Author Topic: Ban ^GeneraL^  (Read 89 times)

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Ban ^GeneraL^
« on: January 09, 2022, 21:32 »

^general^ feed purposely, sold own items, shared observers sentry and smoke of deceit with other team, refused to play
marian_alecs  _illyrian_  todor - refused to kick

Legion has died 3 or 4 times in just a 5 minutes, his behavior from start was not in community standards.
11 - sold all items
13 - collected all observers, sentry wards and smoke in last 10 minutes and shared on sentinel tower. Huskar collected 15 sentry wards and observers from the ground.
15 - more shared wards with other team
18 - again and feed on purpose
19 - feed on purpose
19 - finally afk timer let us to kick from the game

09:19       [All]    [fenerli]marian_alecs killed ^GeneraL^
09:24    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    IM OVER
09:34    ibra10    [Allies]    man
09:35    ibra10    [Allies]    toldu
09:36    ibra10    [Allies]    go wood frm
09:38    ibra10    [Allies]    then gank
09:40    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    ITS OVER
09:54    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    ITS FF
09:55    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    THI
10:17    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    GO - GG FAST ALL NOW
10:30    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    -GG
10:34    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    FAST -GG NOW ALL
11:21    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    GO -GG RIGHT NOW
12:42    ^GeneraL^    [Allies]    GO -GG RIGHT NOW
20:00    mordor91    [Allies]    !votekick gene
20:00       [All]    [mordor91] voted to kick [^GeneraL^] [1/6]
20:00       [All]    RULE: !votekick command may only be used against game ruiners (intentional feed, obstructing gameplay..). Vote accordingly.
20:00       [All]    Type !yes to vote.
20:02    greadisgood    [Allies]    !yes
20:02       [All]    [greadisgood] voted to kick [^GeneraL^] [2/7]
20:03    greadisgood    [All]    kick
20:06    mordor91    [All]    please kick ruiner
20:06    greadisgood    [All]    ghe refuse to play
20:10    greadisgood    [All]    i got him on record
20:22    marian_alecs    [All]    he is better then 4 all of u
20:24    ibra10    [Allies]    he need to be reppoered
20:30    greadisgood    [All]    if u dont vote
20:32       [All]    [fenerli]_illyrian_ killed fenerli
20:35    greadisgood    [All]    ur on forum too i dont care
20:38    greadisgood    [All]    got save
20:44    mordor91    [All]    he is giving you wards
20:48    Hi][MAN    [Allies]    !yes
20:48       [All]    [Hi][MAN] voted to kick [^GeneraL^] [3/7]
20:51       [All]    [fenerli]marian_alecs killed ^GeneraL^
20:52    mordor91    [All]    and feeding on purpose
20:58    greadisgood    [All]    keep continue
20:59       [All]    A votekick against player [^GeneraL^] has expired.
21:01    mordor91    [All]    please kick or ban
21:08    ibra10    [All]    he feeding and no iteam is this helep his team tell me ?
21:11    _sanie_    [Allies]    !yes
21:21    ibra10    [All]    he ned to be ban premently
22:02    mordor91    [Allies]    -kickafk 4
22:02       [All]    ^GeneraL^ has left the game voluntarily, ^GeneraL^ was autobanned.
22:02       [All]    Autoban is ON, if you leave you will get autobanned.

Not so bad start, not so bad to play until this asshole did his stuff. Other account also with ban _general_;sa=game;gid=6438696

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Re: Ban ^GeneraL^
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2022, 08:18 »
^GeneraL^ !locked 3 days
Lag Abuse