allies]   nc
07:02      [All]   [EvandroGBBR.]Zawisza^Czarny killed _maniek_

07:14   _maniek_   [Allies]   omg axe
07:20   _maniek_   [Allies]   !s fit

07:22   fita   [Allies]   shut up
07:25   _maniek_   [Allies]   !sd fit
07:31   _maniek_   [Allies]   1400 psr ok n vm

07:40   fita   [Allies]   ok
07:42   fita   [Allies]   shut up
08:29   _maniek_   [Allies]   btw axe is noob
08:31   _maniek_   [Allies]   just u to know

08:42   Fortepsai   [Allies]   -ii
08:55   Fortepsai   [Allies]   noob is a good word for this
09:19   Fortepsai   [Allies]   i doubt he manage dagger
12:57   _maniek_   [Allies]   no wards, axe going vangauradd
12:58   _maniek_   [Allies]   its lost

14:45   _maniek_   [Allies]   -gg
14:49      [All]   [EvandroGBBR.]amugaba killed _maniek_
15:06   _maniek_   [Allies]   axr that vanguard its useless

15:08   _maniek_   [Allies]   jesus
15:15   _maniek_   [Allies]   0 gang

15:16   amugaba   [All]   for your adavnatge u say?
15:19   Fortepsai   [Allies]   he doesnt know
15:25   _maniek_   [All]   i said for ur advantage, learn english

21:02   _maniek_   [Allies]   nice
21:05   _maniek_   [Allies]   if u act like that
21:08   _maniek_   [Allies]   its no sense
21:12   _maniek_   [Allies]   ksing my creeps in forest

23:30   fita   [Allies]   0 4 spec
23:34   fita   [Allies]   and talk
23:44   _maniek_   [Allies]   3 deaths are cuz of u
23:47   _maniek_   [Allies]   and y
23:51   _maniek_   [Allies]   u got 1400 psr
23:52   _maniek_   [Allies]   u think why

24:08   Fortepsai   [Allies]   two intel and 4 wards to buy
24:18      [All]   [EvandroGBBR.]DeltaProxima killed fita
24:25   _maniek_   [Allies]   !votekick fita
24:25      [All]   [_maniek_] voted to kick [fita] [1/6]

24:29   fita   [All]   pls
24:30   fita   [All]   yes
24:34   fita   [All]   trash host
24:34   _maniek_   [Allies]   !muteall
26:20   _maniek_   [Allies]   why u dont go gg
26:22   _maniek_   [Allies]   waste of time

28:10   _maniek_   [Allies]   thats why i should always kick 1400 psr
28:13   _maniek_   [Allies]   they always ruining game

28:14   Fortepsai   [Allies]   you gonna lose stats
28:15   kamurat   [Allies]   ru%u0131ner %u015Flook my sd
28:21   _maniek_   [Allies]   i got -1 psr idiot
28:35   _maniek_   [Allies]   fita and kamurat

28:39   kamurat   [Allies]   1700 psr
28:40   _maniek_   [Allies]   i will remember these people

32:14   _maniek_   [Allies]   ur classic noob
32:15   Fortepsai   [Allies]   b
32:18   _maniek_   [Allies]   who cares only number
32:21   _maniek_   [Allies]   thats why u got 1400 psr
32:25   _maniek_   [Allies]   team with u never win

32:31   kamurat   [Allies]   !ignore man
32:41   kamurat   [Allies]   06 retard
32:45   _maniek_   [Allies]   ;D
32:48   _maniek_   [Allies]   classic noob

33:26   _maniek_   [Allies]   !unmuteall
33:26      [All]   Global chat unmuted.
33:28   _maniek_   [All]   can u push?

33:31   _maniek_   [All]   its rly annoying

33:34   _maniek_   [All]   why?
33:35   DeltaProxima   [All]   u to stronk
33:36   Zawisza^Czarny   [All]   good lock
33:46   Zawisza^Czarny   [All]   failed stack
33:46   _maniek_   [All]   nc guys
33:46   Zawisza^Czarny   [All]   xd
34:05   _maniek_   [All]   before i start, i said its not balanced and we loose, but now u act low
34:23   _maniek_   [All]   i stacked?
34:29   Zawisza^Czarny   [All]   why lock leo
34:31   _maniek_   [All]   thats why i never again should make balance
34:42   fita   [All]   trash host
34:47   _maniek_   [All]   all hostsmaking stacked game
34:53   _maniek_   [All]   im the only who dont make stack
34:56   _maniek_   [All]   and ur talking that shit
35:00   _maniek_   [All]   i should rly change this

35:01   fita   [All]   feeder
35:09   kamurat   [All]   spec best trash
35:09   _maniek_   [All]   epople on this server dont deserve balance game
35:16   _maniek_   [All]   all hosts making shit stacked
35:17   _maniek_   [All]   but ok
35:23   _maniek_   [All]   i will change it
35:30   _maniek_   [All]   kids dont deserve
35:31   _maniek_   [Allies]   !muteall

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Re: ban player
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2022, 11:42 »
I think there is no reason to explain myself in this situation, but if You need to hear my opinion, np.
Before I start in the lobby I said, maybe its 50/50 cuz of psr, but its no balanced for big advantage scourge. People want go, so I started. From the very beginning scourge were owning us. So I did -gg in 15 (its my law) and my prediction was right. In 20 min of the game opponents were too strong, and power difference was too large, they just raising stats and killing us like they want. When the result is known and oppoents dont push its good to go gg because there cant be other way but hiding and feeding. Post owner made ban req on me for game ruining, where I can say for 100%, there wasnt.

You (admin) post my conversation and there is nothing wrong, I didnt flame, but some evidence about others. There is:
1. I didnt want go mid with spectre( but team want, so I did) from 3 level I can spend half time on lane, half in woods so its good for other guy on lane to get faster lev and more money
2. In short explained why this game wont be a good game
3. For me game ruining is for example  :
21:02   _maniek_   [Allies]   nice
21:05   _maniek_   [Allies]   if u act like that
21:08   _maniek_   [Allies]   its no sense
21:12   _maniek_   [Allies]   ksing my creeps in forest
When team mate follows me in the woods to make last hit on my creeps in forest
3. Owner made post on me but already he flamed me
35:09   kamurat   [All]   spec best trash
24:34   fita   [All]   trash host
28:14   Fortepsai   [Allies]   you gonna lose stats
When they literally smashed us, fortepsai explained that there is no sense to continue this game and after that kamurat said " I want you to worsen stats and feed more, haha"

I didnt feed on purpose. Also log is proof about others, not on me.

I know that not everything is fair, this is example :,201109.0.html
All team get ban for votekicked. I explained myself, I was the only 1 who didnt for a long time to kick him, was giving him chance to focus on a game and stop talking. On same day, he also made same ban req,201115.0.html
People get warned. The truth is, it was 15 seconds before the end and I am sure it was a reason why they didnt get banned. But I do not mean the banning itself, but the approach to the person that once again led the team to want votekicked. And I would like to bring it up to the situation in this game, I was insulted, made the game difficult for me (he last hit on my creeps in forest), when we gank in two, axe didnt use berseker on purpose to let me die and then kill opponent to get money...

I think I could make ban req on him but didnt. But he made on me.

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Re: ban player
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2022, 21:00 »

After inspecting the game, I have come to the conclusion that spectre tried his best to farm and participate in team fights. As spectre said, the game was lost after 20 minutes.