Author Topic: 5 votekick abuse/family flame/ swearing a(ban or warn pls)  (Read 274 times)

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name : fearspp

player to ban or warn: sumiya

reason : swearing/family flame/ swearing privately and 5 time votekick abuse

situation: he was 0-6 and blaming all team for it he keeps saying why dont u have this item why dont u go this way bla bla... then even when ı ignored him he privately swear all the game ı got a screenshot one of them too (screenshots tga format ı dont know but add it as attachment) you may check the game for more

he tried to votekick me twice and tried to votekick jakiro few times for no reason you may see my k/d ratio too

if you can ban him pls ban him...
if you disagree pls give him a good warning at least...
thank you

18:52   sumiya   [Allies]   fail team
18:55   sumiya   [Allies]   full of retards
25:21   sumiya   [Allies]   0 wards
25:21   sumiya   [Allies]   idiot
25:32   sumiya   [Allies]   magicalpuck
25:33   sumiya   [Allies]   dumb
25:54   sumiya   [Allies]   fail
25:57   sumiya   [Allies]   idiot

there he speaks another language but ı know (kurva) is (fuck) or smilar

29:36   sumiya   [Allies]   po spisok
29:40   sumiya   [Allies]   majka ti je kurva
29:41   sumiya   [Allies]   a sestra ti
29:44   sumiya   [Allies]   pogolema kurva

24:46   sumiya   [Allies]   kurva ti je mama (google says fuck your mama)
24:30   sumiya   [Allies]   da ti je mama kurav

theese are his votekick tries (only 1 vote)
21:38      [All]   [sumiya] voted to kick [Gringo] [1/6]
32:22   sumiya   [Allies]   !votekick ide
40:46   sumiya   [Allies]   !votekick ide
41:51   sumiya   [Allies]   !votekick fear
52:10   sumiya   [Allies]   !votekick fear

thank you...
game link:;sa=game;gid=6422220

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his private swearing screenshot attachment (sorry ı could only take 1 of it) and site said it is too large (ı dont know how to convert from tga file)

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@tehnika8x8 sry for language again :D

the player will be warned for abuse with command via PM.

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sumiya !banned 2 days !warn 1 [Family related flame]

@fearspp these words were not addressed directly to you, but they are certainly not appropriate. If he continues to avoid bans and behaves in this way, will be locked.
Thanks for report

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